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11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

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We learn things throughout our entire lives, but we still don’t know everything because we forget a lot of information. Bright Side will tell you about 11 simple memorizing tips that will help you remember everything and improve your memory. TIMESTAMPS Why we forget things 1:04 How to remember everything 2:00 How to memorize something quickly 2:30 How to memorize something for a long time 3:20 Try to understand what you learn 4:17 Learn the most necessary information 5:11 Serial position effect 5:45 Interference theory 6:06 Learn opposite things 7:22 Build your own «mind palace» 7:22 Use «nail words» 8:19 Make up stories 8:40 Use a tape recorder 9:10 Visualize 9:51 Choose only the best materials 9:59 SUMMARY - Your brain is like a hard drive — the space is limited. Remember Sherlock Holmes? He couldn’t name all the planets of the Solar system — this was not because he missed school or something like that, but because he was too smart to have such irrelevant information in his memory. He deliberately erased facts he would never need. This is what your brain does: it protects you from overloading with information. That’s why all new data is stored in the short-term memory, not the long-term one. So, if you don’t repeat it or use it, you forget it very quickly. A German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus researched the memory and its mechanisms. He described the Forgetting Curve which shows that just one hour after learning something new we forget more than half of the learned information. One day later we remember only about 30% percent. Well, you see where this is going. - There is a memorization technique called «Spaced repetition». To keep some information in your head for a longer time, you need to try to put it into your long-term memory. Forced memorization is not very effective in this case because your brain can’t make sense of the information quickly and form strong associations. Here it all depends on the reason why you are learning something. - To memorize something quickly, repeat the information right after learning it. The second repetition should be after 15-20 minutes. You don’t need to return to the information between repetitions — just rest and do something different. Let your brain relax. Repeat the learned material the third time after 6-8 hours. And you should have the final repetition 24 hours after the first contact with the information. Do you know any other memorizing tips? If yes, share them in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (5842)
Anthonia Madufor (22 minutes ago)
Yeah! Study less and remember all. Don't over Labour your brain, one at a time
WOLFIE GURL (2 hours ago)
Thanks, it helped me a lot. My exams are next week.
Anonymous alien (5 hours ago)
We tend to forget anything which is useless and has nothing to do with our life. That's why our brain stores life experiences such as first time on a roller coaster, first visit to a zoo, worst and best dreams, bad life experiences etc
edna anna vilot (5 hours ago)
Some memory tips : 1) As soon as you finish your reading ,try to teach it yourself or to others ( hears weird but works.) 2) write that piece of information as you finished learning in your own words. 3) try improving memory using apps in play store 4) I personally & strongly recommend using the app called " quizlet " which really work wonder in your studies.
Lea Cortez (6 hours ago)
how to wake up early and not being late for school?
Saira Rahim (9 hours ago)
I hope this helps thx a lot
Jea Jeizen (12 hours ago)
I wanna use these tips but I keep on forgetting it
Aria Fire (15 hours ago)
I’ve been searching for a video with help for memorization because I have a science test tomorrow and I need to remember 22 vocabulary words and their definitions. IM FREAKING OUT
Zain Ali Joyo (18 hours ago)
Why i always watch this video every year????
Alex Uzumaki (21 hours ago)
Sorry wrong video
Godsway Ofori (23 hours ago)
Good, 99%
Astro Fastwood (1 day ago)
Tomorrow is our exam...
Lucas (1 day ago)
Who’s here before a test for math?
George Masih (1 day ago)
I had only 1 night to study for...... Not 1, not 2, not 3.... But 4 exams
Imane BELFADIL (1 day ago)
Thank you it is so helpful
Momo Aguiar (1 day ago)
The tips start at 4:12
Vichet Teacher (1 day ago)
good imformation
TapeGhoul Nightcore (2 days ago)
My sister was too smart to remember what date it was yesterday
"Remember Sherlock Holmes? " Um no not really. I forgot
Drio Gaming (3 days ago)
The periodic test on all subjects will take place next week plus I dont have any notes and I'm failing hilariously 😂😂😂😂
Abelard Maria Agnelli (3 days ago)
Is it necessary to include 'than others' in the title?
MUNDO DE JORNAL (3 days ago)
Very nice i like to much!
Manjula Manjula (4 days ago)
Tomorrow is my exam.....chemistry...
giveaway guys (5 days ago)
Make a movie related to what you are learning and then u will remember it
Trace Wilson (5 days ago)
say it outloud
Jasdeep Kaur (5 days ago)
The Asylum (5 days ago)
*OK................................I have a ques................one of my friend ...........read only for a hour ......or less thn a hr......and always score ........ .............. .70-80% easily how................WHILE.....HE SPEND MOST OF HIS TIME IN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES..................*
húmá çh (5 days ago)
I cant learn lesson quickly plz tell me wht should I do?? I cant understand wht u say😢😢😢
boquiren joan (5 days ago)
tomorrow is my midterm exam. wish me luck!!
Marzia Mun (5 days ago)
High Power Solution (5 days ago)
News:three chimpanzees escaped from the zoo 1 was caught watching TV another was playing football the third one was caught reading these txtmessage
Mahmoud Sherif (6 days ago)
It starts at 1:59 :)
shahab khan (6 days ago)
make a song of it
Nehemiah Narzary (6 days ago)
Tomorrow MBBS 1ST YEAR pCt exam.
Ravindra Gurram (6 days ago)
All these doesn't work
vanilla kpop (8 days ago)
I left three days for my Alevel law exam...i will try tomorrow 😫😫 thank you so much!
Shazam 1st (8 days ago)
If you want to memorize tell someone to point a gun at you and an hour timer The adrenaline rush will help you memorize
I really should just study instead of watching this..
Pawan Yadav (10 days ago)
Kbhi kbhi chutiypa lagta h inki memory bana lo bc minimum 30 que hote h ek chp m 10 chap hote on an avg let say 250 que mtlb 250 story banau ... Avg 5 sub ...itni story hat gandu
zita gus (10 days ago)
I liked when you sad we forgot what we don't undrestand because we juste remember the order of words not the meaning of what we study
Kid Potato (11 days ago)
I know something from a LONNNNNNNNG time ago at Disneyland when I was 3
IDOL CONG (11 days ago)
Im gonna Repeat this video to memorize it
sceptile darkrai (11 days ago)
90% ideas I already know
Marshmallow Cream (12 days ago)
*5th repetition AFTER 2-3 MONTHS*....(😨when u only have a day left to study😂)
Rihanna Crafts (12 days ago)
Memorize tip 1 watch bright side vedios😅😅😅😅
warnford (13 days ago)
god this is all a bit clunky ....
Mohsin Zayn (13 days ago)
Black Side 😂😂😂
Regina R. A (13 days ago)
I think I saw Justin Bieber at 7:09
cute unicorn (14 days ago)
its tommorow our sript!!!
TECHNOLOGY TCN (14 days ago)
dont only memories the words meaning to remember when you are interested. on the topic you memories faster welcome
Walter White (14 days ago)
loni352 (15 days ago)
Gyani Baba (15 days ago)
#BrightSide tell me which music did you use in this video?
Gyani Baba (15 days ago)
watch at 9:00
Gyani Baba (15 days ago)
Reyaz Mohideen (15 days ago)
Salah salam
Jimela Dora Kialo (15 days ago)
Education Psychology Study Skills for Examination Preparation
Abhibanda Geologist (15 days ago)
Thank you Bright side . You are best adviser for me
Moonlight Mona (15 days ago)
Just cheat
Yuna Tamang (15 days ago)
My brain doesn't like to study:)
Rajina Bista (16 days ago)
Thanks a lot it was very helpful 😘😘
siriyala krishna (16 days ago)
It's can be help so much thanks sir
Secretpm Pntpalm (16 days ago)
I have lots of exam every weeks. Thank you for this video.
Fury Boii (16 days ago)
oskari lepisto (16 days ago)
What do you think? NO WHAT DOES YOUR BRAIN THINK YOU THE BRAIN are you the brain or is the brain you
My brain is only 64GB
Robertson Orku (17 days ago)
THANKS . i am going to try it
Bill 457 (17 days ago)
Bad boys rush our you girls but vilot goes wild silver an gold Its the color code for resisters brown black red orange etc My electric shop teacher taught us that when I was in 10th grade I am in my 50s now still remember it wow
Ayat Namira (17 days ago)
Oh [email protected],one thing that I do is save a video of youtube in offline accordingly my subject and keep watching the video,when I am in anyplace and doing nothing.By this way my preparation becomes done too.Isnt it awesome,a kinda!? xD!
bigdima3 (18 days ago)
Nail and hammer? Jesus Christ.
arianne_ nyrle (18 days ago)
for me, when i study in math subject, the methods easily go to my brain but i forget it a year later
Captain CC (18 days ago)
I made a psychology video
syedamaimoona kouser (18 days ago)
How to remember the whole syllabus in a day before exam??
Sapna Saha (18 days ago)
2 hours left for exam..but am buzy blogging
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
Hats off to you....😂
fantastic life (18 days ago)
Dominos channel (18 days ago)
Joshua Tenerife (18 days ago)
Deborah Tenerife
R Lakshmy (18 days ago)
create a sentence or an achremny
Cheska Limson (18 days ago)
Who's watching this video to memorize a lot of information for your exam?
Regina R. A (13 days ago)
Alexandr Brinzan (15 days ago)
Nope i do it for a poem😁😁😁😁
Ivana Claire (16 days ago)
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
Me me.... I was actually watching crash course of computer...and suddenly this video popped up 😂
Bibbin Joseph (18 days ago)
For 5:13 What if the whole chapter isthe most important???......lol
sue suez (18 days ago)
8:50 i always do that n it helps ... Try tht .
MAHA NATI (19 days ago)
Tmrw I'm having an exam
Hasnain Nasir (19 days ago)
Tomorrow is my test for medical colg 😞😞😑😑😑☹☹☹
Simon Oxid (19 days ago)
i remember something i did when i was like 2-3 years old and i am 13 years old now
ABC ABC (8 days ago)
Yeah everyone sometimes like remember random things you did 10 years ago
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
Your not the only one... Plus I don't need any special methods to memorize knowledge... Except from my books 😅
Tonette Vhong (19 days ago)
How to memorize? Leave youtube and start memorizing!😂😂
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
Better one.. BURN YOUR PHONE That'll even put your mums mind in peace 😂
Khyle Malto (20 days ago)
I've got perfect score in all subjects
Averil Tallack (20 days ago)
Memorise something quickly: this should take about 24
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
True 😂
Blythe Anne (20 days ago)
I often rely to my stock knowledge 😂😂😂
Blythe Anne (20 days ago)
I prefer studying before exam so i can remember them 😂
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
True true true... If I learn them a week or month ago... I'm fairly going to forget it... Specially sst 😂
Blythe Anne (20 days ago)
I mean right before the exam
Spark Network (20 days ago)
MY TIP: 1. Visualizing the Information and creating a Subject of it. Even if it is not related to it. 2. Making The information More Shorter n Shorter using Visualization, Alphabets, Numbers, Pics.
ItzLen Ganes (21 days ago)
Tomorrow is my exam, GOTTO KEEP THIS TRICK!!!
Techno Amj (21 days ago)
Enjoying studies
Shanty Maharjan (21 days ago)
1 hour for the exam
Paul Asabre (21 days ago)
9:09 use a tape recorder 🤣🤣🤣wow how old is he ?! 70
Royal Digital Media (14 days ago)
Record your voice, in other words.
Manshi Goyal (18 days ago)
I think he's is much younger then you ROLF 😂
『』 (21 days ago)
i agree with you on your tip no.4 before i take my exams i often use my classmates to my story while connecting it to our lessons
MARIELLE_ DE LUNA (23 days ago)
Thx on the tips bright side my exam is tomorrow pls wish me luck😁🇵🇭
STUDY ALL (23 days ago)
Zk official (23 days ago)
It's work
Stone crusher Boldy (23 days ago)
Mine's easier just forget everything you won't need most of them right.
Ginu Varghese (23 days ago)
tips starts at 4:10

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