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Human Resource Management Lecture Part 04 - Candidate Selection (1 of 2)

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During a company's recruiting process how are the most suitable candidates selected and which risks need to be controlled? How can a company determine a candidate's future performance? Which selection criteria are typically used? What are the most commonly used selection methods?
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Blessing Anopa (4 months ago)
Thanks to you Mr for the clear explanation. Now i get to understand the factors which should be consider bi an HRM wen recruiting and selecting.
Ll Gz (5 months ago)
Empathetic teacher
Cabdilaahi Dalmar (11 months ago)
thanks for your lecture .just I have started post graduate of PM so ,do you sent me these lecture to my e - mail [email protected] .com ?
Mubila Situmbeko Roy (1 year ago)
Prof Armin Trost you are the best HR Specialist of our time.
Kamila Karpienia (1 year ago)
Thank You! I pass my exam:)
Ahlam Hassan (1 year ago)
I like your interesting explanation
Tshering Dema (1 year ago)
Such an inspiring lecture. If given a chance I would definitely like to attend ur lecture once.
Abdulfata Yusuf (2 years ago)
Excellent work! I watched this video for my exam and it real helped me. Not only in the exam. Have download all the videos for future purpose. thank you sir.
Aadil Abdulkarim (2 years ago)
sir you are awesome , thanks for lectures
Laura John-Toussaint (2 years ago)
These videos are great, very informative and educational classroom conversations.
salama maina (2 years ago)
Am enjoying these classes because am studing on line
Karthik Kumar (2 years ago)
They are very helpful and interesting. Thank you.
M H (3 years ago)
are the power point presentations available for the public?
lili9000c (22 days ago)
+Armin Trost Hello Professor! Thank you for the information! Is there somewhere else we can find the slides? Thank you.
Jastin Ponce (1 year ago)
Hi Sir Armin, I just started watching your lectures and came to this comment, however the link you have given no longer works. Is there any way I can have a copy of your Powerpoint presentations? Thanks!
Armin Trost (3 years ago)
+MH yes, at slideshare: http://de.slideshare.net/ArminTrost/human-resource-management-17259931
Iryna Savruk (3 years ago)
Dear Mr.Trost, Recently I've got so lucky to come across your lectures on Human Resource Management and want to express my gratitude for sharing them on YouTube. They are very helpful and interesting. I am really excited about the way you deliver the material and the examples you provide. Thank you!
Joshua Mani (3 years ago)
Thanks Prof Armin, for being generous in sharing.
Anne Gee (3 years ago)
Thank you Armin very clear and engaging lecture wish I had found you earlier- I have my exam tomorrow :(
Ngọc Nguyễn (3 years ago)
Sir ^^ there is a gal on the left raising her hand :) TT_TT. Thanks for a nice video
molim khan (3 years ago)
sir i like ur bodylanguage the way u teach and u make me easily to understand HRM
Ahlam Hassan (1 year ago)
yeah, I wanna say this :)
toastiecake (3 years ago)
Its all inflexible personality tests, isn't it? Don't smarter people cause more trouble?
Sabawoon Rahimi (3 years ago)
Thank you so much dear respected Armin for HRM lectures which are very beneficial and meaningfull. I really like it and love it. after a lot's of attempt finally i found you and in meanwhile i would like to have some of your tips. I am BBA graduate. And now i live in Germany and fortunatley my Bachelor documents are officially recognised and verified by Kultus Konferenz in Bonn. Could you plz write me your personal email address to tell you more about this. Thank you so much. Your Fan, Sabawoo from Hannover.
Azerbaijan Hrm (4 years ago)
Dear Armin, Can I download your videos, translate into Azerbaijani language and post in my youtube channel ?
Chingiz Piri-zade (3 years ago)
+Azerbaijan Hrm Great idea!
Azerbaijan Hrm (4 years ago)
+Armin Trost Good, I will mention the original source as well. Thank you very much. :)
Armin Trost (4 years ago)
+Azerbaijan Hrm Sure, as long as you mention the original source.
Mark Wong (4 years ago)
Thanks Armin for sharing this. The HRM video clips are very useful. They can apply where I go at HR in different organisation. Thank you
rasan Hasan Zedki (4 years ago)
hello ? Armin  ?
Katia Baddur (4 years ago)
Very insightful lecture,thank you for sharing numerous lectures on HR. I'm so excited to learn more and more in terms of how human resources plays a role and how to excel in this field!
rasan Hasan Zedki (4 years ago)
me to i want to learn more 
Julianne CJ (4 years ago)
Finally i found you :)
Hang Phamvnu (4 years ago)
Thanks alot. I am searching lectures like that and you are wonderfull. Hope that I can learn well from these series
nay zaw aung78 (4 years ago)
Its very useful for me sir, please more for HRD.
Moon light (5 years ago)
Valuable Information thaxxx
The Indian Yeoja (5 years ago)
learned a lot...thnx sir.hope to have more good lectures on hrm.

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