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Amazing CNC Machine Metal Cutting

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Text Comments (124)
2013DArt (6 days ago)
звук таковой будто как будто подшипники развалились
Kenny Stroner (17 days ago)
Anyone notice the coolant turned off at 3:40 as it did those deep angle cuts. Even in a couple other spots. That being said. The part came out pretty damn beautiful. Nice job!
Gurdev Singh (19 days ago)
Amazing video thanks
Vse trolli mrazi (19 days ago)
1:30 Дым идёт это нехорошо, нужна смазка по другому резцы погубите !
Alejandro Lugo (21 days ago)
anybody care telling me why would CNC is better then casting??
عزت المصرى (23 days ago)
المتحدة للخراطة وتشغيل المعادن 01007675030
Henri Tuhola (1 month ago)
Is that gear good enough to be a gear?
ㅇㅇㅇ (1 month ago)
2:07학교에서 했던거다
Jimmy Thornton (1 month ago)
Ive begun my own campaign to damage anyone who uses clickbait. Down with the scourge
G-Code Tutor (1 month ago)
I never get bored of watching CNC Lathes do their stuff
Do Cobo (3 months ago)
First make hole and then the front, not like the video. Your tools increase the life.
Corto Maltese (3 months ago)
The way it was cutting teeth into the metal blew my fucking mind. That's so god damn cool.
Rameshwar Singh (3 months ago)
Good Kya bast hai CNC machining working nice
Que cosa fantastica es ver trabajar esas maquinas.
bob davis (4 months ago)
I saw a lil orange glow on that finish bore ... I think they need to check that ID before part off
al sa (4 months ago)
Very nice روعة جميل جدا
david wrighton (4 months ago)
some poor sod will now have to de-burr all that internal stuff by hand
david wrighton (4 months ago)
A finished thread prior to a rough bore---????????????/
dhy5342 (4 months ago)
Mechanical porn.
Andrew Lang (5 months ago)
One can only imagine what that gear hob goes for at McMaster or Sandvik
Carlos Oliveira (5 months ago)
Se eu pudesse e tivesse condições eu compraria uma máquina dessa muito bacana pra quem quer investir num bom negócio .
Tolga Tuna (5 months ago)
so beautiful thank you so much :)
Walli Walli (5 months ago)
Sir I'm cnc operator and D A E mechanical diploma holder .pleas give me chance in your Haas company..
papaike2 (5 months ago)
Is that a real part or just a demonstration to show different operation that it can do?
fetB (6 months ago)
shouldn't it be cooled if it already smokes?
Mick Carson (6 months ago)
Fantastic. I've never seen how they had splined the automotive shafts in the past.
# MBGA (6 months ago)
Was I just hypnotized?
maggs131 (6 months ago)
Ok what dafuq is it
Rusty Fordnuts (7 months ago)
Live tooling is amazing...
AD Urpina (7 months ago)
very nice video!
PietroBlayder (7 months ago)
Ruwan Madusanka (7 months ago)
nice worck ai am work c.n.c milling
Blurgamer 17 (7 months ago)
[Repeats final Clip's End to Hit 10 Minutes For AD-Revenue] *T H E R E A R E O T H E R W A Y S T O M A K E M O N E Y ! ! ! !*
fatur uri (7 months ago)
··Dark WOLF ·· (7 months ago)
Ваххххх! Мне таковой в гаражек требо.Через годик впк отдельных государств нервно курят в сторонке.
ivan molnar (7 months ago)
изымательство над станками вот будто это видео именуется
Edward Cabaniss (8 months ago)
Get rid of the fake soundtrack! It's obvious, tremendously annoying and it takes away from what is otherwise a good video.
Suresh Kumar (21 days ago)
Konsi category
sana ind (2 months ago)
Edward Cabaniss I think best quality cutting oil mix water 👍
McNasty 1304 (8 months ago)
that thread on the 6061 could have been done without a re thread.... switch to a full profile insert......pre turn and leave stock for the thread insert to do all the work to create the thread, and you can deburr the lead if needed with the thread tool, unless it calls for a certain angel then just recall the turn to deburr the lead.
eddy ajah (8 months ago)
it is just a programed machine, I did it at 17 years old.
Sa Hoang (8 months ago)
Sa Hoang2 minutes ago2009 discovered  at US , Europe , UK , Asia and Africa 99.999999% Machine Shops make FAKE parts for laundry a lot  of moneys . All of them behead surely .
Baptiste Picard (8 months ago)
Mouth wage monitor uqxqqon which ring terrible plant off failure lock slide.
bowow59 (9 months ago)
what's up with the sound man? sux
luca giunta (9 months ago)
Is mazak first machine?
Bobby Vincent (9 months ago)
It's like magic. Amazing stuff. Where do you think they get the android blood from?
Radzio (9 months ago)
John H (9 months ago)
Not happy click bait. Waste of data credits.
Jon Armstrong (9 months ago)
Sub spindle without a sub turret is a waste of money. One spindle is always doing nothing, and not making money.
Lokanje Loka (9 months ago)
Why am i watching this 1am in the morning?
Herp Derpington (7 months ago)
Because watching it at 1am in the afternoon would break time.
Lonard Kalan (9 months ago)
Lokanje Loka I don't know?
Yusuf Can (10 months ago)
wow ! this's amazing
me999 (10 months ago)
Would be interesting to know what that piece with the grooves and holes is for
SebTsch (10 months ago)
Try not to get satisfied challenge! 99,9 % will fail! XD
Subhash Chalapati (10 months ago)
where to buy this
Supriya Shambharkar (10 months ago)
❤the tool!👌 Btw what is that final product?
Jim C (3 months ago)
Ice cream maker
M Ayan (3 months ago)
Supriya Shambharkar J
Classe 2GS (10 months ago)
Classe 2GS (10 months ago)
Classe 2GS (10 months ago)
karim makhlouf (19 days ago)
karim makhlouf (19 days ago)
karim makhlouf (19 days ago)
Classe 2GS (10 months ago)
Just same like regaatony
Classe 2GS (10 months ago)
Insta Live (10 months ago)
you didn't show the final product
SimoWill75 (10 months ago)
Clickbait thumbnail - instant thumbs down
20tssmoke20 (6 months ago)
BURHAN SEZEN (10 months ago)
vayyyy fantastic
Espander (10 months ago)
But the thumbnail is not in the video!!!
jimhans1 (10 months ago)
Why overdub audio instead of just playing the live audio??
Jef6 Jef6 (2 days ago)
Because the actual sound will destroy your soul, be careful what you wish for, once heard can never be unheard.
Why do you want my name (3 months ago)
I'd rather hear shop sounds than music. If there was music I would have turned off the video about 30 seconds in.
Tim Hyatt (4 months ago)
wondered that too...it's like they reused the first 2 mins of audio on a loop through the whole thing.....
Miro Janjanin (10 months ago)
Umm yaa? I see this every day at work. Whats amazing?
Charlotte Grainger (2 months ago)
y u click on hte vid then
John Surina (8 months ago)
Where do you work? I'm actually really interested in getting into the machining industry.
Koga Master (8 months ago)
Miro Janjanin Not Exactly, It's Just New To Somebody
Jason Maneotis (10 months ago)
They never made the chess piece in the picture! Dislike for sure!
Gib Clark (10 months ago)
MaXcRiMe (10 months ago)
0:41 the piece looks like it's not moving because the camera isnt recording the intermediate frames, cool!
Brian Dellisanti (5 months ago)
MaXcRiMe /
James Davis (10 months ago)
Can you make a brass pinch-hitter? BATTER UP!!!!! hey batter SWING!!!
G H (10 months ago)
Never seen a hob live tool for a lathe before! Sweet!!
animalmother556x45 (10 months ago)
........Clickspring does it better
Chris Baer (10 months ago)
Is that a roller or live tooling. So awesome either way.
Asher Rose (10 months ago)
Mekratrig (10 months ago)
What is the material being worked for most of the vid, staignless steel? Was it a real functional piece of something or was it just to demo the CNC abilities.
Renville80 (1 month ago)
sana ind they probably slow down the program so the salesman can keep pace with the machine as the capabilities are explained.
sana ind (2 months ago)
Mekratrig material alminium ????? Slow programming 😟
C Hill (10 months ago)
It’s aluminum. My best guess is that it’s not a real functional part but rather a center piece of the machines abilities.
Ghklgh Kghkghk (10 months ago)
Michael O'Connor (10 months ago)
6061 aluminium
matttaylor817 (10 months ago)
what machine is that? looks just like the eurotech i run at work. sub spindle and live tooling.
Chris Baer (10 months ago)
Just about everybody make dual spindles these days. Check out emco and okuma. They are 2 different sides if the price range but both make a very nice product. I favor emco but that's the ?machine I learned on.
Ian Canuckistan (10 months ago)
There are quite a few manufacturers of twin spindle, y-axis transfer lathes. I worked on a pair of similar Mori Seiki lathes. They had twin turrets ant they also make a three turret model.
Mathias W. (10 months ago)
So beautiful
Biggy Hughes (10 months ago)
Would love to see this in slow motion
craazyy22 (5 months ago)
Enferny De Ecstase (10 months ago)
Biggy Hughes yeah me too
ramairgto72 (10 months ago)
NinjaRider777R I did that first thing, unfortunately it's not enough "frames" to enjoy. However, like 240p porn, you can still "enjoy" it.
NinjaRider777R (10 months ago)
Click the gear wheel in the lower right corner of the video, go to speed, set it to 0.25 and you'll have your slow motion.
ramairgto72 (10 months ago)
And what?
NTH Welding (10 months ago)
I fell asleep. Lol
Triumph750Bonneville (8 months ago)
That's because welders don't have the brain capacity to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds.
frederic thom (10 months ago)
if I were a bad man, I would sell my mother for this tool… and my sister if it is not enough . sometime , i regret to be nice ...
Koga Master (8 months ago)
cat luva Yeah !
cat luva (10 months ago)
Don't regret being nice. I'm sure your mom is an awesome person.
Itta Pupu (10 months ago)
you could probably get a clapped out old haas that would do this for maybe 3-5 grand.
Andras Andrassian (10 months ago)
Cnc is the most amazing !
Koga Master (8 months ago)
Andras Andrassian Yeah LMAO It's Costly Too 😂
Chris Coppersmith (10 months ago)
Andrew Thomson (10 months ago)
Chris Coppersmith Stranger Things?
All Electronics (11 months ago)
2nd comment!
Rishan (11 months ago)
First comment pin it:)

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