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Terrarium TV Replacement / Alternative 2018

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Instructional video on how to replace Terrarium TV on your amazon FireStick or Fire TV with a new app called TeaTV that works very similar and is one of the best currently working Terrarium TV alternatives. How to get a VPN on your Fire TV Stick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dg0W6sw6bE&t=16s Subscribe to NextTimeTech for all sorts of tech videos!
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NextTimeTech (5 months ago)
🔵 *App Review of a new LEGAL Free TV app I stumbled upon:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQRQZUtnPVk&t=79s check it out!
Sandra Star (3 months ago)
Thanks I notice that it's a lot of advertising on the screen everything downloaded fine
Penny DiCarlo (5 months ago)
It's not downloading. No error message just doesn't do anything
Jamie Smith (5 months ago)
I get ‘no player link available at this time. Please try again later’ about 90% of the time. Has anyone found anything better to use??
SJtheKing (5 months ago)
Should it be taking so long for the streams to load?
1623JB (6 months ago)
Terrarium TV is still working as of 10/16/18. You just need to install a patch which you can find on YouTube. Mine works fine.
Tyrone Watson (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Keith Strawder (6 months ago)
Getting a player link unavailable message....any help with that?
Don Kairewich (6 months ago)
Any updates?
Thanks for the video. I've added the teatv to my firestick ... it's working but when I want to the next episode of a season it will only replay the 1st episode... doesn't matter which episode I attempt to open. Any thoughts... am I needing to install something else?
Ross Kaeo-Dolfo (6 months ago)
Any new updates for anything better than teatv???
Maria Benbaddou (6 months ago)
hey many thanks first ... but I would like to see the films in German .. how can I do that?
M Wadud (6 months ago)
So I had some issues downloading because GitHub kept redirecting to a false address. What I did was download it to my phone and upload it to media fire. I was able to download it that way. If you have the same issues try this Edit: /2NkPal0 is the bit.ly link for the mediafire download that I just did. Don't know how long mediafire will keep it there though
z Wumbology (6 months ago)
BEWARE: xfinity issued me several copyright infringement emails after a day of streaming from this app.
D H (6 months ago)
z Wumbology use a vpn client
KILLA KANGZ (6 months ago)
Rayne Roberson (6 months ago)
It's saying it won't run without Google Play services which is not supported by my device. Does anyone know if I can get Google Play or update the firestick we got it for Christmas 2017
NextTimeTech (6 months ago)
I get the same message just exit from that screen and it'll work regardless
Karen King (6 months ago)
it won't let me download tea.tv, it changes the http line to https://github-production-release-asset blah blah amazonaws.???
rottie strut (7 months ago)
THANXS ...good looking out!
Shannon Anderson (7 months ago)
Elena Nieves (7 months ago)
Thank you for the information, I recently got my firestick, I don't get a decent picture at all, what I am doing wrong? Help..
Greg Fields (7 months ago)
Thanks!! RIP Terrarium
Ricky Herrmann (7 months ago)
Thanks bro works perfect👍👍
Diego Toscano (7 months ago)
It's loading up the site after I enter the link... I click on Android and nothing happens.
minnie brooks (5 months ago)
This happen to me to so i did the whole thing over and its a message it gives asking to allow or deny teatv to access photos and etc and this time i clicked Allow and all works well now!! hope this helps!!
NextTimeTech (7 months ago)
okay the only thing I can think of is a.) their servers might be overwhelmed because of the high traffic of people downloading from them at the momemt b.) your firesticks memory might be full c.) you might have "apps from unknown sources" accidentally turned off in your settings i can't think of anything else that might cause that, other than double check that where you are clicking is in the correct spot to actually activate that download button.
CM Lusk (7 months ago)
JavaScript is turned on and I still can’t download
NextTimeTech (7 months ago)
Okay try going into the settings tab on the left side of the app, there should be be something that says enable JavaScript, turn that on and try again
Abraham Silva (7 months ago)
You the real MVP!!!
Michelle Movsesian (7 months ago)
Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use.
Trashcal Killa (7 months ago)
Fuck yeah!!!! Thanks.
Amanda (7 months ago)
Thanks for all the videos! Very helpful!!
Don Kairewich (7 months ago)
Thanks again. I followed your terrarium tv how to and now this.
Joi Jenkins (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video...your voice reminded me of Coach Mcguirk from Home Movies lol
KG Hall (6 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 I didn't think anybody watched home movies like me
Jarell Lewis (6 months ago)
Jonathan Emmerling (7 months ago)
That's Jon Benjamin who is now on Archer and Bob's Burgers! Mcgurk was the best!
Vette Stingz (7 months ago)
+Joi Jenkins😎
Joi Jenkins (7 months ago)
+NextTimeTechlol 🤣 it's funny cause since I've been a subscriber....I was like he sounds like someone but I don't know who🤔
cheyenne m (7 months ago)
Thanks for this!

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