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Google Chromecast 2 Unboxing & Full Setup Guide (How to Setup)

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Unboxing and setting up the Google Chromecast The Chromecast is Googles own media streaming device for your TV. It is different from most other streaming devices you can think of because it has no remote control and is controlled entirely by your smartphone, tablet, or computer by "casting" media, such as movies and other media, over WiFi. This particular model is the 2nd generation of The Google Chromecast that released in September 2015, and it is still their latest model as of 2018. They retail for only around $35 which is a great price in comparison to other streaming device competitors. Chromecast (2nd Generation) : https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_2015 #google #chromecast #unboxing #tech
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sarthak grover (6 months ago)
The worst part is I cannot set the quality of videos :(
sarthak grover (6 months ago)
+NextTimeTechNo option for quality... You can check it. HDMI is much better
NextTimeTech (6 months ago)
You should be able to on your phone
Karthik Kudathini (6 months ago)
Rosie Duarte (6 months ago)
So thats basically used for non smart TV I assume since you can download apps on a smart TV?
Rosie Duarte (6 months ago)
+NextTimeTech lol I wouldn't call it dumb naybe old school , shit I still got one of those heavy ass tube tv that has out lived 3 flat screens and will be getting a chrome cast for😁👍
NextTimeTech (6 months ago)
Yeah exactly, it's mostly for people that still have "dumb" TVs but would like to add some smart functionality's
Ron West (6 months ago)
"That's too funny Dave," said H.A.L.
John johnson (6 months ago)
John johnson (6 months ago)
NIGHTCORE DUDES (6 months ago)
Awesome i will gonna buy it.
Eduardo Verastica (6 months ago)
Does the Google Cast mirror the screen on a laptop or just a video that is being played?
NextTimeTech (6 months ago)
It will mirror the whole screen! you have the option to mirror just the internet tab you have open, or the entire computer

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