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A Japanese Method to Develop Creativity in Kids

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Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Japanese people are known for their intelligence, politeness, and wellness. Why is this nation so unique and different from the rest of the world? It seems we’ve found the answer – they have an incredibly cool education system and unique teaching methods! Watch till the end – there is a small but brilliant bonus for you. Let’s start with a unique Japanese method in the schools for developing creativity in kids. We believe that the whole world needs to adopt! It’s called “Nameless paints.” Japanese designers named Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki created an unusual set to teach kids colors and painting. This fantastic set won the 2012 Kokuyo Design Award. Let’s see how it works. “Nameless paints” includes ten tubes that don’t have color names such as “yellow,” “blue,” or “green.” Instead, there are only spots of a particular color or colors on each tube. As you can see, the spots are also different sizes. The designers’ aim is to change the way kids think and learn. They want children to understand what shade they will get if they mix certain colors. For instance, a child looks at the tube with two spots: pink and blue. He doesn’t know what color hides inside. He squeezes the tube and gets… purple color! So, as a result, the kid learns that the same amounts of pink and blue paints create purple. Here’s another example – a tube with a big blue spot and small pink one. It means if you mix a small amount of the pink color and a large amount of the blue color, you’ll get dark-blue color. Interesting, right? As you can see, each tube hides a particular color inside. Pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, dark green, dark blue, orange, light-green, and black. However, to get one of these shades, the child should think about which colors create it. As a result, they learn how to create new colors and how to mix them. It’s an easy and fun way to understand the color theory. Recent studies have shown that free thinking is an attribute that a person can acquire over time, and the schools play the most important part in developing creativity. Now, here’s the bonus – 10 brilliant features of the Japanese education system the whole world needs to adopt. The success of the Japanese culture is very simple: they put a lot of effort and time in the education system trying to make it not only useful but also fun. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (2647)
Bishan Khanal (2 hours ago)
#Respect and love to Japan from Nepal💕💕💕
Dragonfly Dragon (18 hours ago)
Exam are burden for students in India ...more then 7 exam in a year...😣😣😣
Habib (2 days ago)
The school pattern is what is followed by indian school in uae..no exams until 3rd grade...the academic year begins in april and ends in march .
Gisele Oh (4 days ago)
The Chinese music is just irritating me I don't know why- Also, at around 1:30 you talk about a boy but use a clip of a girl? I'm literally so confused, and judging by the comments, you really should do more research next time :)
Jaya Sharma (5 days ago)
Our school also starts at April
anjali shejwalkar (5 days ago)
How about handling over the primary education to Japanese? Or send our children to residential schools in Japan!
ayesh ayeshahadia712 (7 days ago)
Kazi 05 (7 days ago)
Japan is love
Wendy Brooks (7 days ago)
It sounds ridged, however it seems to work. They don’t have ANY of the social problems we have in the US
NIRMALA N (8 days ago)
What are you telling me foolish testosterone? Is it really that difficult to live on EARTH?
Nitin Lanjewar (8 days ago)
dvcg dvcg (8 days ago)
well , I'm an Indian mine started on march
EVIE ILES (8 days ago)
Sugi color blonde
.| | \/ im in Romania.in our country %90 boys dont like scool and almost %100 girls like scool. .....detention has no life here(× exist).....im done
Ricardo Urias (10 days ago)
Darn it my school starts in August and I only got 1 weeks of winter and spring break
Hilal Yendork (10 days ago)
What’s up w the Chinese music????
Kimberlie Chaw (11 days ago)
In my country, genius are rejected while rich are accepted.
Paul Briody (11 days ago)
The voice!!!! I switched off immediately.
susi sila (11 days ago)
nice to know the kids doesn't have exam before 10 years ....
sheshrao chavan (11 days ago)
That is super.....
抹茶アイス宇治 (11 days ago)
i am japanese. some of them are not true
Cheshmeh Zolal (12 days ago)
I am an Iranian, but I really enjoy Japanese culture. The Japanese follow ethics in education. That's why their country is progressing
Macrophage (12 days ago)
Thanks for the stereotypical fonts, music and photos that have nothing to do with Japan 🙂
rosemary marsh (12 days ago)
Absolutely brilliant and I think this is an amazing way of teaching in every respect. Wish they would do this in the English schools.The Children May have more respect for themselves and for other people.The uniform is smart. I have seen this video before and was and still am very impressed with it and their ideas.
nur fatin (12 days ago)
i am malaysian. our education system same like japan.
Priyanshu Pareek (12 days ago)
The worst in the world Cause I am from India
richnow 168 (23 hours ago)
Because of Hindu and Islam religion
Anna Chasy (13 days ago)
man.. u just offence japanese with using chinese background music..
GERIN ANTONY (13 days ago)
I love Japan soooooooooooo much
ShawnChua (13 days ago)
A Japanese Method To Raise Creativity > plays Chinese music in the background
logan jenkins (14 days ago)
The system has flaws like others however you dont see so many kids disrespecting people etc.... it can go back and fourth. I see kids 4-5 walking home daily with no issues, can you do that in most American cities? My daughter makes her own lunch ar school they clean the classroom after finished, I have no issues with this at all :)
Bowen's channel (14 days ago)
1:59 that's pink?
Kolvicz D (14 days ago)
This video seem too good to be true to many and that might be correct. But I see two school of thoughts here - one that appreciate Japanese for what they are, regardless of this video, and the other (majority) simply couldn't stand what Japanese represents. Leaving aside the video and the education system, if you look across the globe, Japan is still among the few elite countries from science and technology, to Human Development, to living standard, to creativity, to economy and much more.... Japanese are also known for discipline, respecting others, valuing their culture and tradition..which the west and American have lost long back. American society is a mess today so is the Europe. The west have loss their true identity, no family values, no real relationship goal, rebellious kids etc., just everything that made us human and differentiate us from animals have lost its significance in the west..... all they care about now is their individual self and freedom, a self-centered brainwash society. Japan is not all good and they have their own flaws, but in comparison to the west and Europe they are way better in almost everything we see from a human perspective. Not everything but there are lots to learn from japan. Way to go Japan 🤞🤞
**** Tiger Studio 8381 (15 days ago)
suscribed u my frnd , subscribe me to..
**** Tiger Studio 8381 (15 days ago)
suscribed u my frnd , subscribe me to..
**** Tiger Studio 8381 (15 days ago)
suscribed u my frnd , subscribe me to..
Anita Sayonkon (15 days ago)
My country is still struggling for learning like this. Special for college no computer science in every school yet
bo ta (15 days ago)
there are even entrance exams for private kindergartens in japan.
Sudha Sahu (17 days ago)
Some tips r good but the kids should know what is exam test
PABITRA ROUT (19 days ago)
Make video about India's Education system...
PABITRA ROUT (19 days ago)
Very knowledge video... Make more such type of videos
jing yuan (19 days ago)
Japanese students study nothing at school, because the government says not. However, they study till night at Juku, a sort of after-school that rank the students every week by their test results. And the tests are super difficult. No one likes the situation here, because it is a waste of time at school during the day. So let’s say, Japanese schools don’t exam students, but tons of after-schools DO!
Vivek Gupta (20 days ago)
my favourite country japan
Phillip Woon (20 days ago)
Suicide rate is one of the highest, their population is shrinking. They were nuked so dem tun fool
alg11297 (20 days ago)
What do they teach them about Japan from 1935 to 1945? Do they still obey the Emperor? More important, if this is making Japanese kids creative where is the result? Do they develop anything? Are they encouraged to start their own companies? The uniforms gave me a laugh....although it's done in most Catholic schools around the world in Japan they are based on military uniforms. Just give us results.
Jeff Light (20 days ago)
Lived and taught in Japan: this is all BS. Don't believe just because somebody made something in Japan that it is widely used or even known about by the rest of Japan. And Japan's school doesn't develop creativity and character, it crushes it. They do start exams very young, and mercilessly teach to the test. School is all about conformity and regurgitation of facts, there is little to no speaking in class, students just listen to the teacher's lecture and do tons of homework. This video is incredibly ignorant.
Sahil 146 (20 days ago)
India have some similar things 😑
ACE School Karachi (21 days ago)
At Ace School Karachi we try to incorporate many of these rules.
Waage101 (21 days ago)
The music is so Chinese......
Justin Chen (22 days ago)
intelligence politeness and wellne
polaris polariS (23 days ago)
Why USA scools are not like that why😢😢
S. Gillespie (23 days ago)
Education in USA is a mess! Sometimes private schools are no better than public schools. Private schools are often a way for white adults to segregate their children from children of other nationalities - to continue to create and enforce false ideas of elitist attitudes and behaviors.
sneha rose sabu (24 days ago)
What do the other kids do if they don't go to college?
Carrot (25 days ago)
We don't get exams until year 9
Arun Shrivatsaa (26 days ago)
Last 5 things you have said in this is video is followed in Indian schools too. But we need the system better than this in India.
Eva Hricová (26 days ago)
2:36 For those who were waiting for the bonus
interpol-01 (27 days ago)
The problem With that video is they don't explain you the dark side of that education system. Anyway majority of these Kids will finish to work fu...100 hours a week With no normal social life and finaly commit suicide.
MD NAYEM (28 days ago)
I love kids.So i suggest to learn download it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nayemuzzaman.education.learning
Bulooo Mister (28 days ago)
Foreigner can't distinguish the differences between Chinese and Japanese LOL
Mr Legend (28 days ago)
In our country the school is about 6hr and 15 minutes
In India we give kids exams when they reach grade 1
Antonio Lim (1 month ago)
Ideal education...hmmm...affordable, accessible, quality and one that actually have jobs waiting after you finish at your area or immediate locale...(just as an add on...an education that will allow you to perform a legal employable trade skill even if you quit at elementary level would be ideal)
Mimisviews (1 month ago)
We also (South Africa) dont have exams until kids are in grade 3 and why does the school year start in April? Ours begin in January.
I am in India and here also have school uniform.
Death Eater (1 month ago)
The fckin music is chinese
Shea Roberts (1 month ago)
Wrong. They take tests even before elementary school.
Derrick McAdoo (1 month ago)
This sounds like Chinese music? I'm an American, so I could be wrong
Manbob Enterprises (1 month ago)
No Anyone with solution to this? 1 k j m E.g take b2 we will have k,j,j,m etc the same will have k,m,j,m then c will have k,k,j,m etc 2 j m k take c2(b) we will have kjjm the same will have k,m,j,m then c will have kkjm etc 3 j k m one letter k generates 3 options, the second the same when we get to row 2 the same 4 m k j bearing in mind the letters the options generated by the column from 1 to 4 must differ even if I what to go up to 100. which branch of maths is this?
Japanese culture and values are so inspiring to see. Im from the UK, and basic respect and manners are terrible in recemt years.
Marix Mars (1 month ago)
I live in Kurdistan of Iraq, the education is really nothing here, totally NOTHING, and the worst thing is.. just a grade which is 12th grade is the most important grade that determines your future by the exams that u gonna take at 12, they just want from you to memorize, actually there is nothing called (learning), if you learn too in exam it’s not a good thing to use for passing, but if you memorize its another thing. There are thousands of students who were good at other grades but because of the stress that the community creates makes that student to get a very low mark and degree, another important thing is some of the students when they see their low marks, they end up by SUICIDE, see how the education is... and also forgot to say I have suffered through days to get 8 exams just for one day, or having 2 exams of the SAME subject in a day, and also if you finish university those things it does not mean oh really come u can work, NO, YOU MUST SIT IN YOUR ROOM AND CANT BE THE THING THAT YOU STUDIED FOR, FOR SEVERAL YEARS
Shivam Maurya (1 month ago)
Ooooh my god, totally mind blowing education technique for indians or pakistani
LATEST FACTZ (1 month ago)
Our indian education system is best becoz they focus on students better future ...Manners are taught to them at home only by parents so no need to teach them much at school ...
karry sasfoot (1 month ago)
Wow.....American needs to teach morals and integrity in school. The kids need to learn how to handle emotional problems. Not put celebrity's on a pedestal . Learn to be comfortable in their own skin.
Quyen Pham (1 month ago)
At 08:49' with caption: "Japanese people call this period A 'vacation' before work' is photo of a group of Vietnamese students in font of the Hanoi Literature Temple, not Japanese. Lol
Orange (1 month ago)
which school system is worse: germany (1) or USA (2)? i personaly think both are realy realy bad 😂. in both countrys its like we have teachers from yesterday, that use schooling method's from ere-yesterday. its like we are stuck with windows 97 in a time with Ubuntu.
ForestBudgie123 ! (1 month ago)
This actually is disgusting put some kids to clean like they are teacher's slaves Learn 8 hours and after school lessons is way too much In my country kids stay 4, 5,or 6 hours i. School and not much kids go to after school lessons Homework is like in between 3 and 1 hours Here they have a exam every 2 years to see how good are they are at math and Romanian They also learn english italian or french And at 4 th grade they have a exam where they have to write a composition and talk about different topics Only 50 to 75% Finnish the exam I know the kids in Romania don't have high graduate rate but it is enough and school is not Havehighgradestosurvive They also don have uniforms Instead of adopting this overdumb Japan school system I prefer the finnish school system 🤔
cat eve375 (1 month ago)
single test to determine future is the worst thing ever??????? It isn't fact. It's possible to take a university entrance examination examination every year.
Sunita Sharma (1 month ago)
In India the schools begins in 1st April same as japan
Subham Joydhar (1 month ago)
In India, the education system has similar things like uniform...lunch (for upto class 8)..along with moral teachings and the cultural heritage of India.. But our country's education system still lacks in many statistics for being a good education system...
Sandhya Thapliyal (1 month ago)
Snow Angel (1 month ago)
we have 4 major exams to determine our level of academic performance at age 12, 15, 17, and 19. what's more significant to development is to have many different schools that accommodate and focus on different talents and interests. Students should be vetted by age 12 by their interest and aptitude in learning. Age 17 or 19 is just wasting time and torturing those who are force to perform and got stressed out and suicidal.
Lourdes Marrero (1 month ago)
Is a beautiful culture, but as everything has its negative side, suicidal , since they have very high expectations, also they are not procreating.
Peipei123 (1 month ago)
Chinese music with Japanese education....it nicely demonstrated that most smart part of Japanese is let all the western people believe that all this tea,flower, bamboo, houses style even some culture which they steal from old China become themselves' culture when China slowly went down during last 200years....and pretend they are most special people in the world in react they are most fake and unhappy people in their own life....
Steven Lee (1 month ago)
In the U.S you have exams until the 11th grade.
Cristian Santiago (1 month ago)
Wish I was born in japan
Sirry Kr (1 month ago)
I once heard that Japan has the highest rate of suicides among children and teenagers because of its educational systems pressure. Not that this video mentioned that particular point nor did it mention how unnatural pressure in childhood can lead to sever problems in adulthood.
to die for (1 month ago)
Disgusting orientalism using chinese music for japanese video.
Bruno Legazpi (1 month ago)
Japan should teach basic English to prep school, like here in Philippines since the day one, we are being taught how to speak basic English.
In India its almost the same collage life and the uniform stuff but one test doesn't decides the future...
sanju Nair (1 month ago)
Sagar Rathore (1 month ago)
My county sucks in terms education system .Only marks so we are educated n unemployed after a college degree
bebi kalita (1 month ago)
Natalie Walters (2 months ago)
Us Americans do have a lot of issyes, but we are still one of the richest countries in the world and have a lot of good schools as well.
Natalie Walters (2 months ago)
Very unique cultural . I’d love to visit but not live there. Homes are very small and compacted together . There are like no houses that are like here in the US and having your own land you can forget it. A lot of Japanese have apartments that are tiny.
Nguyen Huong (2 months ago)
Thank for your video. It's useful. But the picture at N0#10 is about The students in The Temple of Literature (Văn Miếu), Viet Nam. You can see the girls in Ao dai, Vietnam traditional costume. Is there any concern here?
Sasi Dharan (2 months ago)
Studies are little part of our life and enjoying the life is more important than studying 24 hrs a day... Life is short !
Theajus Thomas (2 months ago)
If it was in my country... Students cleaning toilet next day the school will be closed and streaming in channels😂😂😂
Theajus Thomas (2 months ago)
In my country kids are taught how to jump over others shoulders and to achive what ever irrespective of others in the school..........
AR AH (2 months ago)
Very Very intresting.. but there are so much differences to our culture.. nice to know these intresting informations. Japan is very nice in many things.
Sibabrata Bandyopadhyay (2 months ago)
I think this is fake.
Fabian S (2 months ago)
Now wonder why japanese is the best ever.

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