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Natural therapies advice for multiple sclerosis

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Gary Moller advises on the diet and lifestyle interventions he would concentrate on if diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Please read the articles here: Google search for "gary moller multiple sclerosis" and read on! Or go to garymoller.com
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Fox Fleet (9 years ago)
Actually the tests and stats support best results with a combination of prednasone AND prednasol. Are you a neuro? The gaff about suddenly discovering your camera is on and deciding to start a lecture on MS...is MS-tired. Exagerated and varying levels of viitamin D, especially in pre-teens, is isolated as a highly likely trigger of some forms of MS development....are you certain about vitamin D recomendations for MS patients?
Gary Moller (10 years ago)
No - what may assist with reducing risk does not guarantee nil risk for an individual and what may reduce risk may be of little or no benefit for you once the disease has taken hold. Sunlight and vitamin D may reduce risk of developing the disease. If one devlops the disease then it makes sense to still ensure vitamin D levels are high and that the diet contain ample supplies of all the fat soluble vitamins, lecithin oil and plenty of fat. Google gary moller lecithin
Gary Moller (10 years ago)
Andy, do not neglect to have a rich supply of all of the fat soluble vitamins and include fat with them to ensure they are properly utilised. You should also add some lecithin oil. Google gary moller lecithin
Gary Moller (10 years ago)
I am personally not keen on such big hits of anything. The body is used to steady inflows rather than big hits. Rather than one hit of 25,000 iu, why not give a lower dose per day like 2-10,000 and monitor the blood levels on a regular basis to avoind toxicity? The other fat soluble vitamins should also be included as well as a mix of healthy fats. This is as Nature intends.
notapplicable66 (11 years ago)
What is your opinion on a ms trial that is going on right now where patients are taking levels of vitamin D as high as 25,000 units a day.
Gary Moller (11 years ago)
Fair comment; but I think we need to separate the two issues: sunlight and heat. While related they are not inextricably intertwined. We need to also distinguish between prevention and management.
arp666 (11 years ago)
I have MS and live in Phoenix, AZ. Sunlight is not a problem.... *sigh* you don't think if all it took was a tan and a special diet we'd all be cured???
Gary Moller (11 years ago)
Yes, you are right but it is easy enough to sunbathe (not tan) without the heat, including use of a sun bed. But first things first - one must get a blood test of vitamin D status to determine needs.
worktosser (11 years ago)
When you have MS, heat can be very detrimintal to the patient. Suntans (imho) are generally not advisable. The region where you live would greatly influence an MS patient ability to tan.

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