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Fake Hurricane & Flood Reported on The Weather Channel! This is Crazy!

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I normally don't put things like this on my channel but this is crazy! they are showing a weatherman report fake hurricane florence flood on the news weather channel CNN. This is fake news at it’s finest for sure.
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Matt Long (17 days ago)
All news is propaganda and should be abolished
Chuck Chang (1 month ago)
CNN will hire him
this guy (1 month ago)
I died when he called the shingle a projectile when it blows away like 5 feet
Andrew Mitchell (2 months ago)
What if they are just real strong men? lol
Susan Gamel (2 months ago)
This is the result of global warming
Susan Gamel (2 months ago)
This is hilarious
e r (3 months ago)
A couple of candidates for the Pulitzer Prize weathermen award.
Kevin Gram (3 months ago)
This is pathetic
Rain Gain Brain (4 months ago)
exaggerating... sad that some of this stuff actually damages peoples lives and they get a thrill of it
Nathan Medina (4 months ago)
This guy in the blue jacket is bugging me. If you got to go to the bathroom just go otherwise stop rocking back and forth like that. Clearly other people behind you can walk normal. Him rocking back and forth is so distracting I'm not even listening.
Kri MD (5 months ago)
Watch out for those projectile shingles .. he tossed that damn thing like a frisbee and still couldn’t catch air but damn. That thing was dangerous. Look at the blades of grass slightly bending. Oh no. If that’s 60 mph to that dude I’d hate to see how fast he drives. Don’t wanna get stuck behind his ass on the road
Wideolink (5 months ago)
Unbelievable !
Titus Lee (5 months ago)
lol hilarious
Aaron Guerrieri (6 months ago)
Honestly the first one I don’t see much wrong. Just looks like he’s in a deeper area. Now the second video is a different story
Jeri Lyn (6 months ago)
Vee Veegan (6 months ago)
Trust nothing on TeLIEvision
Vee Veegan (6 months ago)
Fools do anything to get more views! Lies Lies All Lies
corporate retail whores....bad storms spike corporate retail.sales....home depot,walmart and the big boys wake up sheeple!......they are marketing corporate retail!.....its in their best interests to sell category 4 when its a fucking sunshower!
TANIEL J (6 months ago)
Its a miracle. You can walk on water.lol
henrik h (6 months ago)
The dude is sitting on his knees...ha...ha...
Dereck Dean (6 months ago)
These so called weather people could use this footage as an audition tape for Saturday Night Live ! What morons ,to sensationalize weather conditions.Don't they realize that some people lives are at stake during these storms.
EmoTi.on.s (6 months ago)
Lol are they trolling
Sims Simms (6 months ago)
You idiots never seen a real flood it could easly be that depth where hes standing
Chris Hill (3 months ago)
you must be a weatherman
First Name (6 months ago)
1st guy is kneeling loool
The Death of Logic (6 months ago)
These are basically normal wind levels. Look, I threw a piece of dirt up and it went 5 feet that way
David Gumpher (6 months ago)
I have been saying this for years, if you follow the money trail as they say, first think about the payroll the weather must have, everyone reporting is a certified meteorologist, minimum of five years including internship, $ 150 thousand plus right out of school, most of the people on TWC are house hold names, Mike Sidel, etc. they I’m sure aren’t working for any less then $ 500 thousand plus. Add in all the money for live broadcast equipment, vans, satellite links. Lodging, meals, jackets, plus the studio personnel, equipment, building leases etc. the list continues to grow. Where do they get the money from???? You and I indirectly. What you didn’t send them a check???? No but I bet if you lived in the Carolinas you went to Lowe’s, Home-depot 2 of the largest contributors, any large scale food chain, Wise, IGA, WallMart, Costco on and on and on. No. If you were I that proposed huge cone and decided to ride it out like I did I’m guessing if you already had a generator you spent at least $ 500.00 for misc supplies, anything from plywood to screws, water, tie down straps oh did I mention fuel ka Ching. More MAJOR backers of TWC. Starting to get the picture??? Starting to feel like a lab rate under the control of as they say a trusted source of weather.........think about it.......if you really want to be honest you spent over one thousand dollars to prepare, I know. Of over ten families in my area that did. So take that by 6 million people just in the Carolinas........Looks like with one over exaggerated, just one in the beginning of hurricane season, a slumping retail market did pretty darn well.......think about it, I slightly remember about two weeks before this Cat 5 yep hitting land at a Cat 5....(unless you were listening to a small reliable source like Accu Weather......or even if you followed it on the internet and used the past history of storms, you had a pretty god idea, yes we are going to get wind and rain and rain and rain but hell it isn’t going to be the end of earth. Again 87 percent of the people that flooded....flooded before, either they like it or can’t afford to move or whatever. I could go on and on but I think if you sit back and take a look, rain, snow, wind anything they are lucky enough to catch a few days before we are affected by it, TWC is going to convince you it is the worst one ever. Just sayin.......think about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families THAT HAVE NEVER OR WERE NEVER TOLD there property foods. I feel for those people the second, third fourth timers, your idea of fun is way different then mine.
Josh Bailey (6 months ago)
I always assumed Jesus was middle eastern but in the first vid appears he’s possibly African American.
Yireh Yah Yeshurun (7 months ago)
Ever since I stopped watching TV, I've learned more than I ever did in school.
blueblaze 98 (7 months ago)
College degrees, a job as someone warning people to be safe, and probably getting paid quite a bit just for childs play tricks? Jesus christ is probably rolling in the skys laughing at how ridiculous this was.
morenoarts (7 months ago)
I hope all you fakers get fired!! By the POTUS
Little SID (7 months ago)
Those guys that walking on the background are Superman
Tammy Atkins (7 months ago)
What drama
Javier Rivera 7470 (7 months ago)
Now the news have alarmist to exaggerate the real story jesss
emmeaki (7 months ago)
Why do people keep saying the guy is on his knees? He's standing in deeper water than the guys walking in the back and he's wearing thigh-high waterproof boots.
Aaron Guerrieri (6 months ago)
emmeaki I agree
Victor Ortega (7 months ago)
Hahaha he all wet for nothing
Elizabeth Francis (7 months ago)
"look at that wind" - yeah the one coming out his lying butt
Zorro74 (7 months ago)
The reporter is fighting the wind in the wrong direction. Look at the ground you can see the wind going the other direction. 😄
Roxann Smith (7 months ago)
Wtf? That's bull, liars trying to keep us glued to the tv station. They will do anything for ratings! Shame on them, making it way worse than it is
Nick DeNinno (7 months ago)
The deadly two step dance CNN so sad
Laurie Walsh (7 months ago)
Show me where y see CNN. It was fox news hun. Watch again
Laurie Walsh (7 months ago)
Check corner of news. Not CNN. It's fox. Wow
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭U can see his feet behind him
Greg W (7 months ago)
I looks like their playing the National Anthem for the NFL game. I won't watch them anymore either.
Terry Fuckwit (7 months ago)
Two blokes walking past ...one is saying is that guy drunk ??? Nah he’s a cnn reporter faking it...ah that explains it
Abraham Simmons (7 months ago)
ije d (7 months ago)
And the pepole would stay for hrs on chat whatching this thinking its real 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Brewer (7 months ago)
we should just call the Right Wing, Wing-Nuts and save time. This conspiracies are as ridiculous as the Flat earth Society and Alex Jones. If you spent your energy on legit stuff instead of trying to make a sensational lazy dollar on youtube and paypal, you might have a chance in life
Laurie Walsh (7 months ago)
Yes Definitely. Fox punk
gracekb (7 months ago)
Looks like he is on his knees!!!
Ben Hashem (7 months ago)
Wind must be right wing only blowing reporters.
Freezie Pop (7 months ago)
These reporters drive me nuts with making it look worse then what it is
Ruth Ferguson (7 months ago)
I just love the projectile that FLOPPED! It couldn't kill a fly! LOL!
Charles Bentley (7 months ago)
The First one is Fox News, second one is Weather Channel. I hate CNN probably more than either of them, but it even says Fox News in the bottom left corner, you can see it barely at the beginning.
Mike Thompson (7 months ago)
The wind whipping the palm trees is blowing in the direction he's faking his walk
Alton Lyter (7 months ago)
Also... you can see the dumpster behind him is half submerged. There are these things on Earth called "hills". They have different elevation depending on where you stand on them.
Why wouldn't he stand on the part not half submerged? I suppose you also would stand at the lowest level to do a news clip? Duh.
Dirt Rusty (7 months ago)
And the second clip?  How will you find a way to ignore the obvious? Even the off duty cops behind him are laughing at him while they walk around with no problem. WAKE UP SHEEP BOY!
Alton Lyter (7 months ago)
Not CNN, Jackass.
NobodyAskedyou (7 months ago)
NobodyAskedyou (7 months ago)
that's obviously jesus
Alka Seltzer (7 months ago)
haha a projectile
Tina Marie Knotts (7 months ago)
SharShar (7 months ago)
reminds me of an I Love Lucy episode when Ethel was singing and everyone walking behind her mocking her.
Danny Nightmare (7 months ago)
Does anyone else notice the wind speed in the top left corner? He says over 60 mph but I am seeing 29 mph
Dwayne Towery (7 months ago)
It's official the weather channel is owned by fake news CNN!!! BAHAHA
Laurie Walsh (7 months ago)
Actually CNN wasn't airing this it was Fox news. Look again instead of believing everything you heard
Ms J 504 (7 months ago)
That’s the media for u.
JTHBS (7 months ago)
well the first one is real, because he is standing on a slope. The white fence is also bending slightly down. But the second reporter is realy just a bad actor.
mod69 (7 months ago)
Either he’s on his knees or that’s Jesus in the background
Bob Scorpion (7 months ago)
Keep watching your FAKE news channel Snowflakes!!!!
Laurie Walsh (7 months ago)
This is Fox hun. Watch again idiot. Your the snowflake. You commented instead of investigating. Typical Trump followers. Lmao. Pathetic
guezcisco (7 months ago)
CNN is involved that is all I need to no. I guess they use what is called crisis reporters like the crisis actors that CNN hires.
Feisal Hagi (7 months ago)
how is cnn involved with the first fox news clip
Skilly D (7 months ago)
Right on
Catherine Hermansen (7 months ago)
hysterical. And they won't fess up when they mess up.
Numba1TeddyBear (7 months ago)
Theres always some flooding during hurricanes and i know sandy and irma etc were tragic but the agenda these days is sinister to make ppl think something worse is going on. Troubling times we are in
Ejay Enteruption Film (7 months ago)
water droplets in front of reporter but no where else...?
Mar Vaey (7 months ago)
i agree it s all fake reportings without a real altitude view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwd-WquJO_U
Robert Eugene (7 months ago)
Notice, the reporter is also leaning the wrong way, too. As they say on MNF, c'mon man! LOL
mandarbshadar (7 months ago)
I thought i was the only one that noticed that LOL
jabbyjabjo (7 months ago)
2 fatalities is not deadly,how many people get killed in the carolinas in car crashes,stop exaggerating,sickening
nursewithanosering (7 months ago)
Technically one death would make something deadly--by definition.
Alexa Sosa (7 months ago)
fake news i call fake news :)
PHOTOART (7 months ago)
American Patriotic GBA (7 months ago)
CNN is such just a joke. Hopefully they will go under very soon along with MSNBC.
Smkeybare (7 months ago)
Lol where does it say CNN? It says fox news on first clip.
Feisal Hagi (7 months ago)
the first clip was fox news genius second one was the weather channel i dont see cnn anywhere
KomplexSimplicity David (7 months ago)
Warren Outley (7 months ago)
They even lie about the weather
Warren Outley (7 months ago)
David Hawkins (7 months ago)
too funny
yea bouy (7 months ago)
In the second clip, the wind is blowing left and he's bracing from the other direction.
Israel Minaya (7 months ago)
The guys walking normally against the wind are Chuck Norris sons.
Litmus63 (1 month ago)
yes. Did you know while Chuck Norris was practicing CPR he brought the dummy to life?
Vivian Mugoha (4 months ago)
Haha this just made my day
Abraham Simmons (6 months ago)
Shawn Parnell (7 months ago)
Jesus has returned! Oh... nevermind
Eight GOD (7 months ago)
Jbez 808 (7 months ago)
The first guy definitely not kneeling just found deeper water to make story more wow, just like Anderson cooper in 2008
Fernando Alves (6 months ago)
+Sway376 no you can't.
ig2d (6 months ago)
need some vlogger to go out there and look at the location
Sway376 (7 months ago)
You can clearly see his foot behind him... Watch the right side of his body.
yea bouy (7 months ago)
Hes in a ditch
——- ——- (7 months ago)
That’s how all fucking news are!!!! Either weather or the war or whatever!!!! Fucking stupid news!!!!! Fuck all this motherfuckers!!!!
Mahmoud Nadi (7 months ago)
"Shingles coming off and takes off like projectile" lol he throws it up and maybe flew 3 meters.
grumpy cat (7 months ago)
no wonder why i don't watch news anymore ... fake news
Ana Petruska (7 months ago)
you have to have a college degree to do this??? LOL they should be fired immediately.
Keith Fillinger (1 month ago)
Ana Petruska They are all propaganda agents. I know this is a few months later, but here comes Alexandria Ocasia Cortez with her Green New Deal to fight against weather. You will not be able to afford to retrofit your house to meet their radical new standards, won't be able to keep your grill (gas or charcoal), won't be able to afford a car, and won't be able to afford meat. Don't worry it is all based of junk science and propaganda like this. This is an agenda of enslavement. Conan O'Brien did a number of skits where reporters from various networks all parrot the exact same ridiculous lines. It is all propaganda. Search Conan O'Brien News is Scripted on YouTube and watch any of the videos. The sad part is the idiots laughing in the background because it is so funny to find out these are all puppets regurgitating the same narrative.
Derek Daly (6 months ago)
Why would they be fired? This is what they are paid for!
Pfsif (7 months ago)
No, just to believe it.
Sweet November (7 months ago)
houston smoke (7 months ago)
The first one is because it's different levels of elevation to the road and ground. Duh. The second one, yeah that's over exaggeration.
houston smoke (7 months ago)
+nursewithanosering haha nigga comment. Always defending stupidity with excuses. These Nigga are black who give a shit if they are blm or not. They black looter matters now. Get it.
nursewithanosering (7 months ago)
+houston smoke Show me ONE instance of BLM looting, you moron. There might be some black people looting, but they are not BLM.
Summer Parker (7 months ago)
+houston smokewhat does blm have to do with this?
Big B Kenobi (7 months ago)
Storm Girl (7 months ago)
Viktor Nikiforov (7 months ago)
Tell the people in the back to stop defying physics and walking on water
Brenda Lewis (7 months ago)
😃😂😅😂🤣😅🤣😂lol both busted.
Jason Samuel (7 months ago)
Fake news
zin boway (7 months ago)
Is the first guy on his knees?
yea bouy (7 months ago)
Standing in a ditch
holystars (7 months ago)
He could be in a river trying to make it look like a flood
Jbez 808 (7 months ago)
zin boway no
Evil Fluff (7 months ago)
He is not standing on his feet
Peggy Severinsen (6 months ago)
He has really really short legs.
yea bouy (7 months ago)
He is in a ditch
Shawn Crichlow (7 months ago)
For the direction of the wind he should be getting blown forward not backward he should be facing the other way if he was trying to look good 😂😂😂😂
Jay Brown (7 months ago)
Haha true
Tubee (7 months ago)
Not surprised
dieselrotor (7 months ago)
LOL, tosses the shingle into the air and falls 15 from Him barely making it to the fence ! A projectile !
John Burroughs (7 months ago)
And the network “journalists” wonder why people don’t trust the news channels anymore ....

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