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16-Year-Old Dropout Is CEO of Company Potentially Worth Millions

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Ben Pasternak, a high school dropout from Sydney, Australia, could be the next great titan of technology. Pasternak, 16, is the creator and CEO of Flogg, an app that allows users to buy and sell within their social network with just a swipe. Think Tinder meets eBay. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (10275)
Lisa Nayak (5 hours ago)
I want to b like him
Behary Sudheer (5 hours ago)
Imagine if an accidental swipe cost you 1 million US DOLLAR. 😱🤯
Boi singhn (7 hours ago)
i hope he has some back up money if he fails
Burnt Chickenugget (10 hours ago)
I proud of myself bc I’m 15
Hi &R (15 hours ago)
He is not going to become the mark suckerpug of this gen.
SaidPower2 (17 hours ago)
Exxotic (23 hours ago)
*And people say school is going to take you far in life*
Elmos Servant (1 day ago)
When i was 16 i was 14 years in the future
The2x2Cuber (1 day ago)
Who else knows about the Boston Bruins player David Pasternak?
HN YS (1 day ago)
Have you noticed this dropout doesn't spend $$$ on his clothes and keeps his outfit simple
Lindsay Scribner (1 day ago)
I would use flogg.
OfficialJosh VLOGS (1 day ago)
dasukiboi :3 (1 day ago)
These videos makes me feel so shitty
Devy Hoseok (2 days ago)
Aww man.. I thought this was legit. It's only a maybe story.😔
Lobetec (2 days ago)
The thing is most of our parents would never lend a penny to us to help us develop something like that.
*BOO* (2 days ago)
bruh that jumpshot wetty💧😂
Nick Mitchell (2 days ago)
Another copycat app of literally every virtual market there has even been. Just like the "innovators" who think they're gonna make it big for creating a copy cat of clash of clans
yonder biscuit (2 days ago)
Before y’all hate he is now the owner of Monkey a video chat app that is very successful, millions of users.
Sabina Rajabova (2 days ago)
this reminds me of the app episode’s stories. lmao
Angles Roses (2 days ago)
Lol cool but I never heard of this company😂
Maritza Piccarillo (2 days ago)
Awesome kid
Zoee Irvin (2 days ago)
I liked the video on 1:43
Fortnite DefaultSkin (2 days ago)
he is probably a scammer.
Dpod05 Plays (2 days ago)
He probably got more viewers from this
benedryl cumberbatch (3 days ago)
he seems like a douche ... anyways .
necromancer (3 days ago)
Another fantastic video for my inspiration playlist
lol lol (3 days ago)
Luke Jansen-Faught (3 days ago)
How tf is forgetting to eat a 16 yr old thing
King David (3 days ago)
Is not even on the apple store? I’m assuming he went broke?
Lauren Grace (3 days ago)
umm damn.
Kingofbut (3 days ago)
this sets a bad example for kids ""DROP OUT AND BECOME RICH""
Ibrahim Tarawally (4 days ago)
Kid gets rich. News company decides to send it's hottest female journalist to play a game of basketball with him and ask for 1% sheers. Adults being adults.
Jaden Yuki (4 days ago)
wanna marry that kid 😊
Mammoth Slayer (4 days ago)
I'm 14 and I once bought 2 packs of gummy bears instead of 1
n i c o l e (4 days ago)
None of his shots made it im cryingggg
I wish there were more ways to be an outlier other than business. I want to be a scientist.
Nathalie Alowou (4 days ago)
How come his parents both have accents and live in Australia but he has an American accent?
a simple patriot (4 days ago)
School: u need an education to get rich Ben pasternak: hold my beer
Rank Parasity (4 days ago)
Where is flogg?
Dookee Family (4 days ago)
My fish just drowned in water
pet (5 days ago)
16, flopping pre cal
NIGGA JOHN (5 days ago)
Stay in school kids
Me Me (5 days ago)
Never heard of it and it’s been so long. Looks like this million dollar thing turned out to be a nothing.
Me Me (5 days ago)
Doesn’t block out the fact he ugly as fuck.
Spookie (5 days ago)
Humanity is slowly falling into the abyss
CaliforniaGirl49 (5 days ago)
How did his parents allow him to move and drop out like ??????
Preeti Mishra (5 days ago)
I wish there are more kids like him in India 👍
Harsh Raj Always free (5 days ago)
Im 17 and the best thing I can pull of Is my nose mucous
Arsalan Chohan (5 days ago)
Sold 6 dollars worth of lemonade this summer
Air Squeky (5 days ago)
It really triggers me that the plane went to the left and not to the right. The plane litteraly flew 1000 or so miles extra for that
Red Nugget (5 days ago)
Stfu it will never go near amazon
Logiix (5 days ago)
One time I found a lottery ticket in the trash to my surprise it wasn't scratched of course I scratched it and I felt like the luckiest man alive I won 5$
PsychoDieter91 (5 days ago)
It’s amazing that there is still a market for this kind of thing.
Definitely Not A Bot (5 days ago)
You go to a private school that is only for the TAG and when your done and you don't have money, for college and can't go to stanford nor harvard
Dyani Poolaw (5 days ago)
Here I am still in highschool FAILING
Sign Out Next Time (5 days ago)
"Justin Bieber is following me. Unfortunately I'm not following him back but he's following me so (smiling obnoxiously)."
Anonymous Person (5 days ago)
That girl was annoying
Triggsss (6 days ago)
the app isn’t even in the app store
Eric BarryOfficial (6 days ago)
I'm 18 and my only accomplishments is catching all 151 Pokémon😄
Idek (6 days ago)
Like like like like like 🙄🙄
le lover k (6 days ago)
Im 16 and I the only money I get is the change from the shop when I go shopping with my mom
ペレスリゴ (6 days ago)
He drop out from school but...CEO don’t u need a scholarship ???
DiegoCRO (4 days ago)
He owns the company man, why would he need a scholarship?
ペレスリゴ (6 days ago)
He doesn’t have a Bachelor's Degree wtf
JP Suarez (6 days ago)
trash ass basketball players
HFIN235 Gaming (6 days ago)
I saw this on Sunrise. Lol
Nathan Hood (6 days ago)
Great idea.. but what is Flogg? I still haven’t heard about it two years later
Flurtle (6 days ago)
It's kinda bad he left his parents
Flurtle (6 days ago)
He kinda dresses like a douche
Eduardo Prado (6 days ago)
White boy have it easy
Jaela Limmie (6 days ago)
he's hawt
Samantha Arias (6 days ago)
Lol he’s not this generation’s Mark Zuckerberg because he just doesn’t give off that humble vibe, and he brags too much
Phoneix 101 (6 days ago)
Daaang he fine 👌
aldenG (6 days ago)
Lmao I’ve never heard of flogg
Brevory Foster (6 days ago)
I am 16 and i just farded and shidded on myself in math class
T.C.G. (6 days ago)
Bruh the reporter is going on dates with a rich 16 year old. Ready to catch a case!
T.C.G. (6 days ago)
When a 16 year old is wealthier than you because of an app no one talks about.
T.C.G. (6 days ago)
He’s a Shawn Mendez Vlogger
ItzCheetah (6 days ago)
Looking fresh though fr........
Ghosty (6 days ago)
oi he is a bloddy legend
nish.pillay (6 days ago)
Shawn mendes?
BoaSky (7 days ago)
His app isn’t available in America you fucking idiots
The GOAT (7 days ago)
*Parents: What do you want to do when you grow up?* *Dropout Child: I wanna be Tracer*
Carlos Malave (7 days ago)
I still read comics.
NBW ShOtGuNsKillz (7 days ago)
In the thumbnail I thought it was Nate hill
RegularGamer 0306 (7 days ago)
Where’s the app now?
It's Override (7 days ago)
His form is amazing
Obliveratings (7 days ago)
Fisted waffles
Xpple Snxper (7 days ago)
What about lil pump
Who tf is this kid .
Anthony Everhart (7 days ago)
I have so many things to say about this but one I will is You go dude! 🤘🏼😂
Libby Shindorf (7 days ago)
This is so dumb 😂
megaman2mdn2k2k (7 days ago)
Were those 100 dollar cremes and if their real well mate you got my vote
SSJ Mitchell (7 days ago)
I do want to put some notice on his big ass nose
Hi/ Hello (7 days ago)
I’m 12,I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older
jsg040 (7 days ago)
He wont follow biebs back. Good Guy!
ke Vin (8 days ago)
Flogg is a flop
bitch_lasagna (8 days ago)
school systems should look at these problems and see school is stopping kids from success and try to change something. But they don't. They just take taxes and don't do shit.
Stefani M (8 days ago)
Hi the names Stefani and I get 12% on my math tests 😎
i hate snakeu (8 days ago)
ends the video witha phat airball
Dogworld Me (8 days ago)
So hes 18 and I'm 14.... so we could you know... hookup sometime 😉 lol JK my mom doesn't let me date people even 2 years older than me 😂
Sujan Sitaula (8 days ago)
Those people who are born in develop country like anerica and australia are one of the luckiest people in the whole universe come to my country and try to become ceo at this age and you will see how hard it is...

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