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How To Use The Shopkick App To Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards

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The Frugal Man LA shows you how to use the Shopkick app to earn gift cards and shop for free. Never miss deals and exclusive rewards at your favorite stores. As of 09/21/17 Shopkick now offers free Amazon gift cards! Download the app on your smartphone (iPhone & Android): https://www.shopkick.com/ 1. Discover deals before you shop. Find the latest trends and daily deals so you'll never miss a chance to save. 2. Collect points (kicks) at the store and on that app. Six easy ways to earn: A. Kicks for walking in. B. Kicks for scanning products. C. Kicks for purchases. D. Kicks for submitting receipts. E. Kicks for watching videos. F. Kicks for referring new users. 3. Redeem for your favorite gift card. Choose from a collection of gift cards for Target, Starbucks, Lowe's, and many more. As of July 31, 2016, $72,960,000 have been redeemed via rewards and gift cards. Join the 23 million shoppers who use Shopkick! Music provided by http://audionautix.com/ © 2016 The Frugal Man LA All Rights Reserved Follow Me: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2r2B7KZ Blog: http://www.thefrugalmanla.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefrugalmanla/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefrugalmanla/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheFrugalManLA/ You can help support my continuing efforts in producing more money saving videos by making a donation to my Patreon. Thanks in advance. https://www.patreon.com/TheFrugalManLA Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android robot is reproduced from work created and shared by Google. Top YouTube Search Results: 500 points watch video free gift cards about shopkick app best way to earn shop kicks best way to use shopkick did anybody receieve a gift card from shop kicks app earn gift cards scanning receipts earn on shopkicks free amazongift cards gift card walking apps gift cards for walmart rewards app market gift team online shopping gift cards with shop kick has anyone had good use of shopkick how do you shop kick how do you use shop kick how do you use shopkick how does shopkick work how does the shopkick app work how long do you wait until shopkick how ro use shopkick how shopkick app works how shopkick pays? how shopkick workshow to scan items with shopkick how to best use shopkick how to brighten camera while taking picture of shopkick receipt how to earn money on shopkicks how to find kick center sectionin shopkick app? how to fix location problem on shopkick how to get free shopkick points how to get kicks on shopkick how to invite friends on shopkick how to make money on sweatcoin how to redeem a gift card on arcane shop how to scan a receipt on shopkick how to scan receipts on shopkick how to scan receipts shopkick app how to scan reciept on shopkick how to scan recipt on shopkick how to scan your receipts on shopkick how to submit your receipt to shopkick how to use moocho how to use shop kick how to use shopkick how to use shopkick app how to use shopkick app receipts how to use shopkick on tablets how to use shopkick walmart gift card how to use shopkick's how to use target gift card on mobile how to use the app shopkick how to use the shopkick app how to use wawa app is shopkick good or bad? kicks app linking credit card to shopkick make more money at lowes maximize shopkick once you claim your gift card how do you get the gift card on shopkick s hopkick español sgopkick shokkick shop kick shop kick deals shop kicks shopckik shopkcic shopkick shopkick app shopkick app how it works shopkick app review shopkick gift cards shopkick how it works shopkick link card shopkick new version shopkick receipt scan shopkick review shopkick review 2017 shopkick scanners shopkick scans shopkick shopping rewards and deals shopkick tricks shopkick tutorial shopkicks shopkicks app shopkicks how to scan barcodes sweatcoin app the heart on shopkick what dors it mean? using my shopkick gift card using shopkick using shopkick at store using shopkik what are shop kicks wie sieht die shopkick app aus #Shopkick #Shopping #Retail #DepartmentStores #Mall #Target #Frugal #LosAngeles #GiftCards #BestBuy #Amazon #SavingMoney #Money #Coupons #TheFrugalManLA
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wErEyOuAtbiLlNyE mm (6 months ago)
Barely got the app I'm new I subbed an yeah actually I'm in a store right now let's see if I can find me some moneyyy edit: didn't buy anything' but earned a 10 dollar Google play gift. Card
Liz (3 months ago)
IHELLOI HELLO from just one trip?
klynch572 (6 months ago)
A lot of stuff left out for people who are unfamiliar with the app
Felix Larios (7 months ago)
The best part is save your money to buy your stuff
Random Rona (8 months ago)
So I haven't gotten the app yet becouse I'm in Europe and they don't have the shops here obviously but can you still get kicks if your somewhere and you don't have internet at all
The Frugal Man LA (8 months ago)
According to the Shopkick FAQ's: If you completed a walk-in or scan while you had poor connectivity, you have to get reception within an hour to get kicks. After an hour has passed, we’re not able to award kicks.
Cesar Delgado (8 months ago)
When he said playing Pokémon I knew this video was from 2016
Children of God (9 months ago)
David Li (9 months ago)
What stores are there
SiNKarnage (10 months ago)
Just go to Best Buy thats where all the kicks is
Kent Peterson (26 days ago)
I be having a hard time finding the items. Sometimes I'll have the exact item 8n best buy and it says it's wrong
SiNKarnage (10 months ago)
I visit twice a week and cash out every 2 weeks and thankfully it doesn't cost no gas with Public Transportation .75¢ to get there and back
SiNKarnage (10 months ago)
The Frugal Man LA I find it easier by categorizing the items in a list. Like when I enter BB I always start in Video Games section so I list them in order by console PS4, Xbox, Nintendo. Then I go over to Cameras, Computers & Printers and list by brand names and what type of device it is and when I haven't reached to 100 scans I go to movies as last resort and list by Child Movies, 4K movies, Steelbooks, Bluray & DVD this game plan usually takes up to 2 hours minimum. The more I do this the more recognizable the locations it becomes like 2nd nature
The Frugal Man LA (10 months ago)
Agreed there are over 1,000 kicks available at my local Best Buy. However, at least at my location, most of the products on display don't have UPC codes to scan, they switched them all to QR codes which don't work. I usually just get frustrated when I go to Best Buy to scan for kicks.
Cindy Do (11 months ago)
You didn't mention invitations to friends to earn 250 points. 😑😒😕
The Frugal Man LA (11 months ago)
My bad 😳
Cindy Do (11 months ago)
I'm 15 points from earning $50. Yay me!
The Frugal Man LA (11 months ago)
I wonder if anyone has ever earned enough kicks for the moped...
Cindy Do (11 months ago)
The Frugal Man LA I'd really love to use it on the major reward (The moped for 1.9 million kicks. But I wonder earned that many kicks before. I may end up with a Best Buy card. :-)
The Frugal Man LA (11 months ago)
Which gift card are you getting?
Primo Home Health (1 year ago)
can scaning work if your phone is cracked
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
Scanning uses your camera, so as long as your camera is functioning properly you should be able to scan products.
Robin Whitmarsh (1 year ago)
Thank you. Great video
80stimeagain (1 year ago)
I understand how to scan products, but do i get kicks for scanning my receipt even if I didn't buy any of the products that I scanned? Thanks.
80stimeagain (1 year ago)
O.k., thanks again. :)
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
No, you won't get any additional kicks by scanning your receipt if you didn't buy the specified products. You can get additional kicks if the store is offering kicks per dollar spent and you have/use a linked credit card. No receipt scanning required.
Persia Ben (1 year ago)
Quick question does yours have a slow period where you don't get much scans but a few, because I'm on day 7 and somethings are dying out and also walk ins
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
Yes, if you're using Shopkick EVERYDAY they will definitely "throttle" you. I work near a mall, so I walk over on my lunch break to get kicks. If I go multiple days in a row, there are fewer and fewer kicks available. Just take a break for a few days and the kicks will become available again. You're not going to get rich using Shopkick, it's just an easy way to earn some extra spending cash.
Persia Ben (1 year ago)
Thanks for this I asked about this yesterday... but the points.. how much kicks you have to earn before you reach a $5 gift card or etc? And does it turns into cash back? I don't mind going into stores I have 3 that I enjoy going into? And is it a everyday thing or certain items per week to scan?? Sorry so much questions
Persia Ben (1 year ago)
The Frugal Man LA thaaaank you so much
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
You can keep getting the same Target (or whatever) gift card over and over (I've gotten 4 or 5). There's no limit to how many gift cards you can get. You just can't use the same gift card code once you've spent all the money on it.
Persia Ben (1 year ago)
The Frugal Man LA awww man I thought they were re-usable 😑🤔😯 lol but thank you for your help will they replace it with something else? Because I'm plan on using all especially if it's for free
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
You would just exchange your kicks for another gift card. So if you earned enough kicks for a $50 gift card and spent that $50 gift card, it's now useless and can't be reloaded. You would then continue earning kicks and once you have enough for another $50 gift card you could exchange them for another gift card from the same company if you want.
Persia Ben (1 year ago)
The Frugal Man LA ok and one more question and I'm don't the gift cards the highest some goes is 50 to 100.. and once you reach that amount can I still keep going with the same card to double or I have to stop at it's reach?
Brisa Gray (1 year ago)
why does shopkick need access to contacts, sms, phone, microphone and device ID & call information? I understand access to identity, location, photos/media/files, camera, Wi-Fi connection information and Bluetooth connection information But why the others? I've never used apps before...
Brisa Gray (1 year ago)
Oh, okay. Great, thanks The Frugal Man LA.
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
The only things Shopkick has access to on my phone are location services, microphone (which it uses to decode inaudible audio signals in stores), camera, and cellular data. Supposedly , Shopkick only uses these while the app is open. You can go in to Settings and deny access to these features when not using the app (which I do).
Extreme Passion (1 year ago)
Really good dude I love your video I hope I get that free pizza pan to when I go to target today LOL
momof 2 (1 year ago)
Put my code we both get 250 kicks WIN443668
Zero Zero (1 year ago)
When I open app I don't get points for walk in the UPC code don't work I tried it so many times what am I doing wrong
Zero Zero (1 year ago)
The Frugal Man LA I thought I did I didn't have any of them on thank you
The Frugal Man LA (1 year ago)
Are you sure you have WI-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location Services for Shopkick all turned on?
Nolife2692 (2 years ago)
Hey bro I am a full time student and I love being frugal which do not care of what others think of me I just download this app will try it out today instead using my car will ride my bicycle around town after classes to do so also have you heard of the theses app too make money as well? 1. Qriket my referral code is 611511 2. Mobile Performance Meter only works for Android no Apple devices 3. Google opinion Rewards
Scott Craig (1 year ago)
Nguten Dang I also enjoy using shopkick and Mobile Performance meter. Also check out Panel App. It runs on both Iphone and Android and is a passive app, which means you do not have to do anything else once it is on your phone. If that was all you did, you would earn a couple $25 gift cards each year. More can be earned by answering simple questions and referring others. Use Referral Code "cp66" to get extra points.
Cool Chicka Vlogs (2 years ago)
Where can I contact you cuz there's another app you should add to the list in reference to getting points while scanning and shopping and redeeming them for gift cards?
The Frugal Man LA (2 years ago)
You can put the info right here in the comments section, would be great. Thanks!
Marcie Cadile (2 years ago)
Nice! I've heard of Shopkick and even downloaded it but I didn't get into the deep dive like you explained. Thanks for the tips!
momof 2 (1 year ago)
Put my code we both get 250 kicks WIN443668 Marcie Cadile
The Frugal Man LA (2 years ago)
Glad I could help! Working on new videos right now, including another how-to for a different money making app. Stay tuned!
Revaldo Andre (2 years ago)
This is great that I saw this video now I when I go back to school shopping on for college supply, I can scan thing and earn gift cards
The Frugal Man LA (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it! My Bed Bath & Beyond Secret Coupon Hack video is also great for college students. https://youtu.be/3_rfI2eEyAk
blackopblake (2 years ago)
You have a great account and I feel like you will have millions of subs some day

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