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Text Comments (875)
BT Forever (3 hours ago)
Best bullshit I've seen yet
Rick_Sanchez 137 (9 hours ago)
holy f****** s*** you're a f****** millionaire I want some please if you could let me about at least one one fat roll that's all I want please I'm poor I'm a little late for I'm begging you this phone is all I have already lost my dad all I have is my mom and she has bone disease and she's slowly going please you would be nice enough to give me one more roll and I promise you this I will send you more I will send you money somehow but my name is Justin Thomas White and pretty much we're poor and we or just pretty much speak speak English I just can't say it you're pretty damn lucky I'm speechless do you think I'm going to ever get this lucky but I understand if you don't get get let me have a roll but yeah my dad died my mom slowly going she has phone disease I'm only what 15 and she's only going to be around for a little bit longer and then she's going to and then I'm not going to know what to do it's bad enough my dad died my brother lost everything we pretty much both lost everything my whole life has been turned upside down pretty much my whole life is ruined because of my sister taking the whole property
Finesse_Jay7RBLX (15 hours ago)
Aye dude, Can you give me a stack of the prop money? I know that that's kinda weird but I've been wanting it for a long time to use it for videos. I've been trying to make my own honestly. So can you help me out and give me a stack?
Laeanna Blake (19 hours ago)
Oh my god I thought that was real
Seth Melton (20 hours ago)
The old money doesn't have blue on it and it dose game and sports all day
Aqeel Aqeel (1 day ago)
my contact number 03317610880
Matab Dhillon (1 day ago)
Matab Dhillon 9168042113 give a stack.
Mrlord sakda (1 day ago)
Haw do you do ?
DunkSensation (1 day ago)
They put the money in there bc how did they know it was money in there if they didn't open it yet? They alr had it planed bc he wouldn't be recording if he didn't know
CipleGh (2 days ago)
Sr Flacko ™ :3 (2 days ago)
Where can I buy this?
Darko Paunov (2 days ago)
wowoww nekoj ti pratil free chas mozebi e ebacot na majkati ti ebam i pleme i seme,teski gluposti samo za pregledi,pozdrav da ja ebam majkati,sestrati bratucetkati,...se po spisik na kratko pederrrrrr.sukaaa
XxCJthekillerXx (2 days ago)
he reeled in the jackpot with this clickbate
Emesha Calloway (2 days ago)
it's prop money for motion picture only
Digby WINGFIELD (3 days ago)
Please could I have a 3 stacks of money
Davi Mendes (3 days ago)
Eu quero 50 Caixa dessas dinheiro meu brother
quwop johnjohn (3 days ago)
Where do u get it from
Натали Шило (4 days ago)
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Dionne Carrasco (4 days ago)
Te doy mi número para que me regales una Paquita pliz 😘😓
MNTV (4 days ago)
يابوية 😍😍😍😙😙
rolan rivera (4 days ago)
Wow nice gift of god,like if go to may haus all very nice
Nlobo1993 Lobo (4 days ago)
HAHA jokes on you its ANTHRAX!!!!
START (4 days ago)
Em 4:19, o menino passa o dedo, para ver uma por uma; então nesse momento, ha um corte no vídeo. Parece que o menino viu que é falsa, então você corta o vídeo, para ninguém ver o alarde. E a mulher, não se empolga muito; muito estranho! Tudo indica que é dinheiro falso
stef estabillo (5 days ago)
Haha! Thats from me I just want to give it cuz Ur my super idol and im ur Mystery girll hahaha
Aman Verma (5 days ago)
Plz sent me
Marcela Barbut (5 days ago)
O yes
Narender Kumar (5 days ago)
skinnypenis jwhr (5 days ago)
Probably prop money
Jamella Chicote (5 days ago)
Big yan mo kami nito governor generoso davao oriental poruk2 poblacion
Jody The Joe (5 days ago)
Everyone donate one dollar to $Jodymcash... Cash app thank you!!🙏🙏🙂
Jimmy Ireland (5 days ago)
Wish I wish upon a star 😂
Tiffany Moreno (6 days ago)
PROXY (6 days ago)
It's real
Wically Fontenele (6 days ago)
Gente como pode ganhar tudo isso de dinheiro?? Aguem do Brasil🌍??
Marilyn Wood (6 days ago)
Whats. up. my. friend. whats. . About. send. me. afews. cash. of. yall. money. Im. am. not. able. to. work. because.. of. my. illness. Im. needs.. free. money. from. you. all. to. pay. my. bills. my. brother. . God. bless. you. all. whats. about. Sending. a. poor. person . likes. me. needs. a. helper. hand. in. Jesus. name. amen. my. name. Marilyn. Wood. address. 5700. Altama. Ave. Apt. 105. Brunswick , Georgia. 31525
young savage (7 days ago)
Jordan Gillispie (7 days ago)
If that money is real y’all should send me some...
Vassely Camara (7 days ago)
Allah give me so much money ? Ameen Ya Allah
Alexis Molina (7 days ago)
your welcome
dj thug life (8 days ago)
get a job
yolodice (8 days ago)
пошли мне итого 1 цент мне это будет довольно
AJPawley20 20 (8 days ago)
It’s prop money lol
DLH 79,1223 (8 days ago)
Sure lol
Ali Shehu (8 days ago)
Destinee Carrer (9 days ago)
They hella smacking that gum
Davon Rogers (9 days ago)
i would rob you
Etelbina Depaz (9 days ago)
Give me
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Billy J. Torres (9 days ago)
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RetroHabit82 (9 days ago)
Someone sent me a Ferrari driven by a mermaid for free too!
Un Known (9 days ago)
Bet you felt great
For motion pic use only..lol nice try
bernadette Pergolese (9 days ago)
hacker powr (7 days ago)
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zoran pezelj (9 days ago)
GAZIROVKA BLACK (10 days ago)
et kexcha ay pidr
Sayen Ramos (10 days ago)
someone or somebody needs it
Amari Dixson-powell (10 days ago)
Send me 300
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yusuf WTF (10 days ago)
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manoel santiago (10 days ago)
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Bahar Metin (11 days ago)
Bide bize yollasaniz boyle bi koli dolo para nerde hayal isde😢
Lina Service (11 days ago)
My got
Tru Hoang (11 days ago)
Is that real money? I am confused.
Heu Man (11 days ago)
prop money
Thabang Siya (12 days ago)
Can you send me 1000$ please😂
Jarb [GD] (12 days ago)
Some days mire and we sent ypu 1 million views😊👍😂
Suhab Mahamed (12 days ago)
roger fields (12 days ago)
I would love to have some of that money
HeadSpace Barbering (12 days ago)
I wish I was there to smack the gum out ur mouth chew with your mouth closed for fucks sake.
kappe Jonathan (12 days ago)
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amir irani (12 days ago)
Louise Cairns (12 days ago)
Dosnt look real
Irene Tendenilla (13 days ago)
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Mary Ann Maderazo (13 days ago)
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S ANSARI (13 days ago)
Nice video
KHP Steel Company (13 days ago)
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Oscar Castaneda (13 days ago)
Go Bullshit someone else bruh
Mohamed Emam (13 days ago)
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Mohamed Emam (13 days ago)
I want 10000$ only
PRINCE ANANE (14 days ago)
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mustaffa sadick ahmed (14 days ago)
Damar Hawkins (14 days ago)
Ent Itie (14 days ago)
That is amazing I won 50k ounce from pch but didn't have an i.d I care for my grandma she is 87 life is hard roomatism and authorities degeneration has taken all the muscles from her legs if u can help us or anyone with such a blessing I would be entirely greatfull god bless yah.. amen
Ent Itie (14 days ago)
I live in buckholts , Texas 76518 p.o box 202
Insane GalsRule (14 days ago)
Think of how much V-Bucks I could buy 😍
JsQuad Family (14 days ago)
Insane GalsRule I know right
Insane GalsRule (14 days ago)
You know what I think...that there was a robber and he was running away from the police with tons of money, he didn't know where to take the money...and thought (Ooh, this is a nice house..why don't I put it there and leave) Or...these people are terrible Actors. NO OFFENCE.
OW-TAY PINK-FISH (14 days ago)
look how much money this is ZERO lol
eybel adnan (15 days ago)
JsQuad Family (14 days ago)
eybel adnan ikr
Eric Benavidez (15 days ago)
are you kidding me that type of money you don't just leave siren around? and don't you spend it on me... K..... I need it..
Eric Benavidez (15 days ago)
just what to spend it on..........
JsQuad Family (14 days ago)
Eric Benavidez ikr
Aminul Hqk Hiron (15 days ago)
علي سكورس (15 days ago)
اكفر ب لله هسه
Christina Seiber (15 days ago)
Alwin Xu Yong Shen (15 days ago)
I want
Reginald Williams (15 days ago)
Not really sure
JsQuad Family (15 days ago)
Reginald Williams aw ah
T The man (15 days ago)
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Chaouki Bejaoui (16 days ago)
Tyler Kannich (16 days ago)
Wish i had that right now
JsQuad Family (15 days ago)
Tyler Kannich ahaha
Zahia Muhammad (16 days ago)
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Adrriana Grimes (16 days ago)
Let me have some
JsQuad Family (15 days ago)
Adrriana Grimes ok
Mario Acevedo (16 days ago)
New to the channels
JsQuad Family (15 days ago)
Mario Acevedo welcom!!

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