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The Pros & Cons of Labelling Children

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The panel discusses what happens when we label kids. In the education system, it is necessary to identify a child as special needs before he or she can get help. But once the child is identified as gifted or dyslexic, how does that affect that child's outcomes? And what about the less clinical labelling that happens - when kids are identified as anxious or artistic or sporty or disruptive or shy? How do these labels affect children's perceptions of themselves, and the school's expectations of them? For more go to TVOParents.com: http://tvoparents.com/
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Venom0086 dark (11 months ago)
For those of us who are in the disability community we get treated like if we are animals I graduate high school 2011 this video is nothing but lies there are not care about you after you graduate from high school i've been home ever sense I graduate special education i did not Learned anything in special ed I stayed in high school from 2007-2013 i fucking hate it so much there only care about the money they didn't guve a diploma tnere fucking give me a iep you cant do shit with it whoever is in special education they have no future in life I went to my college next to me and there didn't except me because because my reading skills and I Math skills were very weeks and I just found out every community college in my hometown rejected me because I didn't have a regular diploma seriously I hope trump Close down special education because it's nothing but a waste of money just to rip off disable people in school there would complain about me 24 seven and make up lies about me not even true I never learned a damn thing in school. I couldn't spell and I couldn't add two numbers together by the time I left. Not one of those worthless human beings in that school building gave a damn. They never did and they never will. The more you expect of anyone but yourself the less you'll ever achieve because none of them give a damn about you. If they see a spark of something bright in you then the only thing they'll try and do is put it out to make themselves look brighter in the darkness that they inhabit. They get paid to sit on their ass and watch a bunch of scumbag kids beat the crap out of you in a corner and then blame you for it and tell you to write a "I am wonderful" letter to yourself as punishment. Forget them. They're a symptom of the state. The state is an abortion.
Levi Roberts (3 years ago)
This is very interesting as a topic. I am attending Eastern Michigan University to become an Music Educator. I think it is very important for students with exceptionalities to be a part of the arts. However this also means that there is a lot of weight on the educator in a band room.

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