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Exchange Hybrid setup in 15 mins

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Setup Exchange 2016 Hybrod with O365 in less than 15 mins
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gReG sKi (5 months ago)
without audio this is pretty useless as we can read the screens on our own and still not know the objective here
cacho ferman (9 months ago)
no audio it's zero
Kars Mercious (10 months ago)
Hi! thanks for the video, I have a question; what happens or what needs to be done when the Exchange Server 2010 happens not to have a Transport Certificate? And my Admin portal doesn't have that Servers tab you clicked on when modifying links. Is there something wrong? I'm managing Office 365 Business Essentials. Please help with details as I'm stuck on migration the Server doesn't have a valid transport certificate.
Centi Zen (7 months ago)
It says on Microsoft's own documentation that hybrid mode is recommended for 2010 servers running 150 or more users
Jason Hall (10 months ago)
2010 is not supported for Hybrid mode. You must migrate to 2013 or 2016 and get rid of 2010.
Aditya Valmikam (10 months ago)
no AUDIO..... huh; hard to understand :(
SuchagoonUTube (10 months ago)
No audio I take it?
Josias Perez (1 year ago)
are there any other steps ?

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