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How to Sell Exchange Programs to Brazil in 2018

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SELL MORE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: https://hubs.ly/H0cgbgb0 If you offer student exchange programs for Brazilian students and want to increase sales, we got the right solution for you. One of the deciding factors when choosing a student exchange program are the payment methods available. Studying overseas can be very expensive because of tuition fees, insurance, flight tickets and living costs. Therefore, Brazilians often opt out for organisations that allow them to pay for the programme in easy monthly installments. Moreover, there are the currency exchange rates, which represent one of the biggest problems when trying to close the deal - Brazilian students always look for the farest exchange rates. In addition to that, most agencies only accept payment methods that are not that popular in Latin America, losing a lot of potential customers. With EBANX international payment system, you don't have to face any of these problems. Your customer can pay online with their credit cards, in installments, all in their local currency. And you receive the payment in dollar straight into your company's bank account, all at one, even if the customer choose to pay with installments. There are three ways you can sell: - By a payment link if you sell by Blog, Facebook, WhatsApp or Email. - By button if your website doesn't have an automatic billing system. - Or by integrating the EBANX system into your website, in case you already sell your services automatically. SELL MORE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: https://hubs.ly/H0cgbgb0 BLOG: https://labs.ebanx.com EBANX: https://business.ebanx.com/en/
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