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Make $400 Per Week Chatting With Strangers

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Text Comments (68)
mohamed amine (14 hours ago)
thank you alot :*
Mike Crowns (1 day ago)
Hello Big Mark. You are a man with a golden heart. Thank you for all you doing. Keep the good work. Mark I'm a student and I have an old mother I need to pay for her surgery to save her life. I can't find money. Please help me with real and legit sites where I can worn from home and earn fast.
Hi,i am from Bangladesh, can i work on these site?
ruzica murdzeva (1 day ago)
You are awesome😍 soo funnyy
Yolo- Music (1 day ago)
I need some subscribers.
Tisha Johnson (1 day ago)
Mira T (2 days ago)
Is there any chance they would hire non-natives?
realcrunx (2 days ago)
nothing for me from germany :(
Samuel Meservy (3 days ago)
Thank you Mark
BIG MARK (3 days ago)
Welcome :-)
Mahas Chandio (5 days ago)
What are the sites and works that pay you back also asia Big mark
Esther Joan Avortri (5 days ago)
Haha I can't stop laughing
JL Meister (4 days ago)
hope you can type faster than 65 wpm
Margo Stokes (6 days ago)
This is soo cute😹
Priya CP (6 days ago)
OMG! Love that intro!
Dipanjan Das (7 days ago)
Awesome start to the video..Damn funny😊
Tijani Moro (8 days ago)
you know how to act.
Collins Owusu-gyan (8 days ago)
I love this guy.. . . . . . . .dhope intro
منوعات (9 days ago)
I'm from north africa and all your methods don't work hor me 😢
Salomey MUA (6 days ago)
منوعات me neither 😭😭
Sandra Debrah (9 days ago)
Am in Africa I love you already Mark
Henri Jo Tech (4 days ago)
Is it work in your country ?
Joy Wangarik (10 days ago)
I have been following you for a while. I LOVE your videos but most of therm are not worldwide,plz give us ones that we can work anywhere in the world
Alpha Man (7 days ago)
I agree with you
BIG MARK (10 days ago)
Ok thanks for the suggestion!
Kirima Hudson (10 days ago)
u gat bigballs mark keep it up we do appreciate how do i get started need to work out something dude please.
aom abd rahman rania (10 days ago)
Hallo 😷 Waht side didn't understand the imell send to me am 😒arabic Muslim am looking for job semplice in Internet 😞because Ihave translate am net space inglech 😜 ارجو عدم ارسال ايميل الي لا أفهم معناه😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 وشكرا
BOXTALE (11 days ago)
Wow you so creative
White Mask (11 days ago)
😂 very good and hilarious video, Mark you are really good in what you are doing
somide Samuel (11 days ago)
Hi Mark. Am Sam from Nigeria I have been following for weeks now. All that you are sharing aren't supported in my country. Plus can you share with me if you have any
Anthony Aruma (11 days ago)
Honestly the video is really cool....Mark!
funny world (11 days ago)
The website you provided in all your videos are not available in Philippines
Sangita Chabs (12 days ago)
Awesome, Mark!!!!!
deshon porter (12 days ago)
lol funny skit at the start lol!
Rida Bogx (12 days ago)
This is great..
Tyler Jhonson (12 days ago)
dude 2:12 minutes and you still have not gotten to the point.
Harold Figueroa (12 days ago)
Tyler Jhonson damn be patient
Seth Aigbedo (12 days ago)
thank you Big Mark. i love the video
Aplus Info Kannada (12 days ago)
Hi bro
BEING INDIAN (12 days ago)
Video started on 2:35
ESPERANZA FP (12 days ago)
Yeeeeeeeaaaah !!! (Happy dance) right on Mark !!!! Thanks a bunch
Michael S (12 days ago)
Not even gonna lie I loved the Intro. LMFAO
sofia medesan (12 days ago)
OMG Mark... you are sooo funnny! Love to see you having so much fun, and love your videos! Awesome job!
Jazzy J (12 days ago)
I like the new approach to the beginning of your videos Mark. Always keeping it fresh, gotta appreciate that!
Hossin Hossin (12 days ago)
Hossin Hossin (12 days ago)
Noah Mincis (12 days ago)
Does anyone want to make money talking?
Diss guise (1 day ago)
Hamisi Omuganda make utube vidz
Hamisi Omuganda (1 day ago)
Diss guise (1 day ago)
Mark is already doin that. .
KAUC 50 (6 days ago)
Discover how you can Increase your income while at home. Check out *LIVEONLINEJOB. COM* for more info. “Many opportunities are missed, since we fail to give it a try.”
Samuel Kodua (9 days ago)
+Folorunsho Emmanuel is it extended to Africa ?
How can earn money online
You are funny ...
Lol this is such a funny video
Gamer Alcs (12 days ago)
Does this work worldwide? and pay you worldwide?
Reda Taghiti (12 days ago)
Nice introduction Mark i like it !!
قروي كلاشيو (12 days ago)
aom abd rahman rania (12 days ago)
Hallo 🙆
SNA Sports. (9 days ago)
The beginning 🤣 Nice one mark👍
Phoenix Mk (10 days ago)

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