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Dante's Restaurant's Return on Investment

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We did do an ROI—return on investment analysis during the selection process. Basically, to me anything that returns on investment within a year is a good buy. I did the analysis; I calculated a return on investment of less than six months based on just—the biggest factor being if we could just reduce our turnover by 10% just by creating a better on boarding process for our applicants. If we could reduce our turnover by just 10%, the system would pay for itself within six months. I actually anticipate beating our ROI. We had originally planned on a six-month return on investment and I'm going to say that we'll probably be able to have a return on investment in four months or less depending on how quickly we can get all of our applicants—get rid of the old processes, get rid of the old paper applicants and get all of our applicants using the Taleo system or applying through the Taleo system. We've actually realized one new benefit from the system that we hadn't calculated into the return on investment, and that was the ability to put all of the new hire documentation, all the new hire forms, into the Taleo system so that when we hire a new person, we can send them all that paperwork—the W-4s and the I-9s and the employee handbook and all of those papers that you have to sign when you get hired. We now e-mail them all to somebody—to our new hires; we e-mail them out to the applicants.
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