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How to Write a Letter of Complaint

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Watch more How to Write a Letter videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/92204-How-to-Write-a-Letter-of-Complaint They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so if you’ve had a bad experience with a company, use your mightiest weapon to get satisfaction! Step 1: Go straight to the top Address your letter to the company’s CEO. His secretary will likely forward it to customer service with a personal note, sending your complaint to the top of the pile. In fact, research has found that this trick can triple your chances of a successful outcome. Step 2: Include back-up State the problem and include any back-up materials, such as a sales receipt or any previous correspondence. This will show that you are a serious person who will not be ignored until your complaint is resolved. Tip In addition to your address and phone number, include your email address for a speedy response. Step 3: Be specific State exactly what the company can do to keep you as a customer, whether it’s a refund, store credit, or a replacement. If all you do is complain, chances are all you’ll get back by way of apology is a form letter. Tip Include a reasonable date by which you expect to have a response--two weeks is fair. This will reduce the chances your complaint will land in someone’s to-do-whenever pile. Step 4: Talk up your loyalty If you’re a longtime customer, say so! (And even if you aren’t, it doesn’t hurt to fudge a bit.) Companies do not want to lose loyal customers. Tip Research shows that colorful words like 'appalled,' 'stunned,' or 'shocked,' get better results than quieter ones like 'upset.' Just don’t use more than three of these words, or you’ll end up sounding hostile. Step 5: Make a vague, veiled threat Hint--in a polite, friendly way--what will happen if they don’t make things up to you. For example, say, 'I am surprised that no one has complained yet about your customer service in the online reviews I’ve read' to imply is that you might just add a disgruntled account. Step 6: Keep it short Keep your letter short and to the point. Studies show that after about a page, or 200 words, people lose interest--and sympathy! Step 7: Spell check Don’t forget to spell check your letter. Misspellings make the reader perceive you as unintelligent, which may make them not take your complaint as seriously. Step 8: End on a positive note End by thanking the person 'in advance' for resolving the matter. Did You Know? Transportation services, like planes and trains, receive the most consumer complaints, according to a survey of professional online complaint services.
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Text Comments (31)
Andrea Patane (2 months ago)
I’ve been taught on how to write letters of complaint back in high 🏫. Everyone needs help with ✍🏻 these documents these days.
camilla de vivenot (7 months ago)
Writing letters doesn't resolve anything you just get threatned
Herta Schnapp (1 year ago)
*Where can I find paper writing service?*
Fancie Slee (1 year ago)
Ordered at http://essay.v6f.all-about.in . I enjoy this writer's work very much! I hope each time I need an essay done, this writer will be available.
ScarHydreigon87 (2 years ago)
This'll help me with my letter to Riot Games to do something about their rules regarding leaving LoL matches
BCHS Publications (2 years ago)
I have found that humor makes me less threatening. Often the business makes better reparations than I requested.
saville (3 years ago)
poo ha ha ....................
Lifelike Baby Momma (3 years ago)
this video is really helpful. I'm planning to write a complaint letter to petco and I did not know where to start. thanks howcast. I will update this comment on whether the tips worked or not
Eucalyptus Tree (5 years ago)
here's another easier approach step 1: grab paper step 2: complain
The7thOne (6 years ago)
Sharon DiDio (10 months ago)
My complaint is with LL Bean. They changed their policy. Returned merchandise is now at the discretion of Customer Service. On June 7, 2018, I attempted to return a pair of "Wicked Slippers." One of the slippers were torn at the seam where the leather meets the sole. The claimed it was wear and tear. My wife has never worn them outside the house, and has another pair which she wore intermittently. They refused to accept the return, even though it was a manufacture defect. We never had a problem paying their inflated prices, because they always backed up their merchandise; no longer the case. Sorry, LLBean, we're shopping elsewhere from now on. J.D., FL.
DrPillowPaper (6 years ago)
aj lamotte (6 years ago)
Ha! U now got a reply on a 3 minute old comment xD
Mr Mellow (1 year ago)
aj lamotte I wouldn’t call it 3 minutes
DrPillowPaper (6 years ago)
I can't believe I got a reply on a 3 year old comment lol.
aj lamotte (6 years ago)
TREYTON KING (7 years ago)
the pen is mightier than the sword but not mightier than the gun
Hung Tran (7 years ago)
i'd just call in Naplam strike that bitch
misanthropicbyday (7 years ago)
Dear: CEO *spits on paper* sincerely, Me
tfontana63 (8 years ago)
A pen is mighiter than the sword, then they use a typewriter? Seriously, who owns a typewriter? A pen writting letter using a real pen might get some attention.
chocomocha (8 years ago)
@bks1366 LOL
Nidonemo (9 years ago)
@SirFelix377 I would say no. First, if you destroy the CEO, you have a good chance of never getting the reparations you asked for, as the company will be in too much chaos to even consider your complaint, or the complaints of others. Plus they will be quite angry with you. Second, you will most likely receive a visit from one, if not one hundred police officers, hungry for your arrest.
kandikorn (9 years ago)
LOL @ the spellcheck
Xbox360Gamer112 (9 years ago)
so slow
DrPillowPaper (9 years ago)
i'm going to write a complaint letter to the makers of this video
Aweshumness (9 years ago)
lol you're right but NO CUSS WORDS
cutiepiedev (9 years ago)
I like your way the best. lol
lilowoof (9 years ago)
Just get a piece of paper and type, write ect. : FUCK YOU!!! Of cource, that's the non-serious and easy way out.
manskirt (9 years ago)
they used this along time ago they dont use it anymore
Chanman (9 years ago)
its called a typewriter i used one in preschool
rorkimaru (9 years ago)
Whats the name of that thing she used to write the letter. It was cool, it printed directly onto the paper as you typed instead of having a screen!

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