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[Hindi]How Mobile Apps Make Money?💰

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You might have used Hundreds of Apps in your Smartphone but Ever thought how do these Apps make Money?Checkout this Video to know how...... For more awesome Business videos, click here to subscribe- https://goo.gl/feR2v3 Smartphone(Camera) I use- http://fkrt.it/us0y7!NNNN Stay connected with Business Block at; Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BusinessBlockPage/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/business_block/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/Business_Block Google Plus- https://plus.google.com/109642995027385576089 About:Business Block is a YouTube channel where you will find most videos related to Business and also some videos related to Entrepreneurship.New video is uploaded Regularly!
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Text Comments (54)
Navjot Kaur (2 days ago)
Keep it up
Yash Nagayach (7 days ago)
Awesome explanation brother... Keep it up! Can you tell me which software you use to edit your videos?
Business Block (6 days ago)
Wondershare Filmora
Gravity Falls Studio (24 days ago)
what is your age ??
Gravity Falls Studio (21 days ago)
i am 12 : )
Business Block (21 days ago)
I'm 17 :)
Bhojpuri Status (1 month ago)
Acha video banata ho
Bhojpuri Status (1 month ago)
Thanks bhi
Life Lessons (1 month ago)
Nice video..crisp and clear..can I get your whatsap no
Business Block (1 month ago)
DM me on Instagram @ronitmangnani
Bhai dream11 kse kmata h es pe video bnao..
Concept clear (2 months ago)
thanks dost
anything (3 months ago)
kaphi acchi knowledge hai app ke bare me 😊😊😊
Jack Gupt (3 months ago)
Apne yha games banti hai kiya ya apps banti hai kiya bro muje bahot sare ideas aate hai ki main aisa game banao banao yani bana kar lu acche grafic wala to bahot paise lagte hai kiya pls ans agar apan kuch game idea soche aor bane baad us se kamae kaise deep topic banao na bhai
Business Block (3 months ago)
Mein koi Game ya App developer nhi Hun, so zyada idea nhi hai :-/
ayush bharti (4 months ago)
Oye technical guruji ka copy
partik Kulyal (4 months ago)
1 app bnane mai kitna pesa lgta hai
Business Block (4 months ago)
I'm not an app developer so I don't know much about the costs :-/
Ninad Dongare (7 months ago)
U look very younger! Whats ur age?
Ninad Dongare (7 months ago)
In case of free apps, is it necessary that the app user must click on the ad then only developer will earn money?
Ninad Dongare (7 months ago)
Okay bro!! Thanks fpr reply 😊👍
Business Block (7 months ago)
No, the developer can earn money just by 'Impressions' also. But yes, if the user 'Clicks' on the Ad, then more money is earned as compared to just Impressions.
mohd nadeem (8 months ago)
How whatsapp make money??
Business Block (8 months ago)
As of now, it just helps Facebook in knowing more about the users and has no kind of 'Business Model'. In future, it might develop a Business Model and earn Money around In-App Purchases, Selling Stickers, Promoted/Advertised WhatsApp messages, Bulk messages, etc.
Rajeev Kumar (9 months ago)
but how much money they can earn ? which basis they give the money i mean add provider.
Business Block (9 months ago)
Rajeev Kumar It depends on the number of people which use that app. As, more users of the app results in more Impressions of Ads. And, more Ad Impressions=More Money💰
JASWANT SINGH (11 months ago)
Bhai kai apps me add hoti hi nhi vo kaise paisa kamati hai
piyush bairagi (6 months ago)
Kuch apps me nhi hoti hai to fir kese kamati h???
Business Block (11 months ago)
+JASWANT SINGH Ho sakta hai ki un apps mein In-App Purchases ho
Akash jaiswal (11 months ago)
Kya aapne koi app banaye h ....agar ha to kon sa
Business Block (11 months ago)
+Akash jaiswal Nhi Nhi, Mujhe App Development Nahin Aati😅
Akash jaiswal (11 months ago)
App kaise banta h???? Play store me add kaise hota h
Business Block (11 months ago)
+Akash jaiswal App banaane ke liye Android Development sikhni hoti Hai aur fir "Android Studio" Software mein Coding Karke app ko Develop Karna hota Hai fir Play Store pe Publish Kar Sakte Hain 👍
Hacking tips by Ashish (11 months ago)
Bro ye watsapp aur viber to ads nahi dekhata hai fir kaise billion dollar ki kamai karta hai
Business Block (11 months ago)
+Hacking tips by Ashish For that, Watch this Video_ https://youtu.be/LhRgp9P6cP4
Har Pal Khushi (1 year ago)
How to make app??
Business Block (1 year ago)
+Har Pal Khushi For that, you need to Learn Android Development which I don't know;-)
Ritu Banikya (1 year ago)
junior technical guruji
Ritu Banikya (1 year ago)
ok bro keep it up...👍
Business Block (1 year ago)
+Ritu Banikya I'm from Ahmedabad👍
Ritu Banikya (1 year ago)
kaha se ho bro?
Business Block (1 year ago)
+Ritu Banikya 😁❤️;-)
Shekhar Jadhav (1 year ago)
Good speaking command like gaurav Technical Guruji. keep it up...
Business Block (1 year ago)
+Shekhar Jadhav Yes, Rightly Observed!!! Also, I'm Planning a Collaboration with Him which I can't Promise but most Probably it'll be in a Month or So!!!✌️
more more facts (1 year ago)
nice Bhai keepit
Business Block (1 year ago)
Comment your favorite App.... Is it Paid or Free?
Business Block (6 months ago)
Technical Jayendra (6 months ago)
Business Block oohhh.... Khare godhara avjo bhai hahahaha hu tya no j 6u Fb Id apo bhai??
Business Block (6 months ago)
Technical Jayendra (6 months ago)
Business Block Hii bro Ahmadabad se ho kya???
mohd nadeem (8 months ago)
How whatsapp make money??

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