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The Return on Investment of Human Resources | Best practices video by the Top Employers Institute

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CEOs often claim that "Our Human Capital is our most important asset...." But if human capital truly is an asset, why doesn't it appear on the balance sheet of organisations? Given the rather intangible character of human capital, HR is often seen as software rather than hardware. The financial impact of the HR strategy is not measured consistently and most research into this topic is rather theoretical. So the main question is: how can you pragmatically measure the Return of investment of your HR policy?
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Aaronthehays (10 months ago)
Cool music video, the lyrics need work.
fumanhsu80 (3 years ago)
It is hard to know the magnitude of the impact indicated by the results because they are reported in %'s.  It would be helpful if we knew exactly how many companies and people were surveyed in order to better understand those %'s.  Additionally, it would be nice to know what the approximate ROI was for the companies based on those results.

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