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Gigabyte Rx460 4gb mining ETH

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13mh/s Eth, 132mh/s SIA, timing 1625, micron memory
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Diego Mr (1 year ago)
10x rx460 nice...........
Heimer Donger (1 year ago)
i heard the recommended OS to run for the Rx 460's Windows 7 ?
Fajat Jap (1 year ago)
How To profit /day?
Vladan Ivic (1 year ago)
Hey I have the same card micron too but I got a strange problem with it.. in my default bios the memory straps only go up to 1500... I tried and find a bios where the timings are normal (up to 2000) but when I copy the 1500 or 1750 straps down my card gets artifacts or crashes cant even hold 1850 mem clock.. Any chance you could share your bios? Thanks
roopa kannur (1 year ago)
Vladan Ivic 76
Vladan Ivic (1 year ago)
I see... Ive been stuck the whole day and night trying to make this stupid card work.. I only tried one of them. I purchased 12 lets hope some of them are the good ones :p Thanks alot for your help
goscotch (1 year ago)
I have several identical cards. But with different bios.
Vladan Ivic (1 year ago)
Yours had timings only up to 1500 aswell? Where did u get the bios with straps up to 2000, techpowerup vga bios collection?
goscotch (1 year ago)
Hi. I have the same one. I flash bios with timings up to 2000 and card work 2050 on memory. Other card with normal timings from the factory, don't wont work higher 1850 mem
Ale Ole (1 year ago)
Hi. Nice video. Do you mine SC with RX 460? If yes then how much is the speed if you dual mine with ETH and if you mine just SC. Do you think this card can be profitable?
Ale Ole (1 year ago)
I can't find specs for rx460 on Sia that's why i am asking. rx470 on Sia is around RX 470 hits around 850 mh/s so maybe half is for rx460?
ScMining (1 year ago)
Hi. I don't try Solo SIA. On the ETH rx460 as half rx470
Dzulhelmy Nazri (1 year ago)
normal bios?

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