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The Best Gaming Mouse You Can ACTUALLY Afford.

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Win awesome prizes on Lucktastic here https://lucktastic.onelink.me/3188221026/Mikenstein This is Mikenstein. And today I'm gonna show you the best budget gaming mouse under $20! The Zealotes F-18 is a great budget gaming mouse, and one of the best budget gaming mice you can buy. If you're not a gamer, its still great for content creation and school work as well! Get Lucktastic for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucktastic.scratch&hl=en_US Get Lucktastic for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lucktastic-win-real-prizes/id976708161?mt=8 Check out the Zealotes F-18 mouse here: http://zipansion.com/339yI Like what you see? Get subscribed and join the Stein fam! http://zipansion.com/kprU Email me for BUSINESS: [email protected] What gear did I use? Here they are! •Cheap studio light kit http://zipansion.com/sY2A •Wide-angle coated lens http://zipansion.com/sY53 •Tech backpack http://zipansion.com/sY8k •Gorilla pod http://zipansion.com/sYCJ •Crisp condenser mic http://zipansion.com/sYG3 •4k action camera http://zipansion.com/sYHf (dont use it all the time but its still great) D I S C L A I M E R Some of the links above are affiliate links/adfly links, which means if you use them to make a purchase, I'll earn a small commission. This helps support the channel so I can keep putting out more content. Go buy stuff!!! Follow me on social: Instagram http://zipansion.com/sYND Twitter http://zipansion.com/sYWd Facebook http://zipansion.com/sYip And thanks for stopping by! #Mikenstein
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Text Comments (11)
colton boss (4 months ago)
hey man i saw the vid where u got free stuff could u help me
ashok ranjan (5 months ago)
You can redgear dragonwar gaming mouse that is so awesome
Mikenstein (5 months ago)
A Stormtrooper (5 months ago)
2:12 Hahaha, I'm using that same computer for school right now 😂
Mikenstein (5 months ago)
Join the club lol
Great Value Bleach (5 months ago)
It's cheaper, but has shitty quality, from a non-reputable company, and has a really shitty sensor.
RampagePV (5 months ago)
Great Value Bleach (5 months ago)
lmao, Zeoltles is a cheap chinese brand that makes cheap ass mice, and they aren't even Zeotle's mice. The mouse you showed in your video is just a generic wireless cheap mouse that's been rebranded by 5+ chinese companies like Zeotles, they don't even make anything other than shitty rebranded $8 mice. Get a real mouse.
Mikenstein (5 months ago)
Whoa bro. Zealotes is great at making gaming hardware. Are you sure you've even tested any of their products before??
A Stormtrooper (5 months ago)
Awesome! I wanna start getting into PC gaming, so I'll have to check this out
Mikenstein (5 months ago)
You better do! Its being discounted right now!

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