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SAP FICO | Basics Concept and Process Flow Within Account Payable | Accounts Payable Transactions

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SAP FICO MODULE: SAP FICO/Basics Concept and Process Flow Within Account Payable | Accounts Payable Transactions: Accounts Payable(AP) transactions overview, How Vendor Down Payment done, Two main parts of the AP transaction, Accounts Payable transaction structure, Verification of the vendor transaction, Two types of the Invoice verification, PO based Invoices, Non-PO based invoices, What is vendor credit memo, Process outgoing payment, Summarize version of the invoice verification process, Process flow - Invoice verification Process, Process flow - Vendor Credit Memo Process, Process flow - Vendor outgoing payment process, Example for the accounts Payable invoicing -(Tcode:FV60), Reversing document entries, Vendor Down payment Process, A look of vendor down payment screen, Video by Edupedia World (www.edupediaworld.com), Online Education, All Right Reserved.
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Manuel Cruz (1 year ago)
Good and clear explanation. Thanks
Oraclemtx (1 year ago)
Good work!
Shahbaz Alam (2 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this video is really helpful 🙏
Edupedia World (2 years ago)
We are available on the apple store as well :).
Shahbaz Alam (2 years ago)
Well I'm apple user !!
Edupedia World (2 years ago)
You are welcome Amir. We are now on Google Play Store. You can download the App and watch videos on different subjects for free. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edupediaworld.app Share this message.

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