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Anker Soundcore Flare Review + GIVEAWAY

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This is Mikenstein and this is the Anker Soundcore flare, the best bluetooth speaker for under $100 and easily the best bluetooth speaker at $60. Its well-built, IPX7 water resistant, has amazing 360° sound and an attractive design. Pick one up on Amazon http://zipansion.com/3tfHM FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM so you wont miss my tech unboxings, behind the scenes videos and other fun stuff! http://zipansion.com/sYND Like what you see? Get subscribed and join the Stein fam! http://zipansion.com/kprU Email me for BUSINESS: [email protected] What gear did I use? Here they are! •Cheap studio light kit http://zipansion.com/sY2A •Wide-angle coated lens http://zipansion.com/sY53 •Tech backpack http://zipansion.com/sY8k •Gorilla pod http://zipansion.com/sYCJ •Crisp condenser mic http://zipansion.com/sYG3 •4k action camera http://zipansion.com/sYHf (dont use it all the time but its still great) D I S C L A I M E R Some of the links above are affiliate links/adfly links, which means if you use them to make a purchase, I'll earn a small commission. This helps support the channel so I can keep putting out more content. Go buy stuff!!! Follow me on social: Instagram http://zipansion.com/sYND Twitter http://zipansion.com/sYWd Facebook http://zipansion.com/sYip And thanks for stopping by! #Mikenstein
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Text Comments (41)
Akshay Dontula (2 months ago)
Nice video bro and also speaker
heiw7 Eue (3 months ago)
katana_92 (3 months ago)
I chose this speaker over another of the same brand that has better sound for 10 dollars more. The LED lighting and the whole look of the speaker had me buyin it
BORN2CREATE (3 months ago)
honestly u seem calm , I just subscribed but I'm hoping to win
BORN2CREATE (3 months ago)
hopefully I'm not late, but I hope I'll still be added. and I respect your editing skills G
YOUTUBE PROMOTER (3 months ago)
Pls me
Sachin Giri vlogs (3 months ago)
Nice video sir I'm from India I like your video👼📹📹
Heinrich Picar (4 months ago)
Count me in ☝️😀
KomPaz Gaming (4 months ago)
Would love this and could i please get
ICEY TV (4 months ago)
Please give away to me
ICEY TV (4 months ago)
You changed your name back
Mikenstein (4 months ago)
Different channel bro. 😊
Sara Lynn (4 months ago)
Yesssssssssss pleaseee
mohammed bacharie (4 months ago)
Let give it a try 😁😊
JohnTheTechboy (4 months ago)
Woow I'll love to win
Kaitonna Hazel (4 months ago)
Shaina Stevens (4 months ago)
cool speaker... my kind of taste 👌hope I win..
Nancy MOMOLAND (4 months ago)
Let me get that hehe XD
Tyrique Hendricks (4 months ago)
Love your videos and would love to win 🏆
Body samir (4 months ago)
Love to win
rishi dev (4 months ago)
Please give me one I hope you choose me
Rekha Rani (4 months ago)
# mikenstine please give me a one
PBX Techz (4 months ago)
Awsme look good sound
Daddys lil monster (4 months ago)
Love the speaker
Daddys lil monster (4 months ago)
Philjoseph Bayle (4 months ago)
thank you mike i hope i win lab ya😚😚
Clement Kwarteng (4 months ago)
Great bro i need it
dainampally chandradeep (4 months ago)
I love that anker speaker,that is very amazing.i hope that I can win,because I using a old Sony speaker its makes some cracking sound when I see movies in my computer.I want listen with high base quality sound 😊😊😊😊 for Dj
Sikapa Lesley (4 months ago)
It sounds amazing. I wish I’ll win tho 😊😊
Jiejietan Wt (4 months ago)
Wow i love this speaker 😍😍😍
Logan Barnett (4 months ago)
Hope I win want one
Drayton Barnett (4 months ago)
Hope I win I love you review of apps
Drayton Barnett (4 months ago)
Pick me please I want a speaker
Stephanie Lane (4 months ago)
Hope I win
Stephanie Lane (4 months ago)
I love you vids they make my day and I like to go to your videos to see what is good or bad to buy
Fear_Splurge Slice (4 months ago)
How do we get in the giveaway
Ethan Tighe (4 months ago)
Love to win mike been a long time fan !
Fear_Splurge Slice (4 months ago)
Pick me please I hope I win
akelah runas (4 months ago)
Make me won plss sir
akelah runas (4 months ago)
Hope i won plss
KPOP is Life (4 months ago)
Wow! That's great! 😊 I'm always used to dance but i only have a natural cellphone 😍😍 i hope it's international so i have a chance to win. 😍😍

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