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Keeping Mobile Equipment in Underground Mines Safe | La sécurité de l'équipement minier

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Keeping Mobile Equipment in Underground Mines Safe | La sécurité de l'équipement minier | Patrick Vaillancourt, Occupational Health & Safety Inspector with the Ministry of Labour, shows how he conducts inspections of mobile mining equipment. A descriptive transcript for this video is available by visiting the following link: http://media.ontarionewsroom.com/desctxt/keeping-mobile-equipment-in-underground-mines-safe.html Pour obtenir une transcription descriptive de cette vidéo, cliquer sur le lien suivant : http://media.ontarionewsroom.com/desctxt/la-securite-de-l'equipement-minier-mobile.html
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Manuel Carmo (7 months ago)
This machine is much better for people's health and is much more economical!..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFL59UOL7pQ
Matt D (8 months ago)
That bogger looks like it hasn't worked a single shift..
ANARDEEN USTA (9 months ago)
very nice
Jason Campbell (9 months ago)
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Wendy Dillon (1 year ago)
That's the right way to mine.

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