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Caregiver Training: Refusal to Bathe | UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

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The UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Video series provides viewers with practical tools you can use in a variety of settings to create a safe, comfortable environment both for the person with dementia and the caregiver. To learn more about the UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care, please visit https://www.uclahealth.org/dementia/caregiver-education-videos
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Dania Dessine (22 hours ago)
There's a certain amount of love you should have to have that patience!If your mother wasn't nice to you in the past you don't stand any chance to help well while your mother has that disease!
Snowshoemama (2 days ago)
I'm having a hell of a time with my patient. He messes in his pants and then won't bathe after, saying that he wants to bathe before bed or that he needs a nap first. Getting him to rinse off after he messes is a day long affair, and I'm only supposed to be in for a few hours. Any advice on how to get him to clean up? He wears depends sometimes, but I can't get him to wear them all the time.
Shane Williams (5 days ago)
I'll let that girl shower me!
Mona V (9 days ago)
Please allow me to ask a basic question: Can you tell me how in the world does this take place at a convalescent home? They do not have the time to do what you're asking. So that leaves me to believe that there are a lot of elderly patients either being left unbathed or the workers are just hosing them down as they sit naked in a chair. This is video is not realistic. When my mother was alive, she had dementia and you couldn't even mention that you were going to put water on her head, let alone her whole body. I have one sister that she would allow to do it for her, but even then it was very difficult.
Earthkeeping (12 days ago)
Those clothes she is wearing should be dirty! Get real. And hopefully they can balance like this lady
Zoomdots Zoomdots (13 days ago)
Patient Calming voice Compassionate efforts like they way was her moms decision and acknowledge refusal
Karen Martin (16 days ago)
The people who have dementia are all lovely but it is a very stressful and heartbreaking experience to look after them but just imagine if you had developed this awful disease how much anxiety and upset that you are confused by something or someone and are terrified off all the strangers caring for them.it would help if you can work on what they did during their childhood and young adult life these will trigger feelings that they still remember and that will make them less anxious.dementia eats away the new brain cells first and their early memories last.i hope I have helped a little you are all doing great and I bet they will know that too god bless xxx
Conscious Creators (16 days ago)
I am a RN and created a Facebook group for caregivers. Please feel free to join to get support, latest updates on new research and weekly live videos. WeAreCaregiversbit.ly/
john15008 (17 days ago)
Alas, if only it were that easy! In most cases, the main underlying contributor to bathing refusal is lack of insight. That's why, when bathing is suggested, common responses include, "I've already done it!", "I don't need your help" or "Oh, go bathe yourself!". To help compensate for this lack of insight, start from a position of feigned belief in the person's capability. "I know you don't need my help. You can look after yourself just fine. But... that bathtub has been pretty slippery lately. Can I just stick around, just in case?" Stick in a little fib about why the bath should happen now to address the "already did it" mentality.
BLACKFYRE (19 days ago)
Honestly wish there was a form of euthanasia for some,this disease destroyed my family and our lives for 6 years and for what?
robert abbatte (19 days ago)
variety of recreational and sports facilities offered at Heritage Medical centre keep them engaged, refreshed and also helps to build confidence among the elders.Know more :http://www.heritagemedicalcentre.in/services/
Tish Smiddy (21 days ago)
Thank you 😊 for giving different approaches... Could you say a example for Men
Andrew Perla (22 days ago)
I mean 2019
Andrew Perla (22 days ago)
Andrew Perla (22 days ago)
Andrew Perla (22 days ago)
Russians died in ww2
SimplyNatz Hair (23 days ago)
Apparently this does not work for my grandma...
04dram04 (23 days ago)
Wow that older woman is a good actor.
Jennifer Bowen (25 days ago)
Been in the Caregiving position for 6 months in assisted living and I still struggle with giving this 1 resident a shower. I tried finding ways to motivate her to take a shower because she hasn’t had one since Christmas and she refuses each time. It took 5 staff members to get her to take a shower and it was extremely ugly. She would say she already took a shower and that if she will just spray herself with something to cover the horrid smell. She would brush off the fact that she needs a shower each time. But I don’t blame her because her dementia is worsening. Hopefully this would help make it easier.
jamie johnson (25 days ago)
Grab her old ass by the neck and throw her ass in the tub. She needs to know your not fucking around!!!😂🤣. Just kidding, I couldn't help by making light of this video lmao!!!!
Panneer selvam (26 days ago)
Now you have Heritage medical Center to handle and take care of you. we have a team of health professionals who continuously take care of you all and also provide information on health tips what to eat and activities to be performed. Know more : http://www.heritagemedicalcentre.in/senior-care-services/
mrs anonymous (28 days ago)
thank God she gets help to wash! i am only 40 with arthritis i cannot wash or dress and haven't been to do it now for 18 months........there is no help no one cares. so be thankful those of you get help.
Christine R (1 month ago)
Are these actors or does she really have alzheimers
Buddha's Child (1 month ago)
A week mom really
HeeTer23 (1 month ago)
Good in theory...not in actual practice
francis almed (1 month ago)
Heritage medical centers are the first ever exclusive old age homes for the elders they are the best old age homes in Secunderabad which provide constant support and care service to the elderly 24/7.
Ma91 12 (1 month ago)
Nice video but I wanted to see a video of real reactions to help me. This lady definitely did not have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Also when the lady said she will take her to her favorite place I was shocked she said ok because my grandmother would have looked at me crazy like what’s my favorite place? I’ve learned the longer I talk to my grandmother the more she does not understand so I have to keep it short.
Mary Van Houten (1 month ago)
I cannot wait get back to my job. Being 4 years a Personal care aide .. I certainly miss them. Hopefully arm heals soon
Anna Grass (1 month ago)
I have lupus and my husband epilepsy I have to take care of the two of them sometimes my husband has 5 seizures per night. Then I get up to deal with my grandma. I will never let my son go true what I'm going true I want to die with dignity.
Wyld Gypsy Lily (1 month ago)
Grandma was a stripper back in the day. Good for you Grandma - good for you.
Cathy Goltsoff (1 month ago)
Great video. It can be difficult. My loved ones were verbally abusive. I would gently and politely say when they tried to pick a fight. “ I respectfully disagree “. Parenting a parent or family member can be the most difficult.
Panneer selvam (1 month ago)
Good information. Here i just want to share some details about Heritage Medical Centre provide best health care services for Alzheimer and dementia patients. We guide them and give a strong support 24/7. Visit today.
God's Child (1 month ago)
why do you waste water? that's very wrong thing to do.
Dark Purple Animates (1 month ago)
Why does this look staged for some reason
Jamuna Reddy (1 month ago)
Good service. I am also want to share some details for the people who are looking for Alzheimer's care and dementia care, Heritage Medical Centre is here for you provide quality health care services. Visit today.
xdsmastermia (1 month ago)
not for nothing, but this is all common sense! except bathing twice a week! wtf? my mom has dementia and I have her bathed with help twice a day!
Gunjan Soin (2 months ago)
Levi Curtis (2 months ago)
I feel for you I had same problem with my aunt toy she passed away last year in June she was a great great aunt she had the same thing I took care of her for few years
Glamorous Taee (2 months ago)
This is such bullshit!!!! LMAO! I’m an RN and I’ve worked in skilled nursing facilities for over a decade. Residents do not respond to this bullshit!! MAJORITY of the time we have to give Ativan just so the cna can work with these people. This video is total and complete bullshit. lol.
Pavonay Duprey (2 months ago)
I'm there now with my Dad.
Ehly Morty (2 months ago)
Why is this in my reccomended
Kathy Fowler (2 months ago)
I would turn the water on for my mother,help her in and out of the tub,and stay in the bathroom while she was showering.It kept her safe and respected her privacy which was ost important to her.I then let her dress herself helping her with hard parts giving her independence.was it easy..?No but it was worth it because I loved her
non biz (2 months ago)
My dad hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet, but he's a retired doctor that WON'T shower or wash his hands after changing his Depends.
Anders N (2 months ago)
Sharing your sick family members on YouTube is not right.
TamptheChamp2 (2 months ago)
I got to the point where both my parents were chronically ill, and like this at the same time. In fact, both were bedridden and required diapers and the use of a wheelchair to move between the bed and the bathroom. I would say the older lady in this video is easy to handle compared to either of them because she can still walk and do some things herself. I was raised an only child and had no other family in the area on either side to help. I had a full time job and was going to night school. I just didn't have the time or the expertise to help them both do things like this. Hiring caregivers to come in and out every day got stressful enough. Trying to do all of this by myself would inevitably have been a losing battle, yet I felt like this was exactly what was expected of me regardless. It was a worst case scenario, and all I could do was face facts and have others, with the training, do this for me because I knew it was what was best for my parents.
A. kumar (2 months ago)
Great Linda
Diane Greene (2 months ago)
0:16 That dead branch gives me the willies. See also 3:20 it's even worse.
Christopher o neal (2 months ago)
my grandmother fights with the nurses at the nursing home she tells the nurses to get the hell outta the room well just for everything theres no physical contact but a lot of verbal outburst she just refuses to take baths, get dressed, insulin shots & blood sugar for diabetes before meals its just sad for me to see when I visit there. but all do get accomplished at some time of the day
Dinand Crisostomo (2 months ago)
Does queen mom actually have dememtia or she just actin?
Dinand Crisostomo (2 months ago)
Why am i watching this at night i have a spanish test tmrw
Maunster! (3 months ago)
I challenge UCLA to do another video about bathing and showering in a grubby homecare situation and the client is only allocated a half an hour instead of a spacious new house already equipped.
glimpseofparadise (3 months ago)
It takes a lot of patience and bargaining. Have to make them feel they're still in control while strategically redirecting them to what they need to accomplish. Lots and lots of bargaining. "I can get you what you want if you ..." in a nice way. Preparation, the whole convincing thing and the activity itself sometimes take about half an hour to an hour. In nursing homes who take care about 30+ residents, 24 hr period is not enough if it only has fewer staffs. It's really really great if families can participate in care. Residents normally listen to their families more than the staffs.
dremr88 (13 days ago)
glimpseofparadise Interesting post about the patience and creative diplomacy it takes. I've experienced some of that, it's so true and it's not easy. Very good comment. By the way, just fyi, "staff" is already plural.
I love noodles (3 months ago)
Can we just see a real life example instead of an acting video? That's really sad that the "training" tells you to tell someone that bathing in their own home is a spa treatment, that's being manipulative and making your loved one or patient feel like, you think that they are an idiot. I know because it happens to me. I'm all for tactics, but this video is good in class concept, horrible in delivery.
Vytautas Ramanauskas (3 months ago)
whats the salary for such a hard job
Maunster! (3 months ago)
Vytautas Ramanauskas, thank you for your question and reply.
Vytautas Ramanauskas (3 months ago)
+Maunster! thats horrible no wonder they cannot find staff
Maunster! (3 months ago)
Less than minimum wage because the caregivers often pay for things out of pocket.
THETOASTERHEAD (3 months ago)
My grandmother has got deminta that effects her speech. So when she talks she struggles to get the words out. But she also will refuse to do new stuff.
Mixtixer (3 months ago)
1:58 idk but I feel like this is a start of a lesbian porno tbh lmao
Michelle Gordon (3 months ago)
...and have a couple of towels tumbling in the dryer so you can wrap them up in something nice and warm at the end of it...
todd (3 months ago)
I am really surprised that you were able to get the elder into a bathing space that requires stepping over a bathtub rim. This is the most unrealistic part of this video. The first step to getting your elder to bath is to remodel your bathroom into a walk-in shower.
Jupiter Stars (3 months ago)
Really sweet ❤ Elderly are still people and deserve respect. Especially in thier last days on Earth
Kamlesh Vaish (3 months ago)
Please explain in hindi
judie dimatteo (3 months ago)
there is always ways to get people to bath or shower uou can take them out to shop
piggypigpig (3 months ago)
Seth Friedman (3 months ago)
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Seth Friedman (2 months ago)
+Joe Scheller This video begs to differ: https://youtu.be/sb6g5-A1ljA
Joe Scheller (2 months ago)
does not cure, may relieve the symptoms for a while, but there is no cure to date
Bob Buffpants (3 months ago)
I feel bad for the fact she has to see her mother naked
Joe Scheller (2 months ago)
a caregiver has to get over that feeling to be an efficient caregiver there are many caregivers caring for their mothers dads wife or husband and it can be son taking care of mother daughter taking care of dad many different types of circumstances it has to be done and sometimes you have no control over the situation you just do it
fiona scheibel (4 months ago)
I have sensory issues and dont like showers, baths or brushing my teeth. So i kind of get why someone might try to avoid those things.
Edith (4 months ago)
Thank you
creator (4 months ago)
I was wondering if it was acceptable to keep a dementia patient locked inside of their room. I was once working with a health care aide who baracaded the door so the patient couldn't get out of the room. The patient wasn't sleeping or anything, just wanted to be active. Is it correct to lock them down just to make it easier on the health care aid so the health care aid is able to sit and collect pay for texting on her phone? Do you think it is medical staff's job to provide better care for a dementia patient than just baraccading the door? This is what happens when family goes home sometimes, and it hurts me to see this at my work. But, the nurses don't seem to care because, well, they don't have to deal with the patient.
Regina Jabalde (4 months ago)
Not an easy job but rewarding,,,God bless us with patience...
MAS (4 months ago)
This is why assisted suicide should be legal. No way am I gonna put my caretakers through this. Like things will ever improve.
vegan girl (4 months ago)
Is this real or acting?
Joe Scheller (2 months ago)
vegan girl this is just a small sample of caring for someone with dementia, very small, it is most definitely real
Jesse Eliasen (4 months ago)
obviously you guys don't work an actual professional health Care in a nursing home this doesn't work you can be the most politest person or have the most gentle approach all right the series flawed just like triggers are flawed things just happen at random. This is not how it actually works in real life y'all need to know that.when you're in school and educating yourself on being a PSW becoming a PSW be prepared because school does not teach you what it's actually like when you actually hit the floor it's a slap in the face because all your education goes out the window. Like this gets extreme shit you turn your back for a second they could stab you with something why because it's at random there is no triggers there is no gentle approach doesn't matter the lack of actual information in this video on what actually happens in nursing homes is insulting to the profession.
limited access (2 months ago)
Maybe you just don't know what you are doing! You probably work in that place where the woman in coma gave birth
Eliot451 (4 months ago)
Your mother needs to die. It's her time to go. She's finished. By prolonging her life you're only making her suffer more.
Sparkles (2 months ago)
+Eliot451 Perhaps you are the wrong person to care for your mother. I am not judging you, it's just maybe not right for you.
Eliot451 (2 months ago)
+PJ S My 89 year old mother has Alzheimer’s disease. The difference between what she was 6 years ago and what she is today is as stark as the collapse of the World Trade Center. Six months ago my mom told me that she was in hell and that she wanted to die. Those were her very last coherent words. She wants to die. The kindest thing anyone could say to me is that they hope my mom will pass away soon, but no one says that. Instead they say that vitamin C will make her better. They say that people who attend church live longer. They say that the new miracle diet will work wonders. They say that prayer to Mother Teresa has cured cancer. They say that homeopathy can cure Alzheimer’s, why you just have to believe, all you need is faith. Say hallelujah! So are you going to recommend that I try pixie dust?
PJ S (2 months ago)
How would you feel if someone said that about one of your loved ones or you?Hope you aren't taking care of anyone and I pity them if you are.
Grace Bediako (4 months ago)
Eliot451 that’s messed up
xur (4 months ago)
Even though this is sad instead of spending money to keep people like this alive we should be spending money to help find a cure or effective prevention.
Finance Emails (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your informative video clips.......caregivers please visit www.chadedu.org
TINA LEAR (4 months ago)
The actors involved are doing a lovely job of saying their lines. But that's not how it actually happens in our house. We've tried approaching my mother-in-law gently in just the way suggested. "NO!" is the answer. Or "I already took my shower this morning!" (not true) Any suggestions about proceeding with the undressing is met with argument, vigorous argument. There is no "Oh, ok." It doesn't happen. There is screaming and biting and kicking. And that only happened because it had been two and a half MONTHS since the last shower, and we finally decided the shower was more important than her dignity. I would love to see a video that showed genuine, all out, no bullshit RESISTANCE, and what to do about THAT.
Sparkles (2 months ago)
+TINA LEAR you can also try a basin head wash on the bed. I am sure there are videos to show how. x
TINA LEAR (3 months ago)
Thank you Sierra. The bed bath works really well. Doesn't really wash her hair, but it works for everything else and that's a big plus. Really appreciate your reply. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Thanks again.  +Sierra P
Sierra P (3 months ago)
Have you tried bed baths? Soft wash cloth with soapy water? You can also try making her a bath poncho which is just an extra large towel cut in the middle to make a head hole. Also if she doesnt leave the house often, you might want to get hospital gowns for her to wear around or modify night gowns so they snap button either in thw back or shoulders to make the process quicker. Have her put the bath poncho on first then remove the gown...its a process...might see if she will give herself a bed bath...with supervision of course.
I Luh Da Gram (4 months ago)
God Bless everyone who is caring for their older baby!
Adam Boudili (4 months ago)
so heartbreaking.. god bless anyone who experience this with their parents..
Angon Rahman (5 months ago)
I am trying to find way to cure alzheimer with herbs.. you can contact me
Yahir Garcia (5 months ago)
Do people with Alzheimer’s also have problems with showers and being clean
Joe Scheller (2 months ago)
that's what alzeimers is a form of dementia exactly what is being explained
Grey Bar0n (5 months ago)
6 months ago I was working a 9 to 5 job I loved and playing video games on the weekends. Now I'm far from my home helping a parent with rapidly progressing dementia. Toughest thing I've ever done.
caro james (18 days ago)
A lot of people think its easy until they find themselves doing the job. In the U.K they shove them in care homes at the SLIGHTEST sign of DEMENTIA because they can't be bothered with them. They expect them to be treated like royalty and if that's the case KEEP THEM AT HOME.
kes S (4 months ago)
Sincerely wishing you all the best, Grey. I'm a retired RN (still have my license) looking after a 96 year old parent with dementia. Even with a lot of years of nursing experience behind me, it's very difficult. You are a SAINT for giving up so much to help an aging parent. But you'll never have regrets about what you did. No guilt later on.
Rosa Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Hang in there. It's really hard but God will provide you with all you need. My siblings and I are on year 6. My mom had 2 strokes in 2015 and was rendered unable to walk and barely verbal. I will say in a way it was a blessing because Alzheimer's was taking it's toll. Happy to say she went from hospice and 2 weeks at most to live (per doctors) to celebrating her 88th Birthday this past 15th. I cry a lot because it's like they become little babies again(need feeding,bathing,changing)... but we're thankful for every day with her. God bless you and be with you on your caregiving journey.
Janly Magbanua (5 months ago)
Educational and yet informative.
Debra Seiling (5 months ago)
Thanks for these supportive videos!
Christopher Robin (6 months ago)
Nice, timely video. I give my wife a weekly shower with no protests as yet, but I know what's to come. Thank you.
BERNARDETTE chinwe (6 months ago)
Hello friends do you know that immediately we depart from this earth and stops breathing that's when our life starts or begins. The problem is will it be in heaven with the saints and our heavenly father or in hell with demons and fire. We are consciously and unconsciously making that decisions as we live here on earth today. Our body which we have tried everything bad to please on earth is like mechanic dirty and filthy uniform. Our body which has caused us so much pain and sin against our heavenly father will come off and our soul will be left to stand for judgement. God's standard of judgement is very high and he will never change. That's why l am begging everyone to do what l am doing. Continue to beg our heavenly father for grace and mercy and continue to pray with psalm 51. Please check out voices from hell. Researchers from Russia excavated underground and stumbled across horrible screaming voices coming from underground. It's below our feet and happening even today as we speak. Millions are there, some are our family members. With no light, so hot and dry, no food or water, being tortured by fallen angels known as demons. Hell has existed for thousands of years. So my friends this is not drama, or game but reality of anyone of us that goes to hell. The worst part is that it's for eternity. Remember that we are all in this predicament together and we must pray for one another. May our heavenly father have mercy on us amen
J (7 months ago)
Omg I still remember my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and how stubborn she was :( looking at my dad face back then was heart broken and my mom who tried kindly to wash her but my grandmother spit at my mom 😢
bestamerica (7 months ago)
' i do remembered and helped bath / shower on my mom in the bathtub before
Lenocas Nascimento (7 months ago)
I used to this with my dad in a very gentle and respectful way. I gave him bath,shave cut his hair dress him without a problem
Helen Kiely-O'Regan (7 months ago)
Unfortunately that would never work for my husband. He becomes psychotic if I or anyone tries to get him to shower no matter how we try. He hasn't washed for over two years and before dementia, he used to shower twice a day
caro james (18 days ago)
If that happened in my care home the staff would be accused of ABUSE .
Pavonay Duprey (2 months ago)
God Bless you. My Dad: My sisters and are dealing with Dimentia at stage 2 we think. He won't go see his doctor. I gave up on the bathing. Not worth the stress. We all need support groups!
Fay Belle (3 months ago)
Bless your heart 💝⛪🌈
Bryan Abes (7 months ago)
Hi Marshal. Exactly. So in your dad's case, you would call him a king instead of a queen.
Odom Tyr (7 months ago)
Get some lovely smelling soaps and gels, aromatherapy helps and having an elegant peaceful bathroom.
khawla (1 month ago)
Odom Tyr lool
Fit Goals (7 months ago)
This is really awkward 🤣
Patty Digar (8 months ago)
I work with Alzheimer's patients everyday and it is all in your approach , body language, and the tone of your voice !!! They do not like showers so when I do get ready to take the one of my ladies into the shower room I make sure everything is ready first of all and then I say let's get cleaned up 9 times out of 10 I never have a problem but if I say shower they're ready to fight 😥 which is totally understandable ! understandable
Elizabeth Marks-Graham (8 months ago)
2 days MAX no shower after that it’s nessisary maybe have them sit on a bench in the tub and use a cup to bath them so they only have their feet in the water sort of like they did with her
Dawn Lynch (10 months ago)
Yep I'm having the same problem you can't force someone to have a bath or a shower in fact I'm having trouble getting her to eat
Sierra P (3 months ago)
Try soft foods or soups...sometimes they forget how to swollow solid foods. If she has forgotten how to eat with utensils it might be frustrating to her which will turn into he not wanting to deal with eatting. Slowly approach her and talk to her before you touch her. Ask if she would like help eatting or what she would like to eat. I find that ensures help me when me patients want to be testy about eatting. They are sweet but packed with the nutrients they need.
Natalie Young (10 months ago)
belly tripper (7 months ago)
to Natalie Young: you can use words now, like, for example **my grandfather has this horrible disease and it hurts me when he does not know me at all!!!! i can not help him!! :((((**
IP Man (10 months ago)
This is HELL.....! I've seen seniors who are like this....terrible.
IN THE CAR WITH Alexa (10 months ago)
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Nikole Wynn (11 months ago)
Set up the shower beforehand, even dotting several washcloths with body wash. Playing calming music to relax, a large bench seat, very soft washcloths in a favorite color, warming the room until fully clothed. Many times I washed hair in the kitchen sink another time and styled at the dining table. This helped to make a routine of washing face, checking ears, moisturizing, and nailcare. It should be a relaxing ritual.
4heartandsoul (11 months ago)
At the mention of a shower, my mother cusses me out, sticks her finger in my face and says she doesn't need an audience and no shower, leave her alone on and on. She drops the F bombs right and left and it's just very stressful experience for her, the CNA's in the nursing home helping her , and for me. Just awful. . .But when it's over she always feels so much better, smiles and all is well with the world so to speak. We take a ride to the Dreamette for an ice cream treat - her favorite. Dementia is such a complicated and ugly illness.
Wavy Kid123 (1 month ago)
my mom has gotten really bad.when i mention bath she swears at me.
Aashni (1 month ago)
I like the idea of calling it a spa treatment instead of a chore like word like shower. Could that help?
xdsmastermia (1 month ago)
my mom doesn't fuss about showers, but I feel your pain. my mom is 65 and is advanced in the disease. it's truly heartbreaking for me and very difficult. god bless. hope you can figure it out with mom.
gary richards (3 months ago)
My mother does the same, it sucks!
Slartibartfast (11 months ago)
I have so much respect for people who care for people with dementia - you should all be awarded medals and have free holidays.
sheila evans (15 days ago)
Thank you x
Ian Baker (30 days ago)
Thankyou I do that work and yes it's hard. We have No life it's a full time Job.
Kasey Funderburk (1 month ago)
Slartibartfast that is so sweet! Thank you! I absolutely have so much joy taking care of my Dementia/ Alzheimer’s patients.
world why TF (2 months ago)
Thank you💓
Black Shark (2 months ago)
You know what's even more difficult than taking care your grand mother with Alzheimer's?? Taking care of your loving wife who has it. Having lived all your life with her, through thick and thin, love her with all your heart, and she has forgotten all the wonderful times you've spent together. Even forgets that you are her husband who loves her unconditionally and seeing her day to day how she now suffers and struggles even to do simple tasks.

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