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Trucker Vlogs Ep2 - Why does The Transporter want to start a business?

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In this episode, i share my reasons for starting my own trucking business. I describe how i made that decision and I tell a little bit of my previous truck driving job. Click like and subscribe to my channel. music: bensound.com
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Clauss Video Archive (11 months ago)
Subscribed to this channel too! Best of luck to you, your channels, and your business.
Bruno Poirier (1 year ago)
Amen brother, you can do it!!!I had also a biz, was a cleaning business!!!
Todd Proffitt (1 year ago)
retiree looking to start a trucking biz checking youtube. good instructional video.
The Transporter (1 year ago)
Thanks Todd. It's the best time to jump into your own venture. I hope to make more videos to explain some of my challenges.

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