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Lowepro S&F Lens Case Preview Video

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Daemonforce Gaming (7 months ago)
this guy sounds like he been smoking some good weed before the video lol
LAZY DOG (11 months ago)
Would really like if the lids could be detached. That way it would not keep getting in the way especially when the bigger ones for longer lenses are attached to a belt. I might end up getting one but cutting the lid off and just carry a plastic bag in case it rains.
Swansong 007 (1 year ago)
a lens is circular so why is the case not ? the back being flat is pretty dumb !
Samyak Jain (4 years ago)
Which case for 50mm prime lens ?
Blero MacFly (4 years ago)
Black on black : stupid !
AvrasTV (5 years ago)

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