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HR Innovation in the Age of Technology

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You blink your eye and voila, a new technology stares you in the face! The rapid rate of technology change is enough to make your head spin. The speed of technology evolution today calls for hyper-agility for the People and Processes of our organizations. Technology is often seen, misguidedly, as a silver bullet - the answer to all our problems!! While technology is an enabler, it is not the exilir of corporate life. HR must UP ITS GAME on strategy, process, data and storytelling; refocus the lens it looks at itself with and its customers, to meet the needs of the workforce of today. Without focusing on people and how they will interact with and “buy in” to the technology -putting in superhuman effort to reinvent the processes that effect our people, is only a waste of money on new technologies. And often the results are frustrating. People, Process and Technology have to work together. This is the only equation that will work. Learn about the tools to make you successful today and into the future.
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