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Episode #15 - POLAND - 1994 Sovereign Series Złotych Banknotes

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Today on World Currency Collector we're traveling to Poland to check out the 1994 Sovereign Series of Złotych banknotes. We'll learn the differences between the Złoty, Złote, and Złotych. Then we'll hear about Duke Mieszko I, the coat of arms of Poland, and the recto/verso printing technique. Next we'll discover who Bolesław I the Brave was, and talk about the Gniezno doors. King Casimir III the Great, the Wawel Cathedral, and color-changing ink are next, followed by King Władysław II Jagiełło, Malbork Castle, and Sigismund I the Old. We'll finish our journey with some pictures from the National Bank of Poland's Money Centre and the Numismatic Cabinet at the Royal Castle, both in Warsaw. Learn more about the Chicken War: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_War Read about the creation of the NBP Money Centre: https://www.nbp.pl/en/publikacje/bankoteka/Bankoteka_5_March_2015_internet.pdf
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Text Comments (27)
Lasse Bresser (1 month ago)
Make more videos!!
INC YOUTUBER TV (1 month ago)
L (2 months ago)
kto polak bo ja tak :)
Abha Ranjit (2 months ago)
I had collected the 20 zł!! So Happy!! Thanks for the info! Lots of help!
Ajay Thakur (3 months ago)
I m from India and I really loved your chanel.
nebex :D (4 months ago)
cool movie also I'm from Poland: D
zł what is this??
Thomas (6 months ago)
Do the British pound sterling
Drue Buono (5 months ago)
Thomas yes
WeirdzSquad Made (6 months ago)
Hey, Could you make a video of Canadian notes?
Tallis Keeton (8 months ago)
"Converted to catholicism and later to christianity"? Wait - its the same. :)
Marek Plerion (2 months ago)
Algirdas (Polish:Olgierd), the Grand Duke of Lithuania, was pagan. He had Jagiełło (the future king of Poland) with his second wife, Uliana of Tver, who was Russian. It was the mother who had Jagiełło baptized as a child in the Eastern Orthodox rite. But he wasn't practising of Christianity and was brought up as a pagan. Then later, in 1386 he was baptized again in the Catholic Church, married Polish queen Jadwiga and became the king. He died in 1434, 50 years before Martin Luther was even born. So it had nothing to do with protestantism ;)
Piotr Pilinko (5 months ago)
Nope. Christianity has a broader meaning. Protestantism, for instance, is a form of christianity, as well as catholicism, but protestantism is not (obviously) a catholicism.
Denzel Celestino (8 months ago)
Do you have plans on selling/trading some banknotes? I can provide Philippine pesos 😄😄😄
Patrick Wu (9 months ago)
How did you get them so crisp
Chooch1andonly (9 months ago)
Where would you recommend a beginning BN collector get fairly cheap notes? Much of the prices for specific notes on Ebay, et al. are up there. And how did you procure your bank notes?
hallack05 (9 months ago)
Excellent movie :) Im new subscriber from Poland :) Pozdrawiam.
voli11 (9 months ago)
Good job, but there is not yet a modernized version of 200 zł: https://www.nbp.pl/bezpiecznepieniadze/e-learning/assets/img/content/1-200.png
bzykolo bzyq (10 months ago)
This squares, circles, pluses, diamond shapes are convex that the blind people can feel what kind of money they have. Greetings from Polland and thank you.
Paweł Kluska (10 months ago)
1Polish zloty=100groszy Zloty zł groszy gr 1 2 5 10 20 50 gr 1 2 5 zł Coin 10 20 50 100 200 500 zł banknot
hyunjin lee (10 months ago)
I really thought 20 is a magenta colour
Abha Ranjit (2 months ago)
Yeah, one side is a whitish color. (for me) I think I got the old version though.
hyunjin lee (10 months ago)
You still don't have 500 zł
figofagonagoitis (10 months ago)
Cool, very informative.

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