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Toshiba Fire TV Edition 50" 4k TV Review | Everything You Need to Know

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Toshiba Fire TV Edition 50 inch 4k TV Review, Everything You Need to Know! It's a 4k Smart TV from Toshiba that has a Fire TV built in! You can do anything that you could do on a Firestick or Fire TV without the need for any devices being plugged into it, or having the need to own a Fire TV separately. It's amazing because I only have one chord hooked up to the TV and that is just the power cable...which gets rid of the tangled mess of wires that was once behind my TV. The TV in the video is the 50 inch version, if you want to check out the other sizes and read some more about the TV here are the affiliate links (Amazon): 43" : https://amzn.to/2yjhJtk 50" : https://amzn.to/2y8Cwkn 55" : https://amzn.to/2IHUoXm
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NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Here is the exact models on amazon... *50":* https://amzn.to/2y8Cwkn *43" :* https://amzn.to/2yjhJtk *55" :* https://amzn.to/2IHUoXm
Dylan Embrick (52 minutes ago)
How do you change the resolution? Haven’t had any luck. If I hold the home button then press info when watching a show, it says 720p. Trying to get it to 4K since it’s a 4K tv.
Christian 15 (2 days ago)
We just bought a 4k TV with fire tv built in to watch while on the treadmill. We are not hooking up to cable just using the fire tv apps. I know I can't achieve 4k over wifi. Our home has google fiber gigabit internet. I have an apple airport extreme router near the treadmill. Will I achieve 4k if I connect a 20 foot cat 5 or 6 cable from the tv to that router?
SpideyMarioSonicFan#1 (3 days ago)
Hey I’m getting the 49 inch one what screwdriver should I use for the tv stand?
adam mcilmoyle (5 days ago)
I have a sylvania 4k tv with no hdr should I stick with it or get a samsung 4k tv with UHD or this tv? For my ps4 pro?
E K (6 days ago)
Hey would you know of any cast apps that are free and also add free.. using air screen ATM.. but filled with ads
Maria Esquivel (6 days ago)
Can u do smart view from your phone?
Juan Maldonado (6 days ago)
How can i watch fire tv.
Jeffery Shepherd (12 days ago)
I have directv hooked up to this tv, when I change channels, the picture disappear but I can still here the sound. Anyone have or had this problem?
ANGEL VLOGZ LDZ (13 days ago)
hi friend i have a question has screen mirroring and what video formats does it support on USB?
Dan Marriner (16 days ago)
Just picked up one of these a few days ago. Haven't used it that much yet but I was wondering if I have to manually turn on the 4K/HDR myself or is all that stuff automatic? Sorry, I'm really new to this kind of stuff.
R F (16 days ago)
I have 2 other smart tvs in the house and when I hit the podcast icon in my utube from my phone, those tvs automatically come up as an option to podcast to. Did not have to do anything, actually discovered it by mistake. This new toshiba tv will not do that. It has a utube app you can get thru Amazon for free but you can't get an Amazon acct without entering a credit card. I don't want utube on my tv, i have favorites, playlists, etc already on my phone and just want to podcast. I will not be using Netflix, alexa...all of that is worthless to me. How do get my phone to podcast? Or should i buy a simpler smart tv?
Jean Minnow (17 days ago)
How do you screen mirror
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
No Screen Mirroring technology is built-in on these models. I would recommend using a HDMI Google Chrome Cast Dongle. (Inexpensive)
SeeNoEvL65 (17 days ago)
I just bought the 50 inch, does it have motion interpolation? (Soap opera effect)
John Chisholm (18 days ago)
To state a point with consequences that may not be obvious to all - operating system is based on Fire TV and set is not suitable for those with no interest in becoming friends with Alexa. That would include a 94 year old mother-in-law. First clue was lack of number pad on remote.
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
Voice Assistance in built-in on the Remote to replace additional buttons. A learning curve will be required to learn the simple voice commands with Amazon's Alexa
Henry Harris (20 days ago)
could you jailbreak this TV and put kodi on it?
NextTimeTech (20 days ago)
Yes you can
robo the animator (20 days ago)
Dude you should have went to bestbuy it's 130 dollars
robo the animator (20 days ago)
32 inch but we live different states so different best buys and my best buy is super big and has a lot of gaming PC and TV and futuristic stuff but this TV was 130 for me
Ash Gemini (20 days ago)
I just checked, it said $250 for the 43 inch model, that’s why I was asking which one is the $130 one?
robo the animator (20 days ago)
At best buy I just said it
Ash Gemini (20 days ago)
Julio Amez (21 days ago)
I wanna download more apps but it asks for a credit card and I don't have one please help I bought a insignia one with fire tv
E K (6 days ago)
I used my regular bank card.. in Canada...
SeeNoEvL65 (17 days ago)
Is the picture good? How well does it perform in a dark room
Ayo Austin (21 days ago)
Lol how can you forget about Alexa
Kingchaching Adams (21 days ago)
I accidentally put it on basic mode how do you get the full experience mode?
John Petros Servidad (8 days ago)
Or you can just simply link your Amazon account (if you have one) under settings.
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
You have to do a factory reset to default under settings. Settings>Device and Software>Reset to Factory Default.
AJ Borelli (22 days ago)
So I have an important question. I have the Insignia version but it also have Amazon Fire. I noticed something when he's on the home screen it looks the same way mine does. Its splotchy. Like certain areas of the screen are dark black and discolored. Is that just the way the Amazon Fire homescreen is?
Jessica Fowler (24 days ago)
How do I connect my Bluetooth? I’ve tried looking online and still can’t figure it out. I have the 32in. I just want to hook my iPhone up to it.
NextTimeTech (23 days ago)
Rahul (24 days ago)
+NextTimeTech Does it have dual band wifi like 2.4 and 5 ghz ?
NextTimeTech (24 days ago)
To connect something using Bluetooth, it is in the settings under the "Controllers & Bluetooth" option If you're trying to connect your iPhone to use it as a remote/keyboard then just download the Fire TV app from the appstore. If you're trying to use the TVs speakers to play something like music from your iPhone you wont be able to do that. What you can do is, on certain apps such as YouTube and Netflix there is a button for "Screen Casting" it is usually a square with a little WiFi signal on it, that will allow you to connect to the TV and "cast" videos from your phone to watch and listen to them on the TV. Hope that helps a little
Shawn Thompson (26 days ago)
How can I hook up a cable box to this TV?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
What type of cable connection are you planning to use?
steve586586 (21 days ago)
I used one of the HDMI ports.
Maxxmentum (28 days ago)
Hey great review thank you,, how is the black contrast in dark scenes?
Milad Samie (28 days ago)
Hi. Does this tv support mirroring? Can one mirror their computer screen on the tv?
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
screen mirroring out of the box is not supported on these models, i would recommend going with a Samsung Smart TV or any other brand name. I simply use an HDMI Google Chrome Cast dongle to mirror my images from my smartphone device. Works pretty good
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
Yes as long as your computer is directly connected to IT through HDMI cable.
Boiling Ramen (30 days ago)
There was a review on a amazon tv that said there were a lot of adds. Does this affect anything if you are just going to use it for playing games on consoles
Boiling Ramen (28 days ago)
NextTimeTech thx
NextTimeTech (29 days ago)
I haven't noticed any ads other than on the home page they promote some amazon shows and stuff like that When you plug in a gaming console it'll be just like a regular tv
TheJacknife14 (30 days ago)
Do the fire TV's force you to pay any fees?
NextTimeTech (30 days ago)
No you don't have to pay any fees Unless you want amazon prime
Ninja GameZ (1 month ago)
If a TV has a feature for extra memory does that mean it's compatible for online use?
Wola (1 month ago)
Can you use the the bell fibe app
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
Absolutely yes, as long as you have a subscription account with Bell.
Aubrey Congdon (1 month ago)
I got a 32' one on amazon
gotica76 (1 month ago)
No have the option in the tv
gotica76 (1 month ago)
How connect mirroring
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
If you want screen mirroring out of the box, i would recommend going with a Samsung Smart TV or any other brand name. I simply use an HDMI Google Chrome Cast dongle to mirror my images from my smartphone device. Works pretty good
Javan Bahramov (1 month ago)
How to use this smart TV without Alexa in a regular way, because of the user's age
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
Users of this TV are able to bypass it by using a Logitech Harmony Hub which by the way works great with Amazon's Alexa A/i devices. Currently on sale as of January 6th, 2018. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/ybzjs8jq
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
You don't need to use Alexa you can just use the remote control like a normal tv
Cynthia Lyman (1 month ago)
Hi. I just recently bought the 43" to replace my previous Toshiba with Chromecast built in. I'm looking to block ads on this device. Can you help? Thanks.
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
You probably must have selected Store Use Mode instead of clicking continue from the first time set up. You have to do a factory reset to default under settings.
Mark David (1 month ago)
Does this TV offer Display Mirroring like the TV Stick does? Thanks for the Review!
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
Try a Google Chrome Cast Dongle, this works great
NextTimeTech (21 days ago)
It doesn't mirror the entire iPhone screen you can only cast videos to the tv using the cast button on the YouTube app, it's like a square with a WiFi signal coming off it
AlpacaTeaParty (21 days ago)
Does a IPhone allow for mirroring? I want to stream YouTube from my phone to the tv.
NextTimeTech (21 days ago)
Yeah you can screen cast from your phone to the tv like you normally could on the firestick
ReD ReaVeR (1 month ago)
Can I plug in my hard drive and read my music and movies?
James Stone (1 month ago)
Do you have to have wifi for it
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
All these models listed on this channel have Internet Connectivity using either Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet port
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
You don't have to. It's entirely up to you if you don't wanna connect it. You can still use this TV as a regular one.
missalyss (1 month ago)
So I’m wondering how you set up voice control through your echo instead of using the remote with this tv.. It’s said to be possible but I can’t find any info
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
I have not figured out that feature as of yet, however I bypassed it by using my Logitech Harmony Hub which by the way works great with Amazon's Alexa A/i devices. Currently on sale as of January 6th, 2018. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/ybzjs8jq
David Williams (1 month ago)
How do you get alexa to work with Smart Home devices?
Aaron Garcia (1 month ago)
You do the setup on the Alexa app on your phone.
Brian Elling (1 month ago)
If you or anyone else can answer this I would be grateful. I tried to use a "flash drive" ( USB mounting style ) or "memory stick with an "MP4" file on it and can't find out how to access it in any menu option. So I found a thing in the menus that tells me how much memory is left on the flash drive, but I have no way to access the content on that drive. Can anyone tell me how to access it? AND so I "formatted " the drive. I used the function on the T.V. to format the flash drive now ( I knew this would happen ) the movie is gone. When I mount the flash drive back to my PC my pc does not even register that the flash drive is inserted, What is the deal?
Brian Elling (1 month ago)
+NextTimeTech Thanks for the information. I copied the mp4 from my pc so I still have a copy :- ) Should it (with the vlc player installed) just start? I can't find an option to even "open" media from the flash drive. Or do I have to open the VLC player first? And thanks for the answer you have earned a follow for that sir! Oh and one last question if you will Will VLC play files from a 1TB external drive? It plays off my pc with VLC player straight from 1TB external. (if you don't know I understand) that is a very specific question.
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
If you want to play an MP4 file from a USB Drive, you can do that by getting the VLC Media Player app right on the fire TV's app store and yeah anytime you format a drive it'll erase the data on that drive, if it was really important to you you could try some of the data recovery software out there...as for your PC not recognizing the drive anymore here is a link that has a bunch of possible solutions to that : https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/usb-device-not-recognized/
harrisdawg69 (1 month ago)
Does this TV not have screen mirroring????
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
If you want screen mirroring out of the box, i would recommend going with a Samsung Smart TV or any other brand name. I simply use an HDMI Google Chrome Cast dongle to mirror my images from my smartphone device. Works pretty good
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
No it doesn't.
KzKay (1 month ago)
They may be a very stupid question but how do I change the channel on regular analog
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
I believe the up and down arrow keys
Dennis Kuykendall (1 month ago)
Is there a way to browse the internet with this tv ?
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Yes you can download the Firefox app or the Silk Browser app
Kit Phoutasen (1 month ago)
I can’t get this tv to connect to my echo dot. Anybody know how?
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
You can also bypass it by using a Logitech Harmony Hub which by the way works great with Amazon's Alexa A/i devices. Currently on sale as of January 6th, 2018. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/ybzjs8jq
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
First is, you have to download the Fire TV app.
Jesse Chavez (1 month ago)
I'm having trouble connecting the tv via hdmi to my computer. There is "no signal" even thought its connected correctly and I've extended display on windows. Anyone figure out how to get your tv to read your computer ?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
Try to replace the HDMI cable see if it does the same thing.
Slow Cheetah (1 month ago)
Jesse Chavez only compatible with Mac
Discount Finder DF4U (1 month ago)
You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 "Arrives before Christmas". Shop now :) https://amzn.to/2RzYYdu
Gao Xiong (1 month ago)
How do i search on prime video or even when i want to get and app?
Jack DaRapper (1 month ago)
Just got the 55 inch
Sharks Fan81hj (1 month ago)
Jack DaRapper getting my 50 inch this Christmas Eve can’t wait to see the difference I have a dynex 34 inch tv
al bryant (1 month ago)
for the life of me i cant find where to change the picture or sound like a remote would have in the menu HELP !
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Hold down the home button, and a little menu will appear in the right hand side of the TV and you can quickly change some of those settings there
warddan2002 (1 month ago)
I am looking for a "tv" to be used in a conference room at work. Main function would be to be able to have my computer screen show up on the tv. So, I'm having a meeting and want to a PowerPoint presentation . Can this tv do that? Can I do it wirelessly? Do I need an HDMI cable hooked to tv and my laptop? Any answers would be very helpful. Thx
warddan2002 (1 month ago)
Thank you.
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Yeah pretty much any TV with an HDMI port could do that just fine, simply plug the hdmi cable into your laptop and then into the TV, switch the source to whichever HDMI port you plugged into and you're good to go There are wireless HDMI adapters but they're extremely expensive
trvnquility (1 month ago)
Do I need a *Prime* account to use Fire TV? Or am I able to use my non-prime, standard Amazon account?
trvnquility (1 month ago)
+NextTimeTech Awesome. Thank you so much for answering quickly!
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Its not required to have Amazon Prime, you can still use with a regular amazon account, just cant use the amazon prime specific apps (like prime movies, etc.)
Jason Roussin (1 month ago)
How is sound?
Jorge Cabrera (1 month ago)
Sounds really good! In I have mine at 7-9 cuz it’s pretty loud has double speakers built in
Jason Roussin (1 month ago)
+NextTimeTech lol
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Sound is good, luckily didn't have to get a sound bar, the internal speakers work great, and can also go EXTREMELY loud! I have to keep it around volume 4 or 5 out of 100 for normal stuff, I once set it to volume 100 and I almost died haha
Carol Bowers (1 month ago)
got mine on Monday 50 in. 399 awesome.
Carol Bowers (1 month ago)
how to make the picture full screen.
JOHNS GAMING (1 month ago)
How do I connect my Xbox to it without using HDMI
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Do you mean like an old Xbox 360 Cause the Xbox Ones only have HDMI I don't know another way of connecting them other than that The 360 would connect via the composite jacks (the red white and yellow ports)
Taylor Pinyan (1 month ago)
Does sling tv work with this tv?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
It should.
Discount Finder DF4U (1 month ago)
You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 "Arrives before Christmas". Shop now :) https://amzn.to/2RzYYdu Follow us on our page and u can find more details . thank you
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
I don't see why not, I haven't used sling tv before though
downcastvermin0 (1 month ago)
Anyone know the best picture settings for this TV?
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Personal preference I guess, also depends on what you're watching/doing You can hold the home button and get a side panel that appears where you can mess with some of the picture settings or choose from some presets
Theotis James (1 month ago)
If I have Xbox one is that too old or will it lag with my old Xbox?
Aviron Gitlall (1 month ago)
Does it have youtube?
Valdrin Behluli (1 month ago)
Hey buddy, just got this in the 55" today. When I go to my regular cable tv that I have linked thru HDMI 1, I am unable to get the full screen when I watch, its only partial and boxed off with borders on all four sides, am I able to get a full screen with HD when im watching my regular tv channels?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
When you're on a live channel press and hold the Home button until the quick settings Menu comes up on right side of the screen and go to Display and select Picture Size.
foredimples529 (1 month ago)
+KC House Finder I went to display & Sounds then display settings then I selected the hdmi that I wanted to adjust then under picture size I chose full. Hope that helps.
KC House Finder (1 month ago)
+foredimples529 What setting did you select. I am having the same problem. Going through Display setting but no change on full screen display
Carol Bowers (1 month ago)
I am having the same problem.
foredimples529 (1 month ago)
I had that issue too and went in to settings to display settings and under picture size you will be able to adjust it. Hope that helps
Sy Nur (1 month ago)
Will bluetooth headphones work on the tv?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
It may or may not. It's not a guarantee. BT Headphones are not specifically designed for TV's.
Smuk Plays (1 month ago)
Does this tv need to be hooked up to the internet at all times to be able to use it?
Carol Bowers (1 month ago)
I use wifi
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
No just to use the internet based apps and such, without WiFi you can just use it as a regular tv
Daniel Contreras (1 month ago)
Can u get kodi and jailbreak
J Kerestely (16 days ago)
Yes, enabling Kodi is possible with all these TV models listed on this channle with Toshiba. You just need a tutorial to set it up. Usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes
Discount Finder DF4U (1 month ago)
You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 "Arrives before Christmas". Shop now :) https://amzn.to/2RzYYdu Follow us on our page and u can find more details . thank you
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
You can do all the same stuff you could do on a regular fire stick
tim boomsma (1 month ago)
Can you program a different remote to control this TV? More specifically a TIVO remote?
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Yes a universal remote should be able to pair with this TV, but I haven't tried it myself
Copblock312 (1 month ago)
Ca. You install APK?
Copblock312 (1 month ago)
NextTimeTech thanks for the quick response bought the insignia 32” fire tv at Best Buy on Black Friday for $149
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Copblock312 yes definitely
Ahsan Shafiq (1 month ago)
I bought this one no app is working every time asking for payment any one can help
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Amazon makes you setup a payment option even if your download free apps It's just a one time setup you have to do So make sure there is a payment option attached to the amazon account you logged into If there is already one, I believe you have to setup something called "one-click payment option" It's just so that if you ever want to order a movie from then or get an app that costs money they know where to charge it
Joe Malham (1 month ago)
Thanks for info. Question: can you live stream without any additional hardware??
Zitro64 (17 days ago)
Joe Malham yes
alfalfafalafelmafia (1 month ago)
If you are using only a Roku stick, do you have to scroll down to the HDMI to get to Roku each time you turn on the TV?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
You don't really have to. Just to go the Settings>Display Sounds>Power on> and select Last Input.
Julio Amez (20 days ago)
martez752 (1 month ago)
can you pause live tv with a usb adaptor?
stone cold lance (1 month ago)
is this tv HDR 10? ALSO IS THIS TV 8 bit or 10 bit?
Julian Bigay (1 month ago)
Got one for $130 Black Friday👌
Julian Bigay (1 month ago)
Carlos Nuñez Yes it’s Very Clear Crisp Picture👍
Carlos Nuñez (1 month ago)
Does it works good with PS4?
Julian Bigay (1 month ago)
+Jdm Productions Best Buy in Pasadena California...
alfalfafalafelmafia (1 month ago)
+Ahsan Shafiq They say on their website "Out of Stock"
Ahsan Shafiq (1 month ago)
I bought this same $130 deal but app is not working every time asking payment please help
Dj Diddles (1 month ago)
Is there any delay when gaming? I've played on TVs where they're perfect and then I've played on TVs where they have a huge delay.
Jeanmarc Louis (27 days ago)
NextTimeTech I have an Xbox one x I was worried about getting it I had a Samsung 58” but my son broke it so now I’m thinking about getting this
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Right now I have an Xbox One S hooked up and I've played a lot of Black Ops 4 and Battlefield and it's great, there is no delay for me
Erik Saenz (1 month ago)
I bought the same type of tv except its insignia hopefully the picture looks great
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
As long as you're using an HDMI cable then picture should be fine.
Colin Stienke (2 months ago)
That's hit me they don't make anymore they only make the 43 the 55 in the 60 I think
Colin Stienke (2 months ago)
Just got one at Best Buy now $140 with tax 43 in Amazon Fire TV
Mason Geiman (1 month ago)
+onelife tolive It was 43"
onelife tolive (1 month ago)
What size?
Mason Geiman (1 month ago)
Yeah im so pissed i missed out, you guys think they'll have it for cybermonday?
Colin Stienke (1 month ago)
+Cole St. Jean no taxes thats great
Colin Stienke (2 months ago)
130 on black fraday
Mason Geiman (1 month ago)
+NextTimeTech its for the 43"
Colin Stienke (2 months ago)
+NextTimeTech no that's for the 43 inch version 4K
Carlos Garcia (2 months ago)
I have coxcable can i use it
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Carlos Garcia currently I do pay for Netflix, but not Hulu
Carlos Garcia (2 months ago)
+NextTimeTech do u pay for netfliz or hulu
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
Yes there is a port for that
Harsh Joshi (2 months ago)
Can you watch YouTube?
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
There an app called "Tube Videos" just search that up in the top left magnifying glass It's basically the YouTube app, just with a different name since they got rid of the official one
Karen Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Cole St. Jean ok thanks. Will check now
Cole St. Jean (1 month ago)
+Karen Gonzalez yes I knew this, however, on mine it allows me to stream YouTube using the internet app and there is a shortcut called "youtube.com" all of this was made for me when i searched for youtube as i recall.
Karen Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Cole St. Jean I tried that and no luck... I was reading on google apparently google and amazon have problems between each other so youtube was removed
newbie101 (2 months ago)
Can you download apps from the apps store or sideload apps? tks
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
Yes you can side load apps using the downloaded app from the App Store
Turcotte Karine (2 months ago)
Is there the crave tv app and Spotify?
Carlos Luis Bracho (1 month ago)
Turcotte Karine yes you can download spotify. Works great. Dunno about the other one
A Lazy Gamer (2 months ago)
Will this work with the xbox one x? As inplay games in 4k?
Rickyfffff (1 month ago)
A Lazy Gamer it’s not a bad tv by any means with all the features you’re getting. Obviously there are better looking TVs but for this price plus all the features it’s really hard to beat
A Lazy Gamer (2 months ago)
Rickyfffff really? I asked my friend who works at Best Buy and he said it’s a bad tv. Now idk
Rickyfffff (2 months ago)
Yup just got mine today
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
Yeah definitely
Nikko G (2 months ago)
Is this better than the TCL 4 series?
radio tech (1 month ago)
Nikko G yes
Karan Seth (2 months ago)
does this tv have game mode?
ocrushjam (1 month ago)
Karan Seth yes it does
Jesse (2 months ago)
Is it good for gaming?
Aaron Garcia (1 month ago)
What’s the motion rate?
Discount Finder DF4U (1 month ago)
You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 "Arrives before Christmas". Shop now :) https://amzn.to/2RzYYdu
Jorge Cabrera (1 month ago)
Jesse yeah gotta set it too game mode for no delay on when shooting in shooting games made it feel amazing
NextTimeTech (1 month ago)
Jesse , yeah right now I got an Xbox One S hooked up and its great
iFailedPreK (1 month ago)
Gaudy Arce (2 months ago)
Esta edicion trae la.aplicacion. youtube. ?
Alexander Chavez (1 month ago)
Donna Collins (2 months ago)
Can you jail break
mike m (6 days ago)
Yes. Use es file explorer to sideload
Monish Meher (1 month ago)
+Izak Robles To sideload apps like Kodi and normal andriod TV apps
Izak Robles (1 month ago)
What does that even mean I mean Yea ik what it means, but y would you jailbreak your TV?? 😂😂😂😂
InsidiousTv (2 months ago)
Is there any way for me to access the internet and watch any of my favorite shows and episodes like Disney xD, CNN, Cartoon Network etc.?
Dvonte Thornton (2 months ago)
InsidiousTv yes u can jailbreak thursday its $130
InsidiousTv (2 months ago)
Please respond. Black Friday is coming up
gonzalo perez (2 months ago)
A tip in Latinoamérica come with Android tv not fire tv
Jamea Sims (2 months ago)
Do you have to have a Amazon prime account to use it?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
Rickyfffff (2 months ago)
007 (2 months ago)
Hey, just wondering whats the storage capacity for this TV?
Carlos Jim (28 days ago)
+NextTimeTech can you point me to the direction of where to find a video on how to expand memory or how to do it I'm not to tech savvy but interested in knowing the steps to expand memory??
Carlos Luis Bracho (1 month ago)
Just purchased the 55” yesterday and comes with 4gb
007 (2 months ago)
+NextTimeTech thanks for the info
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
It comes with 8GB for some of the basic apps that you'll download, but using the USB port you can plug in hard drives and SD Cards (using a USB SD card reader) to expand the memory
Brian Flesher (2 months ago)
Can I go directly to the TV without seeing the Home page?
John Petros Servidad (17 days ago)
Yes as long as the software of your TV is up to date. If so, you go to Settings>Display Sounds>Power on>Last Input. Then you have to head over back to Home page and click the Input source (e.g HDMI 1,2,3 or AV Input) then turn the TV off and cut it back on immediately.
Victor Sandoval (2 months ago)
Can I use Alexa as a remote speaker? I am planning to buy Echo subwoofer and this tv but I want to be sure that I can use alexa as speaker from the tv.
Victor Sandoval (2 months ago)
+NextTimeTech I bought it and it doesn´t work, Alexa could connect the first day but aftere that the quality of the audio was bad and right now I can´t connect both devices, I reboot both and still doesn´t work.
Victor Sandoval (2 months ago)
+NextTimeTech Thank you very much!
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
Yes! you can connect them through Bluetooth in the settings on the TV
Shay Armstrong (2 months ago)
Work @ Amazon and just won this same TV...hooked it up today and love it!!!
Peter Schmolze (3 months ago)
Thanks for this! Do you know if you can turn off the tv, turn up the volume and switch inputs by using an echo that is paired with the TV? So without using the remote, I could say 'Alexa, turn up the volume' or 'Alexa, switch to input 3'.
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
Yes you can turn it on in the Alexa Settings on the TV
B B Mi Numero (3 months ago)
Can it do wireless connecto to my phone? As in can i hook up my iphone screen and view it on the tv
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
You can "cast" certain apps from your phone to the tv , like YouTube videos and other things likes that, but you can't mirror the entire screen like you can on the Apple TV
Demarcus Shoulders (3 months ago)
Does the tv have a YouTube app?
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
The sound is good quality and can get really loud if you want it to, no need for a sound bar..atleast for me And yeah you can use the "cast" button in the YouTube app and it'll play it on your TV
Demarcus Shoulders (3 months ago)
NextTimeTech ok thank u. Also is the sound decent and could I use my YouTube from my phone to the tv?
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Yeah there is an app called "Tube" and it is the YouTube app now that everyone uses since amazon removed the actual YouTube app from their App Store It works exactly the same as the original YouTube app, no differences
Rexctz (3 months ago)
I’m getting a 1080p 32 inch and it’s HD so it should be good for a console shouldn’t it?
NextTimeTech (2 months ago)
That's a great deal if you can get one, definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion
Khriš Fx (2 months ago)
So the 43in version with fire tv will cost $130 at bestbuy for Black Friday. Is this tv good for gaming consoles? I have a tlc Roku that Is a 32” 720p so is it worth of an upgrade?
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
Yeah it'll work just fine Most games aren't in 4K anyway so 1080p is all you need
Brandon Copeland (3 months ago)
Which would you recommend? Toshiba or Insignia? I've had a 1080p Insignia for a year or 2 and it's pretty good but now that I'm upgrading to a bigger size, 4K, and smart TV I'm trying to decide between the Toshiba Fire Edition and the Insignia Fire Edition
Venom (2 months ago)
Did you buy one of those Tv yet?
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
actually they're a tiny bit different with the placement of ports and such but other than that I'm sure theyre very similiar
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
I think they are identical, I looked at the pictures of the insignia ones vs the Toshiba model and they seem to be the same exact tv, and same price too. They probably both buy in bulk from the same manufacturer and then brand their names on it
Brandon Copeland (3 months ago)
So with the Live TV through the antenna, can you set schedules for reminders to watch shows and is there any sort of DVR option? I've gotten so use to using Kodi for new episodes I havent watched Live TV in about a year or 2, but with the antenna I know it will be a lot less complicated.
Discount Finder DF4U (1 month ago)
You Can guys now buy Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4k TV , Free Shipping + Save up to 15% off and save $50 "Arrives before Christmas". Shop now :) https://amzn.to/2RzYYdu Follow us on our page and u can find more details . thank you
NextTimeTech (3 months ago)
I don't think there is a way to set reminders for certain shows when using a tv antenna, and in order to DVR shows, Amazon just came out with something called the "Fire TV Recast" which is kinda expensive but it lets you record shows like you would be able to do on a regular tv box Also as for your question on HDR, on the TVs sales page on Amazon it does say "This TV is HDR-Compatible" but on the box itself it doesn't say anything about it

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