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NVIDIA Shield TV Review 2019 | FASTEST Android TV Box (4K HDR Streaming,Gaming,Music & More)

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Unboxing and reviewing the famous NVIDIA Shield TV (2017 Model) These are my first impressions of the Nvidia Shield,I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Most people when asked what the best android tv box or streaming device in general is, they say the NVIDIA Shield. It beats everything in performance tests by a long shot and has a ridiculous amount of features and app compatibilities that other similar devices do not. In this video I'll unbox the NVIDIA Shield, set it up, and show you what it can do. If you want to read more about this device, or you want to get one for your own entertainment setup, here is the link; NVIDIA Shield TV: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/ Sandisk Flash Drive: https://amzn.to/2TGlPp8
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NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
*NVIDIA Shield TV:* https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/ *Shield TV on Amazon:* https://amzn.to/2YhLJ5i So far I'm loving this TV box, I've been using the GeForce Now streaming a lot! and this has pretty much left all my other streaming devices unplugged and unused since I can do almost anything on this one and do it faster! Hope you like the video
15thsquadron01 (2 months ago)
This is machine worth buying.
merman93 (3 months ago)
Mike Landis - There are 3 types, network storage, removable storage, and adopted storage. All of my media, movies, tv shows, music is stored on a Nas, Networked Attached Storage. Currently I have 20 Terrabytes of network storage. Nvidia Shield Android TV has a neat feature allowing you to expand the internal system storage, ( which comes with only 16 GB) by using USB 3.0 interface. I’m using a 120 GB Sandisk SSD and a USB 3.0 enclosure which works perfectly. You can use USB 3.0 memory stick/thumb drives, but strongly advise against that. A good USB 3.0 enclosure is about $10, and SATA III SSD is about $20-$30 for 120 GB, or $45 for 240 GB. I suggest thinking hard about how much adopted storage you really need, as is primarily to store/access applications quickly just like your system memory. Any media, like recordings and ripped DVD’s should be stored in less expensive removable storage or preferably on network storage. I’m not actually certain about limit of adapted internal storage, but know users who use 1 TB SSD as adopted storage, but they aren’t likely to ever accrue 1 TB of application data. Hope this info helps,....I love my Shield !
Mike Landis (3 months ago)
Hey so I'm definetly excited about the nvidia I'm getting mine real soon Everyone is saying its the best wats the max amount of expandable storage it can hold ?
merman93 (3 months ago)
NextTimeTech - I was hesitant for many years of the Shield TV due to its price. I finally got one last Christmas and am so mad at myself for buying other boxes over the years. None of my other Android TV devices supported Amazon Prime, and only supported 720p versions of Netflix apps. I could have had another Shield TV with the cash I spent on other boxes. The Shield truly does it all, and is so much better than any competitor.
Darryl Polite (7 hours ago)
Too bad the Netflix app and Amazon Prime TV apps on the Nvidia Shield TV don't support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. I'm very disappointed on this.
erexpill (1 day ago)
Will it connect to my bluetooth speakers?
pizza crumz (4 days ago)
What about DTS pass-through?
Xstreampro 123 (7 days ago)
Can i play fortnite on the gaming edition
NextTimeTech (7 days ago)
K20civicsirturbo (8 days ago)
You remind me of the guy that fucks the milf in American Pie LOL
Chef Daniel LaCroix (10 days ago)
Great video but have more pep in your step you’ve got the charisma of a carrot in this video... no offence and I mean I’m still subscribing because it was a great one
Mr. 2 Hands Up (11 days ago)
I'm getting it! Great vid brother!
Durmus Kuru (13 days ago)
how do i see live channel
OneDayAfterAnother (16 days ago)
so i've tried two VPN's and they will only connect wifi - if I have ethernet connected the VPN refuses to connect.
waq a (19 days ago)
Its a good box but it does not work well with HBOGO app. It keeps logging me out after every session . I have to re activate the whole thing . Its pretty annoying .
PIXELFLUX (22 days ago)
Just wanna add that the Shield TV also works as a PLEX server, meaning you no longer have to keep a PC/NAS running for that. The Shield TV can also be mapped as network storage with PCs and it can also access other network storage - very nifty for networking and storage needs! I love it how I can just drop a ROM into the Shield via network and enjoy the game instantly once the transfer is finished. Same goes for new audio CD/vinyl rips, movies, etc - transfer, refresh PLEX and done! For me this box was also already worth the money just as a smooth TV UI alone (Samsung UIs are terrible!), so all these extras with server support, gaming and emulation are a huge bonus.
Elias Arce (27 days ago)
you answered every question I had about this product! thank you so much for your help. you saved me tons of time.
Greyland Dutch (30 days ago)
Zombies ate my neighbors!
Bruno Rlumpet (1 month ago)
hi Nice review. I would like to buy it to connect to a projector with an adml entry. However the projector do not have sound capacity. (that's mean that the projector will receive the video through hdml, but the sound which transit also with the hdml cable will be lost.) Therefore I must also connect the sound directly to a loud speaker of a hifi system. As it seem that there is no any video out ? (or jack plug) it is possible to connect a loud speaker through Bluetooth. Thanks
Bruno Rlumpet (1 month ago)
​@NextTimeTech Thank you very much :-)
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Yes you can connect a Speaker using Bluetooth no problem through the settings
Tonya Amos (1 month ago)
Does it allow mods
Chris H (1 month ago)
I stumbled upon this video of yours, but I really liked it. Fast, no nonsense, no bullshit. Just a good video
# ROOT (1 month ago)
Thanks for a complete video without all the bs loud music.
Jim Jones (1 month ago)
Would it process VC1 with HD audio from a synology nas
Ivo Zanette (1 month ago)
Just ordered it. Mostly to upgrade my android box
John Coxon (1 month ago)
Kodi is not a TV show or movie .
John Dow (2 months ago)
Yes it is a ultimate android device . I do have an issue when running threw my Yamaha home theater system,as it boots up I get snow on my tv so after I reboot the home theater snow goes away I guess compatibility you might be an issue with somethings just a heads up.
J S (2 months ago)
Controller is garbage though. The battery is shit.
albert estaco (2 months ago)
Does this have 4k like the amazon 4k stick
Matt Li (2 months ago)
albert estaco yes it does.
Roberto Munoz (2 months ago)
Can you download popcorn time on this device?
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
Yup! There's an on board browser your car DL apk's.
Only 13 Days And I Will Get It!!! :D
Brian Tapping (2 months ago)
It's a good device but it's 2015 tech there are faster devices out there I own a shield since 2015 and new boxes from 2019 there faster then the shield and half the price Till Nvidia updates there hardware I'll personally pass
Agon Leed (1 month ago)
@Brian Tapping I'm kinda with @gdiggedy9 on this. I am the average consumer. I wont mind messing around with a lot of things, but I've noticed myself not messing with things that could potentially brick a device. I just never have. I've always just decided I was fine with what I had. I'm definitely looking for something I can download all my favorite old games on, away from the desktop. And my desktop, being more of a home p.c., can't get past many gamecube emulated games. I'm seriously thinking of getting the nvidia mostly for those older games. I have a full library, I just need a capable device to run the emulators. My son will enjoy the other parts of it. However, if theres something better, please share. You can't just reply with "go look for it yourself". Cause looking for it myself is what got me to nvidia. And like the other guy said, there really arent anything else that's plastered all over youtbe besides that. I can only find put what people show so if they dont show it, I can't find it. You're saying you have something better, so please share it. A video or a link. I'm definitely game to buy the best thing. From what I've seen so far, for a while, nvidia has been the thing people directed me to. I've literally waited to get it for over a year. I have a full family, with multiple animals and help my brother in law with his kids. So I just made due with the setup I have. But now I feel like playing my other emulators that require more power. It's worth the price to me now. If you know of somthing cheaper and better, youd be helping me out
gdiggedy9 (1 month ago)
@Brian Tapping Sorry. There's no way an x96 Max with an Amlogic S905x is more powerful than a device with a Tegra X1 processor. You're lying. If this were true there would be hundreds of videos on these boxes streaming Fortnite and whatever hot PC game is out there. They can't. Can't find one video. I just watched two videos on ghostware and none of them mentioned streaming high end PC games. They only mention retro emulators for SNES, Genesis, Mame which even the worst Android boxes can run. Google Stadia might be the only way mid range devices can play high end games and its not even out yet. The first youtuber to show these kinds of capabilties on Amlogic boxes is gonna be $$$$, but its not happening.
Brian Tapping (1 month ago)
@gdiggedy9 search ur self put some time into it like everyone else does do some research on ghostware for ur self they seem to have a high end rep Also check the x96max units out
gdiggedy9 (1 month ago)
If cheap chinese boxes can run high end PC games or Gamecube games at 1080p @ 60fps there would be videos plastered all over youtube. The Shield uses a Tegra X1 processor same as a Nintendo Switch. The Tegra X1 blows any 4gb ram amlogic processor out of the water. But please, become a youtuber and show us this stuff because nobody else is for some reason. Or at least link me to a video of an amlogic box showing these feats.
Brian Tapping (1 month ago)
@gdiggedy9have u ever heard of ghostware they issue there updates ota it isn't hard to make sure a customer gets updates and yes a 4 gb ram device would run games better then a 3 would Again example ghost ware runs emulator on there 4 gb ram models some out perform the shield again it's preference of the customer in the end
J Lannister (2 months ago)
can this be used as a DVR if you have cable?
You sound like intelligence the computer from team america
Goog Le (2 months ago)
Great review, thanks!
Magus Magus (2 months ago)
I like the Nvidia Shield TV
Joseph Luo (2 months ago)
It is very annoying that you can't copy/past or move files on the external hard drives connected to Nvidia shield. You have to unplug it from the Nvidia shield and connect to your computer to move files around.
martin evensen (2 months ago)
I want shield 2 and play heavy games
Arrad Bardi (2 months ago)
martin evensen it can play fortnite all epic at 100+ FPS
Varga Levente (2 months ago)
This is so.... Edgy
A.J. Cobbs (2 months ago)
Nvidia, really?? You sent him a $260 - $300 device of yours for free??? Stop this earth. I wanna get off NOW!!!! Where do you find these guys??? Inside Cheetos as surprise gifts????
Pratik Pino (2 months ago)
Unable to connect to 5ghz.n when i connect it via Ethernet it shows msg conect to 5ghz. Always lagging a lot. Cant even play single game without lagging. My wifi speed is 95 mbps via 5ghz wifi. Suddenly cant evwn play mini ninja. Only that game was working but now cant even play that.
Arrad Bardi (2 months ago)
Tell me if that helped
Arrad Bardi (2 months ago)
You have to press allow anyway when you load up a game
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Haven't tried does anyone know if we can get philo tv on it. Philo is not available on my android phone but it does say it is now available on android tv, not sure what the difference is.
Shadow Banned (2 months ago)
The controller doesn't have the offset control sticks which means it is way worse than the Xbox controller plain and simple.
Love is Life (2 months ago)
Iptv smarters pro work in nvidia shield please???
Love is Life (2 months ago)
Jason Rowe thank you very much
Jason Rowe (2 months ago)
Martell Tha Cool (3 months ago)
I gotta get me a Nvidia Shield Pro for all my retro gaming activities
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
@Martell Tha Cool try Ebay but don't pay no $600. $400 is some what reasonable for them.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Just a note a refurbished unit can be better than a new unit because they check and inspect everything.
Martell Tha Cool (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Pollard I hear ya. If I can find it refurbished that is.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
@Martell Tha Cool I know what you mean.i think the should only have the the pro honestly but it is what it is. Get a refurbished unit.
Martell Tha Cool (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Pollard dang I want that SD card slot as I get an 512/1tb for it. It's stupid why Nvidia dropped the Nvidia Shield Pro as I don't want to another device attached to another device lol
Monchito Pro TV (3 months ago)
Whats the difference between the 3 versions just the Ram and the external memory or something else like the processor ? Im interesting in the tv version
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
It appears you cant get the 500 GB anymore. You could try Ebay but I wouldn't pay more than $400 or $450 max some people try to sell for $600 or $700 because they recently stopped making the 500gb version. So they are limited now. 16 GB they are still making and manufacturing.
Kenneth Pollard (3 months ago)
@Monchito Pro TV you're very welcome
Monchito Pro TV (3 months ago)
Kenneth Pollard thanx very usufel
Kenneth Pollard (3 months ago)
Get the 500 GB drive, the 16 GB cant expand with a flash card. Other than that they are exactly the same. And tv version doesn't have the game controller. Game controller is about $20 cheaper when buying with console. Don't buy it separate as you would pay more in long run.
RyanWake bradtelle (3 months ago)
16 gigs of internal storage isn't much I know you can plug in a $40 128 gig USB 3.0 flash drive. The only problem is 16 gigs for apps well games are big and I hope you can install those games on the flash drive.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Buy a external hard if need be. Just make sure its fast.
Coyote.Jeremy (3 months ago)
you can mount any 3.0 hard drive. 2 tb or whatever
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Yeah the ports are USB 3.0, just got make sure your flash drive is 3.0 otherwise you won't get those high transfer speeds
RyanWake bradtelle (3 months ago)
@NextTimeTech is it USB 3.0, because that's where you'll be putting movies and what not if you download them from ahem Netflix and youtube red. I'm sure 1080p is fine on USB 2.0 but 4K HDR movies, well I'm sure you either need a good internet connection or a higher-end USB 2.0 port. I know you technically can get more than 200 megabits over USB 2.0, but the theoretical maximum speed is of the motherboard connection and an individual USB port might split it more than four ways. And on mobile devices might not even support those speeds regardless.
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
you can make the external flash drive be recognized as internal storage to store apps and game on the external
Eivind Dale (3 months ago)
You still need Apple TV bacause of the movie section and music section i know Google have this too but i preferr the Apple in that because of the great sortiment of new films and i have bought many movies allready so i use Apple tv as a suplemang to Shield tv :)
Nancy Brown (3 months ago)
I just brought another one i just hate they don’t send the remote with the chargeing cord i had to get them to give me a discount to get it
Fishtj61 Smokey1961 (1 month ago)
I didn't have a problem, they also sent me the cords with it, but I got mine through Amazon. It is the best on the market, but just my opinion.
Roland Csibrei (3 months ago)
Your voice made me sleepy LOL
Stephen Andrano (1 month ago)
Roland Csibrei Bueller, Bueller, Bueller Bueller, Bueller..................
He sounds like the computer from team america
A.J. Cobbs (2 months ago)
Somebody gave him for free!!!!
myname is private (3 months ago)
my Nvidia Shield remote stops working until I remove and replace the battery ( have installed new batteries several time does not fix the issue) Reddit is full of people with the same issue. The remote control is a pretty important part of a TV streaming box. The Shield sucks am switching back to a Firestick I never had an issue with the Firestick I just bought the Shield for use with Kodi and now that Kodi is dead there is no need for the crappy buggy Shield!
supremercommonder (3 months ago)
I got t95 android box has 5000 live tv channels teatv which like show box every movie and tv series that gets updated daily I have youtube spotifier all music app it also has basic Android game and it has 4K content all for 30 pounds only difference is the gaming for steam ect but don’t need that I got a gaming pc which I spent 5k on
supremercommonder (2 months ago)
@Coyote.Jeremy i use netflix on my uhd 4k tv i got 5000 live channels and apps like tea tv ect for all my shows and movies on my t95 only difference really is the quality of streaming and gaming but dont really need to worry about that since i bough a gaming pc for 5k
Coyote.Jeremy (3 months ago)
i had the t95. Side by side the shield looked better on certain streaming apps. Like HBO and Netflix. Shield is one of the few capable of 60hz 4k. t95 was good for the price though.
Crimson BlaiNzz (3 months ago)
Does kodi run smooth streaming on this?
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Yes, don't waste your money on Chinese android kodi vox. They are trash
RenditionRedux (3 months ago)
CriMson BlaiNzz yea it does.
Dennis Deveaux (3 months ago)
To clarify, the gaming edition comes with a WiFi Direct controller - not Bluetooth.
Wut? (16 days ago)
The new edition which this guy is reviewing is Bluetooth while the one from 2015 (the 1st gen one) is Wifi
Kenneth Pollard (3 months ago)
Not sure if its bluetooth or wifi but it is wireless. It is automatically wirelessly connected to your console once it has been plugged in for the first time.
Andrew Rouse (3 months ago)
Hey does anyone know if my USB wireless air mouse/keyboard will work with the newest model of the shield?
Andrew Rouse (3 months ago)
@NextTimeTech ok thanks. I was worried because I kept seeing people say you can't use an IR remote.
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Yes, a wireless usb mouse will work fine with it
Stuart Terrey (3 months ago)
In the UK for a media box it can't even have channel 4, Channel 5 or now TV
A V (3 months ago)
Love this box but recently keep getting g(Google) on home screen and I can't remove. Can you help please.
J S (2 months ago)
It has a Google operating system. Might not be able to get rid of it. You might be able to remove the icon however, try long pressing on the app and some options pop up.
Pratik Pino (3 months ago)
Y life is strange not supported on shield tv
c warner (3 months ago)
Love the Shield, hate the remote!
TheSillypig (3 months ago)
Other than getting free games, I don't see the benefit. Unless your TV isn't a smart TV, it already has Netflix, Youtube, etc. Being able to stream games from a PC to a TV... why? Monitors are so much better because of input lag. And streaming video from a Android device or PC can be done in other, much cheaper ways. I could be completely wrong, so please tell me why to get this.
hector hernandez (3 months ago)
Not only streaming games from pc, nvidia got a cloud so you can play your steam games without having a gaming PC. I own a couple of games my pc can't run, so i run them on the shield without having my pc turned on. And you can play some other android games in a tv with full controller support
Andrew Rouse (3 months ago)
Personally I like the idea of having an Android TV box that's not only very well made - because the market is flooded with poorly made clones - but also one where I can switch over to Video games that are actually top notch games. I love that I can integrate Steam games, play top of the line Nvidia supported games, AND if I really want to or my little boy is using it, play the Google play games. All around it's just a high performing machine.
Uncle 22 (3 months ago)
Yeah right ok 🤣
jonnyram32 (3 months ago)
Shield amazing sucks they never going support Dolby vision one reason I went with apple tv 4k for Dolby vision better picture Quality etc....I now only use shield tv for dts movies and my hdr content local other then that i use apple tv now as my main source kodi live tv etc....
aristidis bird (3 months ago)
Very good hardware but the Android tv sucks... 👎
aristidis bird (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Pollard yes, this software does not run a few applications, for example Cpufloat .... so I sold it.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
What do you mean by android tv? You mean the android shield operating system?
z harris (3 months ago)
I have a shield for a month and for now it is superb. Only thing i notice is that when i watch a movie on VLC player or MX videoplayer it doesn't change the video refresh rate. Always is as i set it up in main menu of the display. Is it possible to set the shield to change refresh rate from 60fs to 24fs or whatever the refresh rate of the video is?
Graceology (3 months ago)
Will be getting this ,and thanks for sharing
Uncle 22 (3 months ago)
At that price point don't you think a mini pc running something like BlueStacks or Prime OS is better?
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
This is more for people that want something that feels more like a console to hook up to the tv. Yes there is very nice notebooks or laptops. I own some true gaming notebooks but I prefer this for my tv. But everyone is different on what they like or prefer.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
@Uncle 22 I hear you bro they are a little pricey. But when I compare it to Nintendo switch for $300 I think its work it. Especially if you get hyperspin installed on it with emulation like ps3 or switch as well as the super bes or sega stuff. If you are a retro gamer this is the system. Plus kodi is best on this vs the cheap Chinese android boxes. Just my opinion. But everyone should go with what is best for them
Uncle 22 (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Pollard I never said the Shield was bad, its great! Just not the best at that price....
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Remember guys you can put hyperspin on it for emulators so if you like ps3,xbox 360,switch,mame,plus the older stuff there you go. Don't forget add the kodi on your system.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
I shield specs is just as good as a Nintendo switch so the price is not bad at all.
EndlessnaidyolF (3 months ago)
Awesome. I'm on the lookout for one of these, too. Right now, I just have a Switch. And I used to have a Roku stick, but it doesn't do gaming. Nintendo doesn't want to do squat with their Switch VC offering, nor add any more streaming apps. Luckily, the Shield does pretty much all of these things!
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
The only thing I use Roku for is the philo tv since it isn't available on many devices.
Pierre PAJ (3 months ago)
PARFAITE EN EFFET ,l'ayant depuis quelques mois pour regarder PRIME VIDÉO ,l'image et le son son très bon . PETIT DÉFAUT , elle s'allume dès que je démarre ma PS-4 . Je conseil donc de pas l'utiliser sur la même TV que la PS-4 . Petit souhait concernant NVIDIA , bon modèle de console qui nécessiterai un boitier permettant d'intégrer un Disque Dur par tout acheteur car le seul modèle disponible dispose que des 16 Go emmc .
Chris Hall (3 months ago)
Can anyone recommend a television what is compatible with the shield box?
Chris Hall (3 months ago)
Thanks Just wanted to double check
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Any tv with an HDMI port will work with the shield tv box (Pretty much all TVs have hdmi ports now)
alisha aguirres (3 months ago)
Can it play pubg mobile .is it in the play store it brings
corey short (3 months ago)
You can play pubg but I use a alternative play store to get my other apps
YourSixStudios (4 months ago)
Wow! Lucky guy! I would love to have that for games + streaming :D
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Add kodi and your good to go. A true multi media game console arcade box.
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Man it is a blast Specs are just as good as Nintendo switch 2018 even though Nvidia shield came out in 2015. Emulates ps3,switch,xbox 360,plus old old school stuff
Paige (4 months ago)
Very cool wonder does it have Mixer app
Alex Dixon (4 months ago)
I just got one brand new on Amazon for $107 .... I have been wanting one for a while so im pumped
Kenneth Pollard (2 months ago)
Find someone to put hyperspin and kodi on it and it will change everything. You will love it.
Synz Evolved (3 months ago)
u like it?
Fortnite (4 months ago)
Can you play gta 5 free to ?
Robert Lillie (3 months ago)
Dice_77 (4 months ago)
If you don't own a pc how good is it?
hector hernandez (3 months ago)
My pc don't run a lot of games i have. So i play them via the nvidia cloud on steam. Best investment I've made in something like this. Right now im playing rise of the tomb raider and shadow of war. They run smooth and at 60fps 1080p plus the shield got 4k video too in apps like vudu
Robert Lillie (3 months ago)
Yeah it's an amazing machine
NextTimeTech (4 months ago)
If you have good internet it's great Right now I game on my PC while my girlfriend plays on the Shield TV using GeForce now , and we get to play together as if we had 2 gaming pc's
EVA Digital (4 months ago)
How do you solve the remote lagging issue, also some time the direction button just skipping like pressed multiple time. very frustrating experience.
Stephen Brook (3 months ago)
There is no solving it. It is a second rate box with horrific firmware.
The Piazza Experience (4 months ago)
Keep it up man! You're doing great! Honored to call you a friend.
Jakeob Trick Shots (4 months ago)
Are you ever going to make a gaming channel
Sheridan Peddicord (4 months ago)
Do you know if they are comparable with Microsoft or xbox? Have several games through xbox would hate to loss them
Robert Lillie (3 months ago)
If you meant compatible no it's not.
Robert Lillie (3 months ago)
Definitely graphics wise. Content wise they are not far off either. It's a beast of a machine.
Todd Vernon (4 months ago)
Still loving my two gaming editions after 2 years. Nothing beats it, untill the Shield V2 arrives!
Burn4Freedom420 (3 months ago)
@NextTimeTech theres a new model coming out ?
Chuck H. (4 months ago)
Yes, and still getting updated 2 years later too! I'm betting the V2 will do more smart home/hub type stuff, not sure what else to improve on here.
NextTimeTech (4 months ago)
Yeah I'm looking forward to a new model!
icyhotmike (4 months ago)
The Shield is still an underrated device but receives plenty of attention under the hood. I just picked up a Shield TV, 55" 4k TV and Hue Home Starter kit for under $800. Downloaded Hue Bloom from the play store on the Shield and all the lights sync to the 4K colors on the TV.. big upgrade over my last setup haha. I have some videos of my setup on my channel.
Ant009 (3 months ago)
I got it on a 82in Samsung 🔥🔥🔥
grocerylist (4 months ago)
The Shield TV is great but this unboxing and review is 4 years late and there are numerous videos that have detailed the shield TV years ago.
Jedi Mojo Jojo (4 months ago)
@grocerylist I agree with chillmaster. I like to see the Shield TV reviewed from different people's perspective
grocerylist (4 months ago)
@Jeff Oloff thanks for your input about me being redundant in regards to this redundant unboxing/review.
Jeff Oloff (4 months ago)
@grocerylist, IMHO you are the one being redundant to the point of being irrelevant. Nobody agrees with you. Sheeessshhh
grocerylist (4 months ago)
@The Chillmaster common sentiment already is that it's hands down the best Android TV device (also the best streaming TV device regardless of platform as it's more versatile, unless you're stuck in the apple bubble) and nothing else comes close. This review didn't offer anything more.
SharpSwordSounds (4 months ago)

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