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Top 20 Outlook 2016 Tips and Tricks

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These are the top 20 tips and tricks in Outlook 2016. If you are a seasoned Outlook professional you may still find some that you have not seen before. Keep Outlook running smooth and learn the tools that will help you become more productive using Outlook 2016. Check out the advanced Outlook 2016 video at https://youtu.be/IJ1ZTDoeA1k. Contents: 1. Drag and Drop to Calendar 0:25 2. AutoCorrect Shortcuts 0:55 3. Quick Access Toolbar 1:47 4. AutoComplete Ctrl-K 2:23 5. Calendar Work Hours 2:55 6. Voting Buttons 3:23 7. Blind Carbon Copy 4:48 8. Change Reply Address 5:25 9. Clear Add-ins 6:07 10. Mailbox Cleanup 6:44 11. Change View Settings 7:29 12. Developer Tab 8:31 13. Search Folders 9:10 14. Signatures 10:10 15. Mark Junk Mail 11:03 16. Insert Calendar 12:48 17. Offline Mode 13:54 18. Insert Pictures Inline 14:24 19. Delay Delivery 14:53 20. Compact Data Files 15:28
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Text Comments (293)
Xiomara Caldwell (1 day ago)
Very useful. thanks
Marthe Forand (1 day ago)
trop hot...vraiment ! le vote est super intéressant. Merci !
Diane Busch (3 days ago)
Awesome tips! New subscriber!!
Clif hinson (5 days ago)
Is there a setting that prompts you to save an email once you've hit send? Our office is wanting to save most correspondence with clients but not necessarily all the internal emails. When I worked at another firm a box popped up asking you if you wanted to save this email once you've hit send?
Sele Training (4 days ago)
With Outlook all sent email is stored in the Sent items folder.
elizabeth aceves (6 days ago)
You have a nice voice...radio voice.
Marcin Kroszel (13 days ago)
Useful tips in a nutshell. Nice one.
Anji Duggineni (13 days ago)
Thank so much for sharing valuable information and u have covered almost 70% outlook features covered in these video
SyedAkram SyedAkram (5 days ago)
Anji Duggineni ca call for details
Cari Vinci (14 days ago)
Well done and most helpful. thank you
masterofce (19 days ago)
Palakodeti Sai Vinay (22 days ago)
Thank You
Abhishek Singh (22 days ago)
Thank you
Gordon Land (29 days ago)
Utter nonsense and dribble! Who cares about tiles and other optical illusions if the system software is working. It does and without some smarty-pants YouTube, pseudo computer specialist telling the audience. If you are genuinely interested in the edition notices, I suggest you link up to the Microsoft website or much easier go to the settings in Win 10 and to the Update and Security and look at the Update History and there you find the genuine evidence about the latest version of Win 10 by the manufacturer. Since over 40 years being a physicist and computer scientist myself, I am sick and tired to hear snobbish editorials by more or less qualified persons talking about something they have copied from Microsoft or similar software manufacturers.
Sele Training (28 days ago)
I’ve been in IT for 30 years and I do know what I am talking about. Merry Christmas!
Rafal Bednarczyk (1 month ago)
thank you
tahir ali (1 month ago)
Hi, its very useful, I have a question for my outlook profile the status like busy, ofline, away... etc are not coming, help me out
Sele Training (1 month ago)
Take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/4c_CtFn-tGY
Extraplay mc (1 month ago)
Philips Dubois (1 month ago)
Very Nice tutorial
Lekha Kotha (1 month ago)
I learnt new tips through this video. Is there a way to enable ' All Unread or Mention ' in the Subfolders under the inbox?
Sele Training (1 month ago)
Did you take a look at #13. Search Folders 9:10? That is how you can enable a filter on you mail.
Manikandan S (1 month ago)
Good stuff
Allan Charlie (1 month ago)
hello how add flag mail in right side of the window
Peter Riis (1 month ago)
hello how speaky speaky
Ehab Fathi (1 month ago)
Michael Shaw (1 month ago)
I learn so much with these videos. Thanks for the info and tips. You tell the tip without a lot of "if you want this.. then you can do it this way... if you want that...you do it this other way..." You are precise and straight to the information without unnecessary preamble. Much appreciated!
Zabihullah Habibi (1 month ago)
You are rocking it!
Michael (1 month ago)
More for beginners ....
Kunal Rana (1 month ago)
Great video I want something more in excel loop function
Sele Training (1 month ago)
Md.hamidul islam (1 month ago)
Daniel Worrner (1 month ago)
Nice video, Thanks for sharing this kind of video on Youtube. We are the best QuickBooks Technicians Certified by Intuit. If have you any issue in your QuickBooks Please Call Us 18009619635
Martin Lewis (1 month ago)
Great tips will I shall use immediately. One question. If I have 'meeting minutes' with say 10 items with actions for various people as well as myself how can Outlook facilitate this? How do assign the actions to others and myself easily without creating separate tasks for each of the 10 items?
Martin Lewis (1 month ago)
Sele Training thanks for your response. Yes we do have 365 professional so I will see if we have ‘planner’
Sele Training (1 month ago)
If you have Office 365 you may want to look at Planner. It is designed to manage tasks with a team of people and ties directly to Outlook. That's how I would do it.
uralwin (1 month ago)
Really cool.. Thanks
srikanth01guntur (2 months ago)
Hi, please let us know if there is any possibility to know the list of recipients in BCC
Sele Training (2 months ago)
If you receive an email that someone sent with bcc addresses included there is no way to know who those bcc address are. If you are the sender you can open the message in the sent items folder to see the list but for all others the bcc information is not sent with the message and not included in the header so there is no way to find out.
Ram pal (2 months ago)
thank you so much sir...it is really most important video for beginner.......i really appreciate to you sir
CMDR_ CEITIN (2 months ago)
Do you know why when searching a mailbox for a message that you replied to from someone else who sent you an attachment, how come the search results don’t show the attachment or paper clip. I am able to see and view the attachment if I just scroll down inside a mailbox and manually open the email, but if I search for and find that email, it shows my recent reply to their email but no attachment? Why doesn’t it show the original email with that attachment through search?
CMDR_ CEITIN (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Sele Training (2 months ago)
If you have conversation mode turned on you can click on the arrow to the left of the message to bring up the previous messages in the chain. That usually shows the attachments.
Jay H (2 months ago)
Great information!
Norma Wakefield (2 months ago)
Thank you. Most helpful tips and tricks in Outlook 2016.
Sachin Marathe (2 months ago)
Amazing & quite helpful. Excellent way to explain STEP BY STEP. Keep the good work going.
Daniel Fridman (2 months ago)
Hi ; I try to define a user-lets call him Joe-into a new installation of Office Outlook 2016; (I have an Exchange server) problem is that user Joe not synchronize with the server-only Joe ! I don't have a problem with the rest of users..What you recommend me to do that I didn't ? its frustrating...
Daniel Fridman (2 months ago)
+Sele Training Thank you will try it !
Sele Training (2 months ago)
Nope, you would need to backup all the data and delete it and start over. The account would not work until you recreate it.
Daniel Fridman (2 months ago)
+Sele Training thanks ; can I delete account and recreate even the user is working with this ? I have to try it
Sele Training (2 months ago)
If you have a Hybrid Exchange/Office 365 environment something probably went wrong with the migration of the user account to Office. In most of those situations I have had to delete the account and recreate it again so the syncing works. Otherwise you can post a support ticket on your Office admin portal and they can look at the account closer to resolve the issue.
treulife tur (2 months ago)
hi,i need a help about microsoft outlook 2016 ,are there any one that can help me(i need to transfer all mails with folders to my yandex mail.both mails are corporate)
Sele Training (2 months ago)
In Outlook you can go to File/Open & Export/Import Export and select Export to a file from the list. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click next through the options to select the data you want to export. It will create a .pst file that you can use to import into your other mail.
Belle Quek (2 months ago)
I have a problem with my outlook, can't see the color tag in my Home page, anyone can tell me what must I do?
Sele Training (2 months ago)
You can find it in the Quick Access Toolbar if it does not show on the menu. Click the down arrow in the upper left to get tot he Quick Access Toolbar menu. Choose More Commands. In the list pick All Commands and look for Categories. Add it to the toolbar.
waqas shahzad (2 months ago)
Great information thanks for sharing...
Gashaw Asmare (2 months ago)
Hafizul Islam (2 months ago)
Thank You so much.
nash shariff (2 months ago)
Ashish Negi (2 months ago)
Thanks :) I liked the video very insightful and to the point so as to keep the viewers interested :)
Tural Alekperov (2 months ago)
Dr.jeetendra Raghuwanshi (2 months ago)
Daniel Graves (2 months ago)
Thanks .....New job and I needed a refresher...cool.
Piyush Puranik (2 months ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. I have an issue can you help me? Is there any option to delete mails from server when they download in outlook like older version of outlook?
Sele Training (2 months ago)
The old method you are talking about was for POP mail. POP mail stored the email on the server until you download it to Outlook. If you are connected to Office 365 or have an exchange server Outlook displays mail directly from the server rather than "downloading" it so it's really stored on the server until you delete it. The only solution would be to setup rule to help with the deletion and management of the mail.
Waseem Ibrahim Khan (2 months ago)
ForeverMods (2 months ago)
Been using outlook for a decade and yet... wow certain things really are helpful. Using Outlook 2019 and these tips still apply. Thank you so much
Wenyuan Du (2 months ago)
could I know if any app outlook plug-in is suggested?
Sele Training (2 months ago)
Sounds like a good video topic. Take a look at Boomerang and Translator for Outlook. Those are good ones but it depends on what tools you really need. Go to the office store and search for a topic and you will see many to choose from with ratings.
Letta C (2 months ago)
Thanks so much. I'm subscribing now. Training is great. You just get to the point instead of extra chatting I don't have time for. I'm going to be so much more efficient using outlook since 80% of my job is done via email.
Willy Schutte (2 months ago)
Letta C 5
Mohammad Nasim rahimi (2 months ago)
very usefull thanks
Virendra Kumar (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feolEkZLo0s&t=12s इस वीडियो में आप माइक्रोसोफ्ट आउटलुक एक्सप्रेस की सहायता से इ-मेल का उपयोग करना सीखेंगे और ये जानेंगे की किस प्रकार ये आपके काम को आसान बना देता है। वीडियो अच्छी लगे तो चैनल को सब्स्क्राईब करके बैल आईकन दबााना न भूलें। In this video you will learn to use e-mail with the help of Microsoft Outlook Express and they will know how it makes your work easier. If you like the video, do not forget to subscribe to the channel and press the bull icon.
Every thing tech (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tx82VoxAWY First Lesson in Microsoft word. This video describes the introduction and basic information about Microsoft office Word application. how to create a document in ms word and apply basic formatting (ribbon and tabs use, rand function, clipboard options, bold, italic, underline, text size, sub-script, super-script, text effect
special one (3 months ago)
De la merde plein de spams impossible de les bloquer
Yash Gupta (3 months ago)
The video was really informative. Thanks Sele
Viaceslav Guzun (3 months ago)
Hello, I have a question related to voting buttons. I sent an e-mail with voting buttons to a list of 20 colleagues. I can see only a result of 1st person voting. How to see a vote of a complete list? Thank you!
Sele Training (3 months ago)
You have to open the email in your sent items and go to the tracking options to see all the votes. It should contain responses from everyone you sent.
Knit Crochet Designs (3 months ago)
OMG mind blown in the first 30 secs. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Skaggs-Taylor (3 months ago)
I enjoyed learning new tricks within Outlook Calendar!. Thank you!
Carlos Cuéllar (3 months ago)
Maria Samuel (3 months ago)
Great video! Thanks
Great video Sele
Romesh Kirpalani (3 months ago)
Wonderful and very useful sir, thank you sir
Nãdâ Głåmbęrt (3 months ago)
شكراً ع الطرح 🙏🏻
Sele Training (3 months ago)
مرحبا بك
Lisa Dickson (3 months ago)
Thank you!!!
madnessofmymind (3 months ago)
Microsoft does NOT learn junk mail. I have unmarked something from junk over 50 times, and outlook STILL sends it to junk. I have told it to always trust sender, and it still goes to junk. :(
Sele Training (3 months ago)
As long as you right click and mark it as Not Junk if should deliver properly to your inbox. However, if you have one of the recent releases of Office 365 you may be experiencing some bugs in that release. See this post: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Fixes-or-workarounds-for-recent-issues-in-Outlook-for-Windows-ecf61305-f84f-4e13-bb73-95a214ac1230
Valda Finch (3 months ago)
Thanks that was most helpful.  Most I did not know.
YOUSRY MAAROUF (3 months ago)
How do I add a photo to my Outlook profile?
Sele Training (3 months ago)
If you have Office 365 you can just go to File from the Outlook menu and under Account Information you will see an option to change your photo. Upload an image and you are all set.
Susi Matthews (3 months ago)
These are marvelous! However, on Tip 5, what if one works schedules (2 jobs within one company) on different days that have different hours? There should be more than just that single option in order to be truly helpful.
Sele Training (3 months ago)
Yes, Outlook does not handle irregular work schedules. There are third party solutions but I prefer to stay within the Microsoft applications and avoid external apps as much as possible. Perhaps that will be an improvement in future versions.
debbie williams (3 months ago)
very useful. used outlook for many years but found some new useful things I learned.  thanks
David Turner (3 months ago)
Very well expressed.
Jodie Johnson (4 months ago)
What screen recording software did you use for this video?
Sele Training (4 months ago)
I use Camtasia for screen capture and video editing.
Wilson Wukpo (4 months ago)
Excellent stuff
Leonora Pacheco (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video very insightful !!!
Md. Nazrul Islam (4 months ago)
Really helpful for office 2016 users..
Kioyte O (4 months ago)
Best hack of all, don't use Microsoft's crap at all!!!
timlelt yahia (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot it s really helpful
Sandy C (4 months ago)
Eh what year us it now....
Sele Training (4 months ago)
That's the latest version of Office software until 2019 comes out soon.
Vals Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Thank you helps a lot new to outlook used lotus notes all my life
Ahmed Nawawi (4 months ago)
Thank you very much for the valuable information
Hany Ibrahim (4 months ago)
Thank you
khaled algamdi (4 months ago)
many thanks
Greg Cacho III (4 months ago)
could you help me on my outlook,. my colleague deleted the pst. file accidentally but restored it from recycle bin. then the outlook went malfunction. so what i did is made a back up of her outlook, then import afterwards, the problem is the sent items are not there anymore, what should i do to bring the sent items back. . thank you
Sele Training (4 months ago)
If you started clean with Outlook and rely only on the backup of the pst your sent items are gone unless they were included in the folders you chose to backup. When you choose import from external file it should give you a list of the folders. Make sure to pick all folders and not just the Inbox. If you don't see Sent Items in that list then it didn't get backed up.
Greg Cacho III (4 months ago)
+Sele Training what should do to bring the messages in the sent items? Thanks for your reply.
Sele Training (4 months ago)
Importing from the pst file is the correct step but it only contains the items that you choose to backup. The sent items probably were not included in that backup. The export defaults to the inbox and includes all subfolders. If you change that to the full account and include subfolders it will contain sent items as well.
Ibrahim S (4 months ago)
Brandon Ferkin (4 months ago)
I just recently discovered your cache of videos and love them! Very helpful. I hope you will continue to post more.
Sele Training (4 months ago)
More to come for sure!
Daniel Fridman (4 months ago)
I have a user I have update his Outlook 2013 into 2016; problem is that this user normally Get used to send e-mails - specially excell files from his desktop ; right click -send to-mail recipients- now I receive some popup window with this : "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request" error message when you send e-mail ; any ideas ? thanks bro!
Sele Training (4 months ago)
On Windows 10 go to Start-Settings-Apps-Default Apps. Make sure Outlook 2016 is set as the default for Email. When you send email from other apps or the desktop it should default to what is set here.
B Abacord (4 months ago)
Thanks. Good stuff. Question: Outlook 2016 has a button for "Send/Receive All Folders." In my prior Outlook 2007, there was a option for Send/Receive one particular email account (I have 9). Is this option available in Outlook 2016, and if so, where? how?
Sele Training (4 months ago)
In the same section there is a Send/Receive Group which lets you select individual email account. You may need to click the mini-toolbar to see it if it does not show on the group.
T Saad (4 months ago)
Awesome tricks!
Manuel Labor (4 months ago)
Windows Phone = pay for app... Android = FREE app
Supriya Shetty (5 months ago)
In my office we 6 are using the same email.id in outlook.. whenever we recieve an email if someone reads it before me it gets marked as read in my system .. because of this I miss to read the mails n it hampers my work .. can anyone suggest me how to get rid off this..
Sele Training (5 months ago)
It works that way because it assumes you are all one individual viewing the mail. One option is to turn off the option to mark it read. Then you can manually mark it when you are ready. Go to the View tab in Outlook. Click on Reading Pane/Options. Uncheck the box for "Mark item as read when selection changes". You would still need to know when to manually mark it but with this option it won't mark it read just because others view it.
PMP Life (5 months ago)
Well done! Great tips here.
CFJC7 (5 months ago)
After updates I'm now left with the new look which I don't like and can't use...can you tell how I can get back to the original, which at least had notes which I loved. I want my older version back!
Sele Training (5 months ago)
Most people I work with get used to the new look over time.  It may be a bit difficult at first but it really works well when you get used to it.  Look under the View Tab at Change View and View Settings.  You may be able to adjust it to the look you prefer.  Otherwise your only option would be to install the old version.
Andrey Ru (5 months ago)
With the different reply address option , my first thought was that you should be able to insert MS Teams channel address, so you receive all replies back there
R0tten (5 months ago)
Cool, thanks!
Layla D (5 months ago)
Loved it! Very useful information. Thanks so much.
CTN AnnArbor (5 months ago)
How did you get your photo in your Outlook account?
Sele Training (5 months ago)
Click on File. Under Info there is a picture and you can change it there. You can also change the photo associated with any contact.
Robert Ruiz (5 months ago)
You got a new subscriber today
Sele Training (5 months ago)
Welcome aboard
hammerbrotha (5 months ago)
As someone who lives in Outlook. This is great!
Sele Training (5 months ago)
Excellent.  Outlook has so many surprises hidden away.
Ravi NAKULAN (5 months ago)
High five !!!
mduduzi nxumalo (5 months ago)
thank you
saturday sailor (5 months ago)
I'm no Bill Gates, but that sure does help me a lot. Thanks.
Mauro Castagnera (5 months ago)
Great video! Thank you. Could you tell me how can I make this?: I have to send the same mail to a group of people every first day of the month. How can I set Outlook so that this happens automatically? Cheers 😊

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