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A Rare Occasion: Mutual Cause Unites P.U.P. and B.P.P. against I.C.J. Vote

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For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ It is known that there are many in the leadership of the People’s United Party, excluding its leader John Briceño, who are opposed to taking Guatemala’s territorial claim to the International Court of Justice. Because of the divergence of internal views, Briceño’s position has been for a conscious vote. Well earlier today, the Belize Progressive Party and a group of activists surprisingly coalesced with the southern caucus to say ‘NO’ to the I.C.J. It was a rare undertaking, but it happened in Belmopan on an issue of huge national importance over which Belizeans will vote on April tenth, 2019. The P.U.P. southern caucus, led by Deputy Leader Mike Espat, was joined by area reps and standard bearers from the west, all who are against taking the territorial claim to the International Court of Justice. So what’s next for the grouping? News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.
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