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VIGGLE. My Favorite Money Making App

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Here is 2 ways that I like to earn with Viggle. I use this app as a major part of my perk routine. link to Henry's FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/896723117171714/?multi_permalinks=1019436334900391&notif_id=1534009524024918&notif_t=group_activity perk code 76b6ef05
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Jim Moss (6 days ago)
Sweet bro I'm learning a lot from you and ready to start soon as I can save enough to buy like 20 cheap usable phones and get everything set up . Thanks for all the info and great content!...
Marks tech Channel (16 days ago)
Big chungus please
David chavez (29 days ago)
Is viggie TV faster to get points? Then perk tv
Cristian Orellana (1 month ago)
i have one perk accound verefied cause i send them my ID so now they keep paying me well.. please tell me what i have to do for starting a second account i want create with my girlfriend ID
foxman362 (3 months ago)
5 device limit does that include going on viggle tv running on the web site?
Clayeater99 (2 months ago)
You probably shouldn't use more than 1 - 3 at a time.
foxman362 (3 months ago)
I'm starting out i don't have many phones it's works good on old android phones.
KIA& Swagø (3 months ago)
How much you make with perk all together
ImWatchingYew (4 months ago)
So i tested viggle with one device and played the titanic after 1 and 30 mins it stopped showing ads......
ImWatchingYew (4 months ago)
so we not watching movies just ADS? how these companies benefits from these lmao...
Peter F. Wolf (4 months ago)
What does 10dollars/day mean? Is that means that/account? So can you make like 100bucks out of it per day?
7 Spectrums (4 months ago)
U could run auto clicker to run non passive apps passively and efficiently
tay milton (5 months ago)
i have 4 phone
Cheybot j (5 months ago)
Sup fellow farmers, hey @tech hustler, I just realized that your phones are indicating "Airplane" mode,. I thought they don't work that way! What's the difference?
Dawg Thecat (5 months ago)
Here's my list of viggle movies Long shows and movies http://www.vulture.com/2016/11/best-movies-over-three-hours-long.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest_films https://www.imdb.com/list/ls059901198/ https://www.imdb.com/list/ls009646116/ https://www.ranker.com/list/long-movies/anncasano
set boi (5 months ago)
I use to run viggle on my iPhone.
Jay Dykes (5 months ago)
perk fucked me over yo
JustICE (5 months ago)
WOW what a nice move the longest one!!!! loved it but how much can I make with 5 devices runs viggle 24H a day? *running smooth* but haven't tried 5 devices.
Clayeater99 (4 months ago)
Yeah i mean at the very least you should run 5..
Alpha (4 months ago)
I had people tell me on reddit that they was banned with 5 devices but they probaby was trolling...thx for the info
Clayeater99 (4 months ago)
no one gets banned with 5 devices.. and really there isn't a device limit.. just dont earn too much money per hour
Alpha (4 months ago)
Clayeater99 do u still run 50 devices on viggle? Some peope say they been banned with 5 some say they ran 20 and been fine
Clayeater99 (4 months ago)
Probably $1.50 - $2.00 a day
DAS PL (5 months ago)
How much device limit in viggle?
Fellow Nine year old. (1 month ago)
+Adithya anand subscribe to pewdiepie for the answers to all your questions.
Adithya anand (5 months ago)
Ciays bro can i use this on India and make money??? Pls suggest me the best apps that pay in India pls
Clayeater99 (5 months ago)
Black Lightning (5 months ago)
Ciays I got suspended using 24 phones. is there some type of software your using that keeps you from getting detected
CH AMIR (5 months ago)
Hey mr tech hustler do you know whats going on with more tv time app?? I dont see it anymore in the playstore?
CH AMIR (5 months ago)
Ciays damn it!!!! Figures...
Clayeater99 (5 months ago)
that app is dead.
RJV Farm (5 months ago)
Personally I run 15 phones on 1 account $8-10 a day :) cheers
Clayeater99 (7 days ago)
+David chavez dont do more then 5 phones per account.
David chavez (28 days ago)
Can I get banned if I do 10 phones
David chavez (28 days ago)
Is there a limit?
Cristian Orellana (1 month ago)
15 on viggle
Rich Homie Mozay (5 months ago)
I use 85 phones on Viggle I use the movie “gone with the wind” it runs 4hrs I make like $60-$65 a day with no problems cashing out PayPal
Vldimir Ivanovic (23 days ago)
Have situation changed with viggle, do you still mine, have you upgraded your farm? Also, how many accounts do I need for 50 phones, you you create a new account for every single one? Do you run it on same ip adress? Thanks in advance :)
KIA& Swagø (3 months ago)
+John Smith that's just with one app you don't know how many apps or website's he's using learn to think outside the box
KIA& Swagø (3 months ago)
+Underrated Farms personally I think Paypal is a amazing way to revice cash it's safe and free easy to use and plus 99% of apps and website we use they pay Thur PayPal
KIA& Swagø (3 months ago)
For real u got 2 accounts
ThexthSurvivor (4 months ago)
Rich Homie Mozay Interesting. I've heard quite a bit of people saying that if you use more than 5 devices on any Perk app that you risk getting banned. That, and if you try to email them after getting banned that they won't respond to you. Supposedly only happens if you're making more than $12 a day. For your 85 phones, are they all for the same email/account? And are they on the same IP address? Same movie at the same time on all 85 phones?
O.J: Made in America is almost 8 hours long and works on viggle so pretty long
IOSGAMING CASH Tech (5 months ago)
SwagoB BANK'N (5 months ago)
Why dont u have a rollie chair
Tech Hustler (5 months ago)
I do
Robert Gates (5 months ago)
you weren't logged in to viggle website, what's up with that?
Tech Hustler (5 months ago)
That's my personal computer
Mr. Oktober (5 months ago)
Perk TV Live went too trash i took it off ALL my phones
Mr. Oktober (5 months ago)
Viggle is a go to app most def
Black Lightning (5 months ago)
I'm been running 16 phones on viggle and I'm usually making $6/day
David chavez (6 days ago)
+Clayeater99 same ip address? Can I keep making new accounts once I make over 600$ each account
Clayeater99 (11 days ago)
+David chavez i run 2 accounts. i now make on average $20 a day. (10 per account)
David chavez (11 days ago)
+Clayeater99 I thought its 10$ per day have you gotten banned?
Clayeater99 (2 months ago)
+Zzzzluc you dont buy service. you just run them through wifi
Zzzzluc (2 months ago)
Do you buy phones cheap? I'm assuming you don't need to pay for service or you wouldn't make money.
John Jara (5 months ago)
Like this Viggle video. Anything from the Perk family is good!!! Keep on Perking and making that money!!! Thanks!!!
lextech 98 (5 months ago)
First👌🏽.Right now I'm running 3 phones on viggle. running centennial, titanic and reds.And Cleopatra runs for 5hrs.
Shayan Malik (23 days ago)
Lextech Dear tell me plz Can i do this work from Pakistan Or not Plz reply
Carry Raul (25 days ago)
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Cristian Orellana (1 month ago)
you are running 3 viggle and 5 for the other apps
Evelyn Barrios (2 months ago)
How much do you make a day?
lextech 98 (5 months ago)
SwagoBe BANK'N Will do👍🏼

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