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6-Configuring Exchange Server 2016 to send and receive outside emails

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6-Configuring Exchange Server 2016 to send and receive outside emails (Internet)
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Franklin Lee (2 months ago)
I found the overview on the configuration of Exchange Server 2016 to send and receive outside emails in this video. However, I Could not agree more with Mattis. For exchange server management services, one can opt for professional help. I preferred Microsoft Exchange Server Management Services from here, http://bit.ly/exchangeservermanagement. Order now and get all 5 Exchange Servers tasks done.
Eveil Conscient (3 months ago)
Very good. Simply explained. And very clear. Many thanks.
ITCents (2 days ago)
Thanks...Really appreciate your kind remarks.
Stewart Davis (3 months ago)
my configuration has an AD name of %name.local and email dns of %namxyz.org. so both are not named same as in you examples. Any videos that show setting up with dissimilar names for both connectors and certificates?
Brook Davidson (7 months ago)
Had to stop watching - his voice sounds is too annoying and video is far too unorganized.
vimal raj (7 months ago)
Thank you but i am configured send connector follow your video but getting this bounce back error "Your message couldn't be delivered and there was no valid enhanced status code being issued by the remote mail system to determine the exact cause, status: '550 is not allowed to send mail "my domain" " Kindly solve this error.what will do???
Midoo Alaa (11 months ago)
thanks for this video , it's helped me a lot but i have one question Is there's something else need to configure like create MX record in Active directory DNS ? i think all these things are not too easy to configure in this easy way but anyway thank you
Xtreme (1 year ago)
hey man, your videos are blessing for me. I am setting up my own virtual lab in home. these videos helped me a lot.
Jihad Al-Jarady (2 years ago)
hi I need more details about the requirements from the ISP and how to configure the DNS and MX record, please
Jihad Al-Jarady (2 years ago)
how many public IP addresses do I need? where the put this IP?
Mohammed Samiuddin (2 years ago)
please leave your fake accent otherwise instructions are good thank you

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