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The US Dollar vs Brazilian Real $$$

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This is what you need to know about the Currency Exchange from the USD vs the Brazilian Real, and how you can take advantage of the value of the US Dollar in Brazil if you are planning to move there. START BUILDING YOUR PASSIVE ONLINE TODAY THROUGH BINARY OPTIONS FOREX TRADING, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: BBXOPTION.COM
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Text Comments (22)
Shaun D (18 days ago)
$1=3.87 reals on 1/1/2019
João Mendonça (2 months ago)
4 now
Luan Rosa Opressor (1 year ago)
Um dia, vocês vão comer nas nossas mãos
Rilakkuma (7 days ago)
Isso nunca vai acontecer filho da puta. Nosso país: EUA é o melhor. Nunca vai ser como esse nojento Brasil. Nosso glorioso país, tão divino, tão perfeito, melhor que pobre Brasil. Terra Da Silva, terra dos Carvalhos, e das araras, kkk. O único boa do Brasil é as carnavais e samba. É nós americanos somente vamos ao Brasil a fuder as tuas mulheres!!! Vocês pedaços de merda sempre tentam casar com nossos homens gostosos pra ser legalizados. Fica na tua favela Rocinha com teu Zé droghinhas, nas tuas selvas Amazonas comendo sopa de macaco. Ninguém vão comer das tuas mãos nn. Brasil é um país exemplo perfeito de um país de terceiro mundo a não olhar. Brasil: um país lixo nada mais nem nada menos…
Cornell Scott (1 year ago)
Thank you for the Amazing video of the beauty of Brazil everyone say Brazil is heaven on earth I can wait to go to heaven.
Eunice Matias Santos (1 year ago)
Marick Thompson (2 years ago)
1 Brazilian Real is now worth 0.30 US Dollar.
Corey Franklin (2 years ago)
Im with you bro, but 900.00 us dollars for a apartment. damb i could buy a house for that shit. just say n
kizzmac (2 years ago)
Are there american businesses in Rio?
rob huns (3 years ago)
1 dollar = 3.17 Real  now
OJ Love (3 years ago)
+rob huns 3.36
Nathan (3 years ago)
Great info. How is the internet connections down there? I work from my laptop so this is important
Thomas King (3 years ago)
Neg La gonave la. (4 years ago)
show me the business opportunities bro.
PolarisOneFilms (4 years ago)
Buy  a house out in  Cabo frio in Rio  or  nitiro or a condo.
PolarisOneFilms (4 years ago)
It use to be 4:1 that's when  Brazil was realy  poping bro this is your  California  brother talking to you.
khurshed allam (4 years ago)
Uplifttherace (4 years ago)
Excellent Tutorial! You are really giving brothers what the need to make the decision. Can you give us additional info on apartment vs. condo or home ownership. Please Gstizzle in Chi-Town! Blessings, g
Dale Winston (4 years ago)
charles you should really turn this into a business family. You really have a niche for this fam. 
stacjeff (4 years ago)
Great Video
Ian W (4 years ago)
I'd like to hear more and talk to you about setting up passive income vehicles  Good post btw....
Charles Tyler Show (4 years ago)
Okay, you can contact me on Skype under james.tyler52 or you can friend me on FB facebook.com/ctyleriv    

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