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Cat® Room & Pillar Mining Equipment

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The room & pillar mining method is used predominantly for underground coal deposits, however also for potash deposits. Coal is not completely being mined out from the underground deposit, but pillars are left standing to keep the roof from caving in. Caterpillar offers a complete range of machinery for this mining method. The extensive room & pillar product line includes a seamless range of continuous miners, face haulers, continuous haulage systems, feeder breakers, roof bolters as well as a broad range of battery- and diesel-driven utility vehicles like scoops and LHD vehicles. Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining/room-and-pillar
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Gregoryjames Gaming (2 months ago)
How much does these machine cost ??? Please share some more info
peter rhode (1 year ago)
Great product!
Carl Horn (3 years ago)
I ran miners for 35 years , many brands ,
Jeremiah Johnson (5 years ago)
I haven't seen any since cat bought bucyrus but we had some dbt miners and scoops which are the same as bucyrus and cat and they both were junk broke down all the time. Miners loaded ok but joy has unmatched reliability and the dbt scoops are strong but break down a lot always have electrical problems with both the miner and the scoop also frame breakage on both machines. Joy makes the best miners and shuttle cars. Fletcher makes the best bolter and Fairchild makes the best scoops stamler (joy) feeders are the best. Least amount of downtime with these machines.
Justin Treadway (5 years ago)
According to my time studies, that CAT(Bucyrus) Miner will out load a Joy any day of the week. Its not even close to the same design and about 100% easier to work on. Don't put down some ones product until you've ran one, even if you bleed orange.
ThaKing6922 (5 years ago)
Not a close copy of a JOY at all. Cats underground equipment is junk you should be ashamed for comparing the two.
Americanmademachines (5 years ago)
Wow, that is such a close copy of a JOY miner I can't believe CAT isn't being sued.

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