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The role of human resources in your company || In Hindi ||self motivation

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I define Human Resources as a springboard to bring out everyone’s best across the company (not just me, or just you, or just the CEO, but everyone’s best). The foundation is rooted in systems, processes, and an environment that effectively enables HR to accelerate business strategy. if you like this video . you can like, share and subscribe our channel. Other Links (Job description of different post) ⏩mobile application developer job description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0rgK6UfxSI ⏩games developer job profile in organization https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NXrksD23fU ⏩bank PO job description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN-DCw9OF58 ⏩team leader job description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOQjX50kYGw ⏩petroleum engineer job description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n463nO9Hsk ⏩Marketing manager job description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7S6Ul7wNYc
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Text Comments (174)
Humble Music (6 days ago)
Sir HRM ka resume kasa banaya pls batana sir
Nooran Akhter (12 days ago)
H.R ka full from bataye
Thank you so much sir .I am studying MBA in HR so this video will help me a lot sir.
Self Motivation (12 days ago)
All the best
Surbhi Daryani (13 days ago)
Thanku very very much sir this will help me alot to clear my points about HRM.
Self Motivation (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/06php1S1e18 Watch this video ..it will also helpful for urself.
Self Motivation (13 days ago)
Welcome surbhi
Amreen Taj (16 days ago)
Thk u sir...
rakeshraj1386 (20 days ago)
Sir MPA 14 IGNOU regards video upload kare pls. Taki me video dekh kar tik say Jan sku
prolific hr (24 days ago)
We are an HR Consultancy located in Bangalore, trusted for our specialised services in talent acquisition, manpower outsourcing and training. We are a diverse group of HR professionals recognised by our clients for the perfection and expertise we bring to the table. The foundation of our services is in the pursuit of creating unique HR solutions that will facilitate our clients' success. https://www.prolifichr.com/
Swastik Diamond (25 days ago)
I want u ask u sir about hr management tools plz sand your conntect
shivam kumar (27 days ago)
Sir can u suggest some some basic book for HR management???
DEEP Ji (1 month ago)
plz share me HR Department knowledge
debalina roy (1 month ago)
NHM ya govt organisation pe HRM keya role hain ?
Self Motivation (1 month ago)
Pls Call me 9575020001
sameer mark (1 month ago)
Simple word
sameer mark (1 month ago)
HR comapny ka back bone hai
king Aj TECHNICAL (1 month ago)
Thanks sir
Self Motivation (1 month ago)
Syed Mujeeb Quadri (1 month ago)
Sir create video about c.s
Sandeep Kaur (2 months ago)
hi m dilraj someone plz send me quotation format.m new in my consltant bussiness.
Ritiz Ranjan (2 months ago)
Yaar tum pahle subscribe karne kyon kah rahe ho
Veronika Gamit (2 months ago)
Please upload HR related videos
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Veronika Gamit sure
Prince Gupta (2 months ago)
very good video
Nilima Mundari (2 months ago)
Thank you sir. Ek dam right.
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Prasad Rao (2 months ago)
Aapka number de dijiye sir
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Aayush Kumar (2 months ago)
Nice explanation sir but try to explain in more detail
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Jay Kishan (2 months ago)
Nice video Good details Thanks sir
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Navneet Roshan (2 months ago)
Lecture super...
sambozauk (2 months ago)
I own a recruitment company, and I can assure you that HR Departments are inefficient, the people do not understand what the company is looking for as most HR people are inexperienced and young. So they have a lack of communications abilities because most of them are young, and inexperience with the positions they are dealing with. This is not just the odd company, this is every company my company recruits into that has an HR Department. Inefficient, unskilled and a friggin massive aggravation when we are dealing with high end candidates, to have some inexperienced HR person dealing with it, means 3-4 weeks wait, lost candidates and lost revenue for my company. Seriously, YOU DO NOT NEED AN HR Department. You just need a quality recruitment company to manage your recruitment, because they know what they are doing. HR Assistants / Managers working in any company, bloody jobsworths the lot of you.
Rocky Lima (2 months ago)
Sir.HRD ka kam kya hota h ...plz mention karo. ..!!
Piyush Sharma (2 months ago)
Hotel Management karne ke baad MBA in hr krr sakte hai????
Self Motivation (6 days ago)
Aap sales and marketing, leadership aur team handling ka course
K. success is in you (6 days ago)
+Self Motivation business developer banne ke liye kon sa course kare plzz suggest
Self Motivation (6 days ago)
Business development manager ka work hota hai ki new clientes ko company me introduce karwaye jisse sales growth ho...
K. success is in you (6 days ago)
+Self Motivation Sir jo company me naye naye Clint lata hai us person ka kya post hota hai I mean business ko inhanse karta hai
Piyush Sharma (2 months ago)
Self Motivation ookk
vikash kumar (2 months ago)
thora speed me bolie sir😊😊3
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
vikash kumar next time...Sure
Muskan Shikakgar (2 months ago)
It's nice video I'm also studying HR now so it's helpful
Amreen Taj (16 days ago)
Can u say me what All u studied to become a HR... Thk u in advance...
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Muskan Shikakgar welcome..All the best m'am
SHIV KUMAR SHARMA (2 months ago)
Mere ko Karna MBA kon SA branch Sahi rahega
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Sales and marketing
mohammed yaseen (2 months ago)
Sir mujhe pata karna hai ki BBA Final year main kounsa option lena chaeye HR OR MARKETING ISME DONO MAIN SE KOUNSA BETTER TO CHOICE
Self Motivation (2 months ago)
Brother agar bahut paise kamana hai to aap marketing me ja sakte ho.
BW KI VINE (2 months ago)
Production and operation managment par video pr lav na bhai
Iqbal Ahmad (3 months ago)
Nice video sir HRM is best
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Thanks Brother
Pushkar Kumar (3 months ago)
very nice video thank you sir
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Pushkar Kumar welcome bhai
Pushkar Kumar (3 months ago)
aap ko bataye ki accounting Kya Hota Hai sir
Parvez Muzaffar (3 months ago)
Good Informations
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Thanks brother
Lovesidhu Sidhu (3 months ago)
Sir isma mathematics bhi krna padta ha course ma
Muskan Shikakgar (2 months ago)
Lovesidhu Sidhu no
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Lovesidhu Sidhu nahi sidhu ji
Preeti Vishwakarma (3 months ago)
thank u sir
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Preeti Vishwakarma welcome preeti
MD Habibur Rahman (3 months ago)
rahul singh (3 months ago)
BA ke bad kounsa studay kr sakte h acha sa jisase job thik mil jaye
rahul singh (3 months ago)
Thanks but jo B A kiya ho uske liye kounsa job hoga ya job milega jo ki achi job ho
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
bhai aap government exam ka preparation karo
rahul singh (3 months ago)
Sir hr k post k liye hame kyon sa statudy krna padey ga ya koun sa subject chuse krna h ki muje hr ki post mil jaye please give me solution
Self Motivation (3 months ago)
Bhai apki B.com karna hoga then aap MBA- HR ka sakte ho.uske bad aapko HR MANAGER ya Executive ka job mil jayega
Radhe Bhingewad (3 months ago)
Sir kya HR banane ke liy BA Karna padega ya B. Com
yadav rao (2 months ago)
Radhe Bhingewad kuch bhi kr skte ho... any graduate... but b. com is better than ba..
Santhosh WWIL (3 months ago)
excellent vedo
kodarma hetal (4 months ago)
Superb sir
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
Thanks madam
deepali singh (4 months ago)
Sir tourism Mai HRM ka Kya work hota hai please aap mujhe baata sakte hai
subrat jena (27 days ago)
Aur Tu bkl saalee block kaarane hai kya tere account
subrat jena (1 month ago)
Ladki dekhi nhi shuru ho gya
UHA UHA (4 months ago)
Harendra Bh (4 months ago)
NYC video sir, can you tell me sir, what is work of hr it recruiter, what is the responsibility is this profile.
Akansha Agarkar (4 months ago)
Thanks self motivation chenal
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
Welcome m'am !!!!
Darshan Gujrathi (4 months ago)
It's very good sir can you please give me your email id
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
Sakib Hussain (4 months ago)
Sir airport me HR ka kya kaam hota gaib
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
Sakib Hussain (4 months ago)
Sir bbut padeshan hun
Sakib Hussain (4 months ago)
Bola ka HR aapke under 12 staff rahnge
Sakib Hussain (4 months ago)
Self Motivation patna sir
Self Motivation (4 months ago)
waise aap kahan se belong karte hai ?
Master Zahid (5 months ago)
nice lecture sir ,
Pexitics Score (5 months ago)
Pexitics( https://pexitics.com/) is an unconventional HR Analytics firm that has built its own patented assessment platform that generates the PexiScore (https://pexiscore.com/). It is the engine that can power your HR teams with People Analytics and Advisory Services. CareerGraph (https://careergraph.pexiscore.com/) is a career guidance tool for students and freshers. Check out the sample report here :https://careergraph.pexiscore.com/inc... See testimonials here: https://careergraph.pexiscore.com/Tes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aryH83Gdt0U&t=9s
Anil Yadav (5 months ago)
I want hr job in jharsuguda city if any vacancy in jharsuguda pls help me 9178994972 I complete mba
Mahtab Alam (5 months ago)
Good sir
Self Motivation (5 months ago)
Thanks !!!!
Gaurav Kr (5 months ago)
what if manager bypass self assessment of the reporting employee at the end of year means ?
Teja Senapathi (5 months ago)
Really really nice sir.......
Self Motivation (5 months ago)
Teja Senapathi thanks !!!
Tushar Gohel (5 months ago)
Wow, very helpfull detail sir .
Dipak Rohit (5 months ago)
I want u ask u sir about different between HR manager and HR Executive
Raj Kumar Baliya (2 months ago)
Dipak Rohit first you become executive and after years of experience you will become manager. Hr executive is the base department of HR
Mukesh Hazam (5 months ago)
hello sir this is a good vedio
Mukesh Hazam (5 months ago)
nice vedio
Roli Singh (6 months ago)
Anuradha Rawat (6 months ago)
Thanx sir
Self Motivation (6 months ago)
welcome anuradha ji
lopamudra chhatoi (6 months ago)
thank you sir
Self Motivation (6 months ago)
Welcome chhatoi ji
Thajmul Hussain Hussain (6 months ago)
Hi sir.. HR give project work to employee to do ?
Chandan kumar (7 months ago)
Sir mai bhi MBA HR se karna chahta hu iske liye mujhe kya karna hoga mai BBA from Gorakhpur University ka student hu.
Self Motivation (7 months ago)
Chandan aapko wahan university Jake hi idea hoga.aur future scope bahut accha hai. Meri ray hai aap MBA-HR kijiye.
Emily jones (7 months ago)
Do you know your Team’s Culture? Right now, can you articulate it? Probably not. Then how do you hire for Cultural Fit? Humantelligence is the first company to solve this HUGE PROBLEM in “employee engagement”, “team performance”, and for recruiting and hiring for FIT! .. Take the test in 12 minutes, http://bit.ly/2iDbdH7 Talk to our expert live in a 12 min demo session. Click to Schedule Your Demo- http://bit.ly/2jJre1s
Musavi Syed (8 months ago)
Good sir
Self Motivation (7 months ago)
kush banna Singh Chouhan (7 months ago)
Good for studies
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
+Musavi Syed Thanks Musavi ji
Devendra Rathadia (8 months ago)
Good Video….. Check this The One Minute Manager : Book Summary It can also help us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXbcmG0-nDc
Pihu Princess (8 months ago)
hr kisi apprentice ko terminate kar sakta hai kya aur terminate k baad phir se apprentice KO exam mai baithne de sakta h kya jaldi batana plzz it's imp
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
welcome Aditi
Pihu Princess (8 months ago)
Self Motivation ohk thnx
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
+Aditi Sharma HR apne power ka upyog kar sakta hai. ye alag bat hai, ki senior problem karen to.
Pihu Princess (8 months ago)
Self Motivation agr hr chahe toh baith sakte hai ya uske upar b koi rehta hai
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
+Aditi Sharma M'am depand karta hai ki . Company ki HR policy kya hai . Normally nahi baithne nahi diya jata.
Gulshan Grover (8 months ago)
Very good information thanx
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
+Gulshan Grover Thanks Grover Ji
Shahid Dabhoya (8 months ago)
thanks you so much sir.. bohot knowled mila muje.. sukriya sir. me m.s.w kar raha hun.!
Self Motivation (8 months ago)
+Shahid Dabhoya Most welcome
TM Arun Kumar (8 months ago)
Ludha HRD is worst department in our world. Human Resource employers are Educated Fools they stick with experience not for education, hr management give job for experience not for education (banechod hr employers). Stupid human resources management even don't no which job have to give for MBA candidates in companies. Human resource employers only know sale and marketing jobs other jobs for their wifes and daughters. HR Employers not even suitable for beggars nails and fox dick, Hr management are equal to decomposing pigs dick in drainage assholes. So many unemployed people are sad because of stupid hr managements in all companies and no guarantee for job and no job security for innocent employers. Sex workers are better than hr management in all companies.
HR professional (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video, please upload more videos on HR manager and other higher position- their KRA's , how they can excel in their job etc.
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+HR professional https://youtu.be/3tf3kMAH6HY Job role of account manager
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+HR professional Must watch ... https://youtu.be/41bImmsW57c
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+HR professional sure sir & thanks for appreciation 🙏🙏🙏
Adil Ahmed (9 months ago)
Lecture super sir super voice good
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+Adil Ahmed thanks adil ji
Aashi Vikal (9 months ago)
its really appreciated👍
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+Aashi vikal thanks aashi ji
Self Motivation (9 months ago)
+Aashi vikal thanks a lot
Lisha Chawda (10 months ago)
Self Motivation (10 months ago)
+Lisha Chawda thanks lisha ji
Ram Swroop Shrivas (10 months ago)
Musavi Syed (8 months ago)
Self Motivation (10 months ago)
+Ram Swroop Shrivas Thanks sir
NEELIMA KUMAWAT (11 months ago)

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